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Networking and Resume 101 Quantitative Finance Society.

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1 Networking and Resume 101 Quantitative Finance Society

2 Brainteaser A string is warped around this cylinder of height 30 and radius 3. What is the length of this string? The string started and ended on the same vertical line. It crosses this line once ion the middle

3 Networking Figure out what you want to do – Get a better understanding of different jobs – Meet people to get a better feeling of a firm Get your name out – Show interest in the firm – Recruiters and professionals will know you Why Network?

4 Networking Company Presentations and Events – Firmwide Presentations – Case Competitions – Private Events Establishing Connections – Follow Up Emails – Phone and Coffee Chats Banking vs. Trading vs. Buyside – Resume Pulling – Referrals The Networking Process

5 Networking Have questions prepared – Research the company beforehand – Know current events Be confident and relaxed – First impressions matter – Entering and exiting the conversation – Do not just stand there and say nothing Tips for Networking Events

6 Networking Be engaged in the conversation – Professional’s background – Ask about the company and the job position – Recruiting advice Remember what you talked about – Ask for business cards, write down things to remember Dress Professionally – Err on the conservative side – Don’t dress above your position Tips for Networking Events

7 Networking Do not try to show off Do not check your phone/act disinterested Do not stuff your face with free food Do not just talk to people you know Do not use profanity Do not ask about – Compensation and hours – Exit Opps – Dealflow What NOT to Do and Say

8 Networking Write a follow-up email within 48 hours Basic template: – Thank You – Establish a connection (where did you meet, who referred) – Refresh on topics the professional and you talked about – Ask a question, or ask for a phone/coffee chat Your emails should not all be the same. The personal factor is what establishes the connection Follow-Up Emails

9 Networking Do not use emoticons, chat speak (ex. :D, LOL) Do not send emails after 8pm (business hours) Do not be too generic Do not write too much (a few sentences is fine) Do not use Mr. or Ms. Do not copy/paste Do not forget to follow up What NOT to write

10 Resume 1 Page, 4 Parts – Education College, High School, Study Abroad – Professional Experience Relevant internships/Jobs – Leadership Experience Extracurricular activities – Skills/Interests Computer skills, languages, interesting interests Your resume represents you! Resume Basics

11 Resume GPA – Major GPA v. overall GPA, – Honors, SAT scores Bullet points – Reverse chronological order – 3-4 bullets per experience, further breakdown if necessary – Start with action verbs, every bullet highlights a strength – Show the results of your work/leadership – Use numbers to quantify what you did and your results – You can exaggerate but do not fabricate Content

12 Resume Consistency is key! Must be appealing to look at Basics – 10pt font content, 11pt font headers –.5” margins Tips and tricks: – Align Left Tab – Separating sections with lines – Title Case – Font choices Formatting

13 Buyside Recruiting What is the buyside? Why the buyside? Buyside recruiting is about 2 things only – Recommendation – Ability to perform A whole different ball game

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