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Ahlers business case: BRIC & globalization September 2010, Bart Gruyaert.

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1 Ahlers business case: BRIC & globalization September 2010, Bart Gruyaert

2 Content  Short introduction Ahlers  BRIC – Globalisation  Why to take part in it?  Tips & tricks from Ahlers experience

3 1 Company, 4 Activities Crewing Training Projects 20 staff 300 seamen Belgium, France, Congo, Angola, Gabon Liner agencies Port agencies 580 15 countries in Asia, Break bulk Containers staff CIS and Europe Warehousing Added services 220 staff Belgium, Russia, Ukraine

4 Facts & Figures  1,120 employees worldwide  presence in 20 countries in Africa, Asia, CIS, Europe  turnover 270 million €  headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium  101 years - privately owned by founders family

5 100 Years of Ahlers History  1909 shipping in the port of Antwerp  60s expansion into liner services and ship management  70s-80s expansion into international forwarding and warehousing  90s expansion and internationalisation of all 4 activities  2009 a global logistic and maritime service provider, creating opportunities around the world for and with customers and partners more on

6 BRIC – Globalisation  Why to take part in it?  BRIC: Brasil, Russia, India & China, but don’t forget about Indonesia, West-Africa,... Why?  Follow your customers: –F.e. P&G, PM to CIS  New markets/opportunities: –F.e. Projects from China to Belarus  Less competition/bigger margin –F.e. China now vs China 15 year ago  Spread of risks –F.e. Currency impact / economical crisis

7 Tip1. Don’t overplan, consult, just do it Experience is that if you don’t start within 1 year between plan & execute, you plan doesn’t take off or is not good enough Example Ahlers: Turkmenistan (many visitis, studies, documents read, but still no start)

8 Tip 2. Try to start abroad with min. one client Better for motivation, easier to find staff and easier to convince clients Example Ahlers: Aktau  started without any clients and was very difficult for 6 months to find staff and clients

9 Tip 3. Expat vs. Locals Good mix between locals and expats. Expats will leave and will they leave a solid organisation behind? Example Ahlers: St Pete with Expat, China & India not

10 Tip 4. Culture adaptation; new identity of company Don’t try to slave your method of working, but create new methods of working Example Ahlers: new values, new strategy, new management structure

11 Tip 5: Financial control How will you control that money is not stolen and no parallel business is done? Example Ahlers: besides local audit (by KPMG or others) also internal audits (own staff, different office, not needed to send corporate office)

12 Tip 6. Own people/office or representatives Risk with reps is that they become competitors Example Ahlers: 6 reps in KZ, but all commercial relations not with reps, but in main office

13 Tip 7. Going international is also for small companies It is not complex, difficult to work international, it is more a mind set Example Ahlers: 1990: 80% BeNeLux  20% BeNeLux in 2010

14 Tip 8. Don’t conquer the world It takes more time than needed to start abroad; only start a new place is the last one is break even Example Ahlers: in CIS, you can only start new office, once previous is break even

15 Thank you for your attention & success Bart Gruyaert – General Director Ahlers Central Asia & Baltics

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