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September 4 th, 2012. College Admission Process Finding the right “fit” Preparing for college Staying ahead in the admission process.

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1 September 4 th, 2012

2 College Admission Process Finding the right “fit” Preparing for college Staying ahead in the admission process

3 Knowing yourself Knowing the tools Making the Visits: When? How?

4 What are your interests? What are your strengths? What do your parents believe are your strengths? What do your teachers and others who know you well think? Where do you want to live in the future? What kind of career do you hope to have?

5 Naviance / Family Connection Do What You Are Career Interest Profiler Career Cluster Finder College Search Tool

6 Uniquest Activity College Board: UCASS: UK UK course finder Globe Campus: Canadian University Reviews

7 Keep track of extracurricular activities, honors, awards, community service and work experiences. Update personal and account information

8 Click here to add the names of any colleges that you are already considering. Many Ways to Research Colleges: College Match College Lookup College Search Scattergrams Acceptance History Search for summer and enrichment programs In the fall I will post the date and time of college rep visits to SMIS.

9 Compare my scores and GPA to other students in my high school accepted at these colleges. Record your interest in the school Scattergram


11 Search by Type, Location, Students, Admission Standards, Athletics, Majors, Cost, Special Programs

12 Small Town Enrollment 2-5K Major: Economics Compare based on drop down options

13 SAT on 1600 scale GPA Toshi

14 Visit a variety of schools Visit when students are there Visit with students involved activities that you are interested in. Allow enough time to get the feel

15 What’s important to colleges and universities? Challenging courses  GPA  Meaningful extracurricular activities, community service, work experiences Admissions Tests (SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests) Essay Recommendations – Teachers and Counselor

16 Passionate involvement in a few activities, demonstrating leadership and initiative Community service Work or out-of-school experiences (including summer) that illustrate responsibility, dedication, and development of areas of interest. That Extra “Something” Meaningful Extracurricular Activities and Experiences (For US Colleges)

17 One hour, multiple choice test on one of 20 different subjects. Required by some selective colleges for admission. Note – most students do not need SAT Subject Tests. Required by some colleges for course placement. Offers you an additional opportunity to show colleges what you know. SAT Subject Test of SAT II

18 German German with Listening Spanish Spanish with Listening Modern Hebrew Italian Latin Chinese with Listening Japanese with Listening Korean with Listening Literature U.S. History World History Math Level 1 Math Level 2 Biology/EM Chemistry Physics French French with Listening Preparing...

19 Prepare for SAT/ACT during summer prior to junior year Plan when you can take (2-3) SATs and SAT Subject if needed Plan to complete all admission testing junior year Start visiting colleges early junior year or before! Keep track of school and community activities, work, and volunteer hours

20 Start Preparing for the SAT now. Visit colleges in summer between Junior and Senior year.

21 2012 SAT Test Dates Test Date Registration Deadline Oct 6Sep 7 Nov 3Oct 4 Dec 1 Jan 26 May 4 June 1 Oct. 23 Dec. 18 Mar. 26 May 2nd

22 Oct 17th PSAT at SMIS March/May SAT JuneSAT or SAT Subject Tests if needed

23 Score Choice – gives option to send SAT scores by test date and SAT Subject Test scores by individual test. Wait to send scores to colleges until applying senior year. Report best scores from either SAT or ACT or use both

24 Kanto Plains College Fair for all Juniors and Seniors September 14 th PSAT Test October 17 th at SMIS New Gmail Account for all SMIS Students

25 The admission process can be taxing on the parent/child relationship Juniors take ownership of the admission process Parent’s role Plan ahead, stay organized, don’t get discouraged

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