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As the meeting of Philadelphia Gentlemen Plan a Union.

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1 As the meeting of Philadelphia Gentlemen Plan a Union

2  3 Branches  Legislative, Executive, Judicial  Bicameral Legislature  Lower House (proportional representation, direct popular election, 3 year terms)  Upper House (members chosen by lower house, 7 year terms)  Legislative Supremacy-Leg. Can nullify laws of states  Executive chosen by legislature  Executive with veto authority, serving 1 seven year term  Judiciary appointed by Legislature, serves for life tenure

3 New Jersey Plan 3 branches of government Unicameral Legislature Has power to tax States represented equally in legislature Plural Executive chosen by legislature, serves 1 fixed term Judiciary appointed by executive Judiciary serves life tenure

4 A BUNDLE OF COMPROMISES A BUNDLE OF COMPROMISES  Several compromises were reached at the Philadelphia Convention  The main questions were:  How would representation be determined in the Legislature?  How would the executive be chosen?  Should slaves count in any measure of population?  How should we address the issue of slavery?

5 HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES SENATE  Representation based on population  Members chosen through direct popular election  Each state equally represented  Members chosen by state legislatures

6 Electoral College Each state chooses representatives to the Electoral College Number of reps each state gets = the # of reps plus the # of senators a state has Candidate must win majority of electoral votes to win Presidency

7 3/5 Compromise declared that slaves should count as 3/5 of a person when determining population

8 Article 1, Section 9 of the Constitution prohibited Congress from banning slavery prior to 1808

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