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Java Autonomic Agent Framework with Self-Testing Andrew Diniz da Costa Camila Nunes

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1 Java Autonomic Agent Framework with Self-Testing Andrew Diniz da Costa Camila Nunes

2 2 © LES/PUC-Rio Roadmap Motivation Related Works Proposal Challenges Conclusions

3 3 © LES/PUC-Rio Motivation Many strategies have been proposed to address the problems associated with managing increasingly complex computing systems. IBMs Autonomic Computing (AC) paradigm is one such strategy Researchers have been heavily investigating many areas of AC systems but there remains a lack of development in the area of testing these systems at runtime.

4 4 © LES/PUC-Rio Motivation Dynamic self-configuration, self-healing, self-optimizing, and self-protecting features of autonomic systems require that validation be an integral part of these types of systems. Some works revealed that one of the most dormant areas of AC research is the dynamic validation of these self- managing systems. –Quality of service –Trust of self-adaptation

5 5 © LES/PUC-Rio Motivation There were not works found that apply self-test with SMA frameworks. Offer support to apply self-test in agents of software Define new control-loops with test.

6 6 © LES/PUC-Rio Related Work (1) The control loop is defined as: –Monitoring mechanisms –Diagnosis mechanisms –Adaptation strategies A prototype implementation consists of a pre-processing and a generation step. Pre-processing test: –Identify possible integration problems –Generate test cases for revealing integration problems –Design suitable recovery actions Applications –World-Weather –Virtual-Store –Personal-Mobility-Manager (PMM) Denaro, G., Pezze, M., and Tosi, D. 2007. Designing Self-Adaptive Service-Oriented Applications. In Proceedings of the Fourth international Conference on Autonomic Computing (June 11 - 15, 2007). International Conference on Autonomic Computing. IEEE Computer Society, Washington, DC.

7 7 © LES/PUC-Rio Related Work (1) ApplicationServiceMismatchesTest CasesAdapters World-Weather1111 Virtual-store3112411 PMM7246624

8 8 © LES/PUC-Rio Related Work (2) Propose a methodology for testing AC System using copies of managed resources Stevens, R., Parsons, B., and King, T. M. 2007. A self-testing autonomic container. In Proceedings of the 45th Annual Southeast Regional Conference (Winston-Salem, North Carolina, March 23 - 24, 2007). ACM- SE 45. ACM, New York, NY, 1-6.

9 9 © LES/PUC-Rio Related Work (3) Metrics and Evaluation –Quality of Service (QoS) –Cost –Granularity and Flexibility –Failure avoidance –Degree of Autonomy –Time to adapt and reaction time –Stabilization These metrics are more general than other Evaluation Issues in Autonomic Computing. International Workshop on Agents and Autonomic Computing and Grid Enabled Virtual Organizations (AAC-GEVO2004). LNCS.

10 10 © LES/PUC-Rio Proposal Extend the JAAF to apply self-testing. Define an activity of Test that can be used in different control loops. Propose a new control loop. Define attributes of quality. The framework offers support to: –Define which test cases to execute Integration with JUnit, RFT –Input data (pool) –Execution of the test cases –Output data (log) –Decide what to do Measurement

11 11 © LES/PUC-Rio New Control Loop Collect Data Format Collect Analyze Effector Self-Adaptation Layer Decision Tester Selection of test cases Data for testing (quality of service) Execution Output Log (1) (2) (3) QSDLTDL

12 12 © LES/PUC-Rio Selection of Test Cases Activity Test Definition Language (TDL)... TDL file

13 13 © LES/PUC-Rio Data for Testing Activity Quality of Service Definition Language (QSDL file)... QSDL file

14 14 © LES/PUC-Rio Class Diagram

15 15 © LES/PUC-Rio Case Study Virtual Market Place Using OWL-S Searching a domain more real

16 16 © LES/PUC-Rio Challenges Measurement in control loops* –Impact of the adaptation Norms with self-testing Reputation with self-testing

17 17 © LES/PUC-Rio Conclusion Self-testing is an area without a lot of works. Interactions within our testing framework by implementing the self-management characteristics such as self-healing, self-protection and self-optimization. Investigate the use of safe adaptation methods.

18 The End

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