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Boeing Fall 2013 Recruiting University of Illinois

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1 Boeing Fall 2013 Recruiting University of Illinois
Boeing will be on campus September 10-13 Schedule: September 10: Career Fair – Illini Union September 11-12: Interviews – DCL September 13: Letters of Intent Specifically looking for candidates for the Engineering Accelerated Hiring Initiative(EAHI)

2 Engineering Accelerated Hiring Initiative (EAHI)
EAHI is a program designed to find and hire exceptional full time engineers and interns straight out of college Accepted candidates of the program will receive a Letter of Intent on Friday, Sept. 13

3 Apply to the EAHI Program
Apply by September 1st at: Scroll to “Job Req #”

4 Enter Event Code: Fall Campus 2013

5 Read through the Requisition.
Check the Basic Qualifications and the Typical Education / Experience sections. You must create an account / log into an existing account to apply.

6 Legal Guidelines Who can get a job at Boeing
Most BDS positions require US citizenship due to ability to obtain a security clearance and government contractor requirement Typically BCA/SSG positions do not require US citizenship, but instead require US person status What does it mean to be a US person? Either: US citizen US permanent resident (valid green card) Asylee or refugee

7 Resume Tips When reviewing resumes, focus on general usage of keywords, relevant coursework, prior internships, campus involvement, and leadership positions Put in any leadership activities, even if it is not in the engineering field Hint: Actually put words like “Leadership” in your resume. Boeing searches for specific keywords, “leadership” is an example. For those of you who don’t have a lot of extracurriculars to fill your resume with, put in relevant coursework You can include a section near the end of your resume entitled “Relevant Coursework”. This section can also be combined with a “Technical Skills” section. Hint: Boeing loves an involved student. If you are a little shy on extracurricular activities this year, join some clubs and put it on your resume next year. Note: Submitting a resume does not mean you are being considered for employment for any job at Boeing

8 Career Fair Tips Ask questions Bring a resume
Ask any and all questions you have about the available jobs, requirements, locations, etc. should be asked at the career fair Bring a resume You will also have to apply online, but a physical resume gives the recruiter something to go on Some people are better in person than on paper. If this is you, make sure to get some face time with a recruiter. Remember: You are there to get an interview, not a job Interviews will be scheduled for Wednesday, September 11 and Thursday, September 12 Phone calls to those who received an interview will most likely go out on Tuesday night

9 Interview Tips Interviews are done using the STAR method
STAR: Situation, Task, Action, Result Situation/Tasks: Consist of the context and the applicant's assignment Action: the decisions and activities the applicant performed in response of the situation/tasks Results/Outcomes: what happened because of the applicant’s actions Time you should devote to each section Situation/Tasks: 10% Action: 75-80% Results/Outcomes: 10-15%

10 Interview Tips (cont.) Take time to formulate a response
Interviewees may take notes. Be aware that if you take notes, they will be collected by the interviewers at the end of the interview If you do not have an answer to the question: Say you understand the question and why it is being asked. Then say how you would act in the situation. Panel members may ask additional clarifying questions. These are used to encourage more detail. There will be time at the end to ask questions, if you have any. Do: Give plenty of details Brag. Discuss recognition, grades, etc that resulted from your actions Don’t: Speak in generalities or talk around the question Ramble or get off topic Use “we” to describe a team activity (describe what you personally did)

11 My Personal EAHI Experience - Timeline
Submitted resume online approx. 1 week prior to career fair Went to the career fair on Tuesday, talked with a representative Received a call Tuesday night to schedule an interview Interviewed Thursday morning Received call confirming my acceptance into the program and guarantee of job on Thursday night Received Letter of Intent on Friday morning

12 My Personal EAHI Experience (continued)
In November, right before Thanksgiving Break, Boeing flew all EAHI participants (interns and full time hires) to Seattle, WA for interviews Spent a few days touring Boeing facilities, and having dinners with the hiring team, the other EAHI participants, and alumni of your University that are current full-time employees Had a “Matching Event” where you interviewed with a number of managers to determine your best fit What position you would be best for, what location, what program, etc

13 My Personal EAHI Experience (continued)
I started at The Boeing Company in July 2012 I currently work in St. Louis, MO on the F-15 Worked approx. 1 year on the F-15 Forward Fuselage Now work on the AP166 Redesign project

14 My Personal Boeing Experience
In the 1.5 years that I have been with the company I have: Worked on a production military jet that is not only sold to other countries, but is built in other countries Started on my Masters in engineering (with no financial commitment on my part) Found a mentor through a structured program Traveled for the company (Made a trip to Sacheon, South Korea)

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