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Bed Making Abed el Fattah M. Yahia.

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1 Bed Making Abed el Fattah M. Yahia

2 Lecture elements : Firstly : introduction about client room and component of client’s bed Secondly : how to apply bed making ? ( non-occupied and occupied )

3 Introduction about client’s room
Client Room 1- walls 2- floors 3- lighting 4- climate control 5- room furnishings

4 1- Walls: blue and colors with blue tints such as mauve and light green that promote relaxation
2- floors 3- lighting : adequate lighting , both natural or artificial is important the comfort of client and nursing personnel

5 4- climate control temperature : 20 C C humidity: amount of moisture in the air or water vapor : 30% - 60% - ventilation: mount of components of air in place

6 5- Room Furnishings A- the bed B- privacy curtain C- over bed table
D- bedside stand E- chairs

7 5- Room Furnishings Beds Privacy curtain Chairs Overbed table
Bedside stand Chairs

8 Client room

9 A- The Bed Adjusting the bed to promote comfort , enable self-care ,and facilitate a therapeutic position Full or half side rails are attached to the bed frame Unoccupied bed : changing linen when the bed is empty Occupied bed : changing linen while the client remains in bed


11 Frame of bed Mattress pillows bed linen Bed

12 1- Mattress many people equate the comfort of a bed with the quality of the mattress , should be rigid and soft to comfort pt Mattress overlays : layers of foam or other devices place on top of the mattress are used to promote comfort or to keep the skin intact ( foam , gel , air or water ) Mattress are long term used and washed with strong antimicrobial solutions but not sterilized between uses


14 2- pillows pillows primary are used for comfort , but they also are used to elevate a part of the body , relieve swelling , promote breathing or help to maintain a therapeutic position

15 3-Bed linen 1-Mattress pad 2-bottom sheet
: the linen used for most hospital beds include the following 1-Mattress pad 2-bottom sheet 3-draw sheet : its placed beneath the client's hips to helping for change position , helping in bed making and facilitate to move or transfer pts from bed to anther bed 4- top sheet 5- blanket , depending on the client's preference 6-pillowcase : stuffed with foam, feathers or kapok ( a mass of silky fibers )


17 To control expenses, bed linen may not be changed every day, but any wet or contaminated linen is changed as frequently as necessary

18 B- privacy curtain C- over bed table
It can be drawn completely around each client's bed C- over bed table makes it convenient for the client to eat while in bed and to perform personal hygiene or other activity requiring a flat service


20 D- bedside stand and E- chairs

21 How to apply bed making ? Bed Making: The technique of preparing different types of bed making patients comfortable in his suitable position for a particular condition Unoccupied bed : changing linen when the bed is empty Occupied bed : changing linen while the client remains in bed

22 Purpose of Bed Making 1- To promote clients comfort. 2- To provide a clean environment for the clients. 3- To provide a smooth, wrinkle- free bed foundation, thus minimizing sources of skin irritation. 4- To conserve the clients energy and maintain current healthy status. 5- To prevent or avoid microorganisms to come in contact with the patient which could cause tribulations.

23 How to make (unoccupied & occupied) bed ?
Be attentive with the teacher and looking at Skill 18-1 page 403 and Skill 18-2 page 409 in fundamental nursing skills and concepts book that your have For increase information enter on youtube site and looking for bed making

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