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Waukesha South High School Fall 2014 SENIOR MEETINGS.

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1 Waukesha South High School Fall 2014 SENIOR MEETINGS

2 High School Graduation Requirements

3 Youth Options Program

4 Senior Class Meetings  Guidance Bulletin Boards  Scholarship information  Senior Information sheets  Transcript release forms  Application Process  ACT/SAT test dates  Check out  Spotlight; newsletter  WSGuidance - Twitter

5 TEST DATES Fall 2014  ACT  October 25, 2014  December 13, 2014  February 7, 2015 All test dates are offered at all 3 high schools  SAT  October 11, 2014  November 8, 2014  December 6, 2014 * SAT testing is NOT offered in the district


7 Students Ask about the ACT: Do applications and ACT scores have to be sent at the same time? What if I have not taken the ACT yet? What if the retake score is lower than the first time? Is the application deadline affected if the ACT has to be retaken? How long does it take to get ACT scores? Is there a cost to send ACT scores? Should I take the Writing test?

8 SENIOR Portfolios Use to update your personal portfolio which can include: – Academic achievements – Extracurricular/volunteer activities – Work history – Career goals and college choices – Honors, awards and recognitions – Personal Interest Inventory – Personal website resources – *NEW* RESUME TOOL – “Register”; code is: shs-c526

9 College and University Admissions and Applications  University of Wisconsin Admission Requirements: (AP Classes A+)  4 units English  3 unitsSocial Studies  3 unitsMathematics ( Algebra, Geometry & algebra II)  3 units Science ( Biology and Physical Sciences )  4 units Other academic options; fine arts; foreign language 17 units *These are MINIMUM requirements

10 Foreign Languages

11 Requirements for Athletes

12 Parchment- e-transcripts

13 UW Application Process  Colleges prefer online applications. Go to www.uwhelp.wisconsin. edu OR www.uwhelp.wisconsin. edu  https://apply.wisconsin. edu/Help/Instructions.a spx https://apply.wisconsin. edu/Help/Instructions.a spx https://apply.wisconsin. edu/Help/Instructions.a spx  Application fee can be paid online ($44.00)  Personal statement helps to personalize the application  Transcripts and any other inclusions can be sent by the Guidance office  You must have a transcript release form on file for printed copies  Records are maintained as to where transcripts are sent  ACT results have to be sent to colleges directly from ACT, not South

14 Students ask about Applications & Letters of Recommendations: If I do not declare a major does it impact my acceptance? What is the importance of class rank and GPA vs. the rigor of the classes taken? Who do I ask for letters? Are letters needed for scholarships?

15 Application Checklist ONLINE APPLICATIONS ARE PREFERRED BY MOST SCHOOLS! Check that all work is done neatly and spelling is correct and all parts are filled out completely; correct school Add extra pages for personal statement or activities if needed. Many applications, personal statements etc. are also used for school scholarships Letters of recommendation (request 2-3 weeks) Include application fee or pay online Due dates for UW systems vary so check college website Please submit all materials to guidance at least one week before admission deadlines!!

16 Midwest Student Exchange Program Website: Further information is available via the UW helpline at Colleges in Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Missouri, N. Dakota & Wisconsin have reached a tuition agreement where tuition is not to exceed 150% of in state tuition Check website to see which colleges are participating! NOTE: This is not the same program as the standard Minnesota/Wisconsin tuition reciprocity agreement.


18 THE PAPER TRAIL It is important to keep:  A copy of all applications  Contacts and communications with the college or lending institution  Copy of the FAFSA form  Scholarship applications and essays  Letters of reference

19 Financial Aid Night Wed., Dec. 3, 6:30 – 7:30p.m. Wed., Dec. 3, 6:30 – 7:30p.m. North High School North High School Guest speaker will outline: Guest speaker will outline: – FAFSA form ( – Scholarships, grants and loans – Working with college financial aid office – Answer parent questions * UW Waukesha College Goal Day, February 21, 2015, 2:00 p.m. Watch for info. in the Spotlight

20 SCHOLARSHIPS Show Me The Money! College financial aid offices FAFSA ( Internet Websites Employers Community Agencies South Guidance Department Website for Scholarship  Do I Qualify for the $??  ACT score  Via application process  GPA and class rank  School Activities  Community Activities  Volunteer Service  Major  Post Secondary Plans

21 Scholarship Application Process  Go to or the direct website for a particular scholarship.  Check bulletin board; Mrs. Blackburn  Ask teachers for letters of recommendation if required. Guidance will keep letters on file, but will only send them upon your request.  Provide a copy of transcript or ACT scores if needed.  YOU are responsible for mailing all applications. all applications.  Deadlines are FINAL  Deadlines are FINAL.

22 CAREER CENTER  Located off of the Guidance Office  Materials Available for viewing 4 year college, tech. school, military, and private school guide books  Computers available for use for wiscareers access, college applications, career searching, military research, etc. during study halls, before or after school in the library (most applications are online)

23 College Fairs Wisconsin Education Fairs When: Thursday, October 9, 2014 Where: New Berlin West H.S. Time: 6:30 p.m. -8:30 p.m. or

24 Military

25 Students ask about Recruiters: Where can I meet with a college or military recruiter? Are college reps at South all day? Do I need to make an appointment to meet with a college rep? Do I have to contact Guidance before going on college visits?

26 Guidance Office Calendar

27 Internet Resources

28 FINALLY … GRADUATION !! IMPORTANT DATES TO REMEMBER : * Wednesday, May 27, 7:00PM Senior Honors Night * Friday, June 5 st 9:00AM Graduation Rehearsal Graduation Rehearsal * Final Exams June 8-12 * Saturday, June 13 th 2:00PM Graduation; door open at 1:00 Graduation; door open at 1:00

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