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How were the Pioneers Moslem Women a refuge to Moslems? How were the Pioneers Moslem Women a refuge to Moslems?

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4 How were the Pioneers Moslem Women a refuge to Moslems? How were the Pioneers Moslem Women a refuge to Moslems?



7 Lady Zeinab the daughter of Lady Fatma and Master Aly, her grandfather our prophet Mohamed peace be upon him.

8 She was born after El Hassan and El Hussein blessed by her grandfather and was named by him "Zeinab" in reminiscence of his late daughter who died a while before her birth.

9 It was narrated that our master Jebril told our prophet peace be upon him about the martyrdom of El Hassan and El Hussein. Also, a prophecy prevailed about the birth of a child and her role in the catastrophe of Karbalaa and what awaits her from suffering and ailments.

10 When her father told her about what awaits her she told him that she knew as her mother told her.

11 She did not reach the age of five until her grandfather peace be upon him passed away. The days that followed the incident was full of grief as she sat beside her sick mother's bed full of fear and anxiety until she passed away.

12 Her mother urged her to care for her two brothers when she was on her death bed and be a mother to them.

13 She married to Abdel Allah Ibn Gaafar and had 4 sons and two daughters and her father allowed her to live with him together with her husband under one roof.

14 She was highly intelligent and started to learn the Quran and asking about its interpretation when she was four years.

15 She was courageous on righteousness and persuasive in speech and conscientious on her religion to such an extent that she learnt the basics in religion and her home was a place where women gather to acknowledge their religion, narrate prophetic sayings and learn the Quran.

16 How often has she grieved when hearing and seeing what her father suffered. Her responsibilities increased after her father's death and she remembered her mother's advice and never abandoned her two brothers.

17 Al-Hussien was very angry when Mo’aweya announced leadership to his son Yazid, but Al-Kofa agreed on Al- Hussien, he traveled with his sister as she left her house and husband dedicating herself to her brother and his son.

18 When she heard the sound of the army approaching she told him: "My brother, have you heard the sound of voices approaching? He told her he dreamt of our prophet peace be upon him and he told him 'you are coming to us' so, she slapped her face and fainted. So, he poured some water on her face telling her: "Fear Allah and know that everything is coming to an end…

19 except his face my father was better and so was my mother and my brother and each Moslem should take our prophet peace be upon him as an example …. and he took her oath not to grief over him by tearing her clothes, slapping her face and not to ask Allah to crush him and…

20 if he died she is not to tear her clothes or slap her face as a sign of grief.

21 Lady Zeinab stood by her brother in the battle supporting him, serving the sick, crying over the martyrs and then came Karbalaa massacre where her brother the master of heaven's youth was martyred and her three sons Oof, Mohamed and Abdul Allah.

22 What a glorious thing she said: "We are all going to Allah". She got past her grief taking refuge in Allah while facing the worst thing a woman could face.

23 The granddaughter of our prophet peace be upon him was taken as a prisoner. She could not see El Kofa people crying though they failed her brother and they were so embarrassed with shame and regret.

24 It was Lady Zeinab who made of the martyrdom of El Hussein a historical tragedy staying ever after and that affected greatly in developing the Shia'a beliefs.

25 It is she who made the night of 10th moharam an annual funeral for expressing grief and pain where many from the grandsons of repent come in pilgrimage exemplifying the tragedy once again incurring upon themselves the terrible physical sufferings in repentance for the sins committed by their grandfathers.

26 She held Aly son of El Hussein and protected him from being slaughtered being (his aunt). She went with the rest of her folks to Damascus and encountered Yazeid Ibn Moawia courageously and he allowed her to travel with the rest of her folks to Al Madina.

27 She decided together with El Hashim folks to avenge her brothers' death but the Amaweens prevented her and gave her the choice of living in whichever country she likes.

28 Lady Zeinab came to Egypt during the year 61 of Al-Higra where a congregation of people received her but the gravity of incidents and grieves did not give her much time…

29 and she died the following year from her arrival to Egypt at the age of fifty five and her grave became a blessed location visited by Moslems nowadays.

30 This was the story of Lady Zeinab who succeeded in avenging her brother and had a great influence on the historical events

31 Her painful story and her fight for the rights of her folks was a great deed illuminating for other generations across the years may Allah bless her and her folks.


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