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Flange Protection Band. Flange Protection Band.

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2 Flange Protection Band

3 Flange Protection Bands
The flange protection band is designed for protection of gaskets and stud bolts on ring type joint and raised face flanges The band and corrosion inhibitor grease will provide protection from salt air, salt water and atmospheric corrosion encountered in chemical plants, refineries, gas plants, offshore platforms, onshore oil field wellheads, ships, and pipelines.


5 Stainless Steel All stainless steel band with closed cell neoprene liner to insure a proper seal. All stainless steel worm gear drive to tighten band around the flange. All stainless steel grease fitting to insert corrosion inhibitor type grease. Positive loading relief vent and inspection plug.



8 Kydex Material Kydex plastic can be substituted for stainless steel for use on cathodically insulated flanges to prevent foreign matter from shorting out or bridging over an insulating gasket. Kydex meets chemical resistance for rigid PVC materials and is UV resistant. Maximum operating temperature is 400 degrees F.


10 Flange Band Options Liners manufactured from materials other than neoprene sponge – to meet the end user’s service requirements. Optional easy to install all stainless worm gear with plastic handle.



13 Jet-Lube Alco-EP 73 Plus is a quality grease for this application
Other products are available to meet the end user requirements. Please contact your FSP representative fax


15 Flange Band with Quick Disconnect



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