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Careers In Teaching The University of Winchester.

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2 Careers In Teaching The University of Winchester


4 Teachers do more than teach; they touch lives

5 What do Teachers do? Teach Learn Create Inspire Research

6 They also: Manage (individuals, events, change) Liaise with other people and agencies Work individually and as a member of a team Participate in and organise extracurricular activities Attend meetings and in-service training

7 Would teaching be right for me? A good teacher makes it look easy. It is harder than it looks! Find out if it is the right job for you by volunteering work experience with different age groups talking to teachers

8 Do you have the right skills? Like young people! Love to learn Patient Sense of humour Creative Organised Good communication skills, such as clear explanations and clear instructions

9 If you want to apply: Decide upon: the age of children whether you want to specialise in particular subjects whether you want to commit to teaching whilst also gaining your degree or whether to focus on the degree and then learn to teach

10 All routes into teaching lead to QTS Undergraduate training routes Gain a degree and QTS together Postgraduate routes Obtain a degree and build upon it by then training to be a teacher Info TDA website cher cher

11 Undergraduate Study for degree and become a teacher at the same time 3 or 4 year courses Time in schools differs - 32 weeks on four year routes and 24 weeks on 3 year routes Entry requirements vary, but at least 2 A levels

12 Postgraduate Gain non-QTS degree PGCE 18 weeks in school GTP SCITT

13 TDA Performance Profiles A database allows you to define options: location subject age group provider TDA quality category and training route. By using these criteria individually or together, you can generate a shortlist of providers that match your preferences. You can then compare providers page=publicProfilesHome&_navf=_hlk_145074

14 Undergraduate: Terms to use in UCAS Search Engine For, UCAS search: Education 1745 listed, not all give you a teaching qualification Teaching 462 courses QTS 229 courses Primary Education 174 listed 103 listed as Secondary Education 146 under Early Years, not all teaching qualification

15 Typical Undergraduate entry requirements BA Primary with QTS English Language, mathematics and science GCSE grade C or above (or equivalent) 240 - 300 points at A level (or equivalent), normally A2 or above in a relevant subject BTEC National Diploma/Certificate - 10 merits plus C/D in relevant subject at A level CACHE diploma for primary teaching Approved Access Course with appropriate main subject / A level See the Prospectus for specific entry requirements for individual University courses

16 What is special about Winchester? Good reputation for ITE A smaller University A large ITE provider Caring and committed Train to be a 5-11 teacher Schools and teachers are involved in your training Research Subject specialism at undergraduate level

17 Teaching routes at the University of Winchester Undergraduate three or four year degree leading to QTS and BA (Hons) Primary Education Postgraduate full-time, one year programme PGCE (5-11) Postgraduate part time programme PGCE 5-11 (2 years)

18 Winchester Undergraduate Specialist Subject Study Art and Design Drama Early Years 3-7 English French (MFL) Geography History Mathematics Multimedia & ICT Physical Education Religious Education Science Special Educational Needs (SEN)

19 Application Universities are required to interview for courses with QTS

20 Ensure the application leads to interview Majority of courses (particularly primary) in recent years are oversubscribed Check carefully all aspects of your application form The content and presentation of the personal statement is an important element in being invited for interview.

21 Personal Statement Why teaching / specialist subject / age range? What academic background (with implications for you as a teacher) and personal accomplishments (hobbies interests etc that make up you as a person and how you may contribute to the school community) How have you worked with pupils/students in school contexts in less formal / voluntary settings, such as scouting movement, sports coaching, clubs etc and how that has informed your views on teaching Organisation and style – paragraphs, sentence construction, coherence in written statement, spelling, grammar and punctuation

22 A strong statement leads to interview Purpose is to probe evidence on application form and reference and explore suitability for course / teaching Interview with University tutor and head teacher from partnership school Group and / or individual interviews Literacy task ( includes a piece of writing)

23 Be able to talk about Why you want to teach Why that age range / subject What you have noticed about good teachers Strategies they use create a motivating and engaging learning environment The types of work they set The way they interact with the pupils What makes a poor teacher What contributions you could make to out of school activities

24 What are we looking for? Good communication skills Interest in current issues Range of outside interests Academic ability – a degree or ability to complete degree Recent experience of working with chosen age group in and out of school settings Personal qualities to be a ‘teaching professional’ such as team working

25 If you are offered a place Any offer will be subject to CRB and ISA checks a medical assessment further conditions to complete further days in school(s) prior to start of course where directed tasks are completed

26 Teaching approaches Lectures Seminars: tutor and student-led Workshops: doing activities and considering implications for teaching Peer tutoring Block placements in schools Directed tasks, School & Centre based Computer Assisted Learning (CAL) and VLE

27 Strands Curriculum Studies subjects you need to teach Specialist Study Professional Studies: aspects of teaching, such as assessment or behaviour management School Experience school based activity

28 Assessment Assessment for degree: depends upon subject/s Written assignments Presentations / seminars Developing teaching materials and evaluating them Assessment against the Standards for QTS 8.aspx Professional Development Profiles Attendance TDA Skills tests ICT, numeracy, literacy

29 Sources of information (go to applications, profiles and allocations) Recommend reading copies of: ‘Teach’ from the TDA (termly publication) Times Educational Supplement (TES) (Weekly) Education Guardian (each Tuesday)

30 Any questions?

31 We hope that you will consider applying to Winchester Teaching is a great career….

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