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2 WELCOME Welcome to our presentation of the template based hire process brought to you by Human Capital Services. Today you will learn how you, as a department liaison, may enter new hourly students and graduate students through a template in the Human Resource Information System(HRIS) which will then be submitted to HCS for approval.

3 Background Template based hiring allows department liaisons to enter information for new student hires into a template in HRIS. After the template is completed, you will save the entry for review by Human Capital Services. You will be able to print the appointment form (from the template) so the employee oath and signatures may be completed, as well as the other new hire documents (i.e., I-9, Intellectual Property Agreement, etc.).

Template based hiring (TBH) is easy and will expedite the hire process for your student employees. Step 1: Gather and complete all required documents for the hire, EXCEPT FOR THE APPOINTMENT FORM. This form will be generated at the end of the TBH process.

5 Access HRIS/Template Based Hire.
Step 2: Access HRIS/Template Based Hire. Workforce Administration>Template Based Hire>Template Based Hire

6 Step 3: Select a template
Step 3: Select a template. For an hourly student, select, “Hire a Student”. For a graduate student, select “Hire a GTA GRA”.

7 Click on the yellow “Continue” button after selecting your template.

8 Step 4: Complete the data fields - Employee ID: Leave as “New” Job Effective Date: Enter the start date/effective date of hire Action Code: Leave as “Hire” Reason Code: Leave as “Vacant Position” Click on the “Continue” button to continue.

9 Step 5: Enter employee information - NAME: First, Middle, Last (The name must be entered as it is on the Social Security card.) National ID: Enter the Social Security number from the Social Security card Address: Enter the KSU eID Marital Status: Select marital status Home Address: Enter employee’s home address. County must be two-letter county code. Postal code is the zip code.

10 Step 5 (continued): Phone Type: Select the phone type and enter the number. Gender: Select appropriate gender Highest Education Level: Select appropriate education level Date of Birth: Enter employee’s birth date Ethnic Group: Select appropriate ethnic group Military Status: Select the appropriate status

11 Step 5 (continued): Position Number: Enter the position number. The “W” must be in capital letters. Company: The default is SOK (State of Kansas). This will only change for local agencies. Compensation: Enter the rate of pay Appointment End Date: Enter the end date, if you know it. An end date MUST be entered for graduate students. Hourly students are optional. Benefit Record Number: Enter “0”

12 Step 6: After you have entered the template, you are ready to submit the transaction to Human Capital Services. Click on the button that reads “Submit to HR for Completion”. BE CAUTIOUS WHEN SUBMITTING THIS TEMPLATE AND BE SURE TO SELECT “SEND TO HR FOR COMPLETION”. YOU DO NOT WANT TO CLICK ON “SAVE AND SUBMIT” AS THIS WILL SAVE THE TEMPLATE WITHOUT HCS APPROVAL.

13 Step 7: Print the Appointment Form. By clicking on the yellow “Print the Appointment Form” button, the Hourly Student Data Sheet (PER-40) or Graduate Student Data Sheet (PER-41) will be created for you to then print. See the example on the next page!

14 EXAMPLE printed from template

15 STEP 8: Obtain signatures and supporting documents. After the appointment form has been printed, the employee oath and approval signatures must be completed. The supporting documents (i.e., Intellectual Property Agreement, Substance Abuse Policy Affirmation, etc.) should be obtained and submitted to Human Capital Services either via an imaging system, campus mail or hand delivery to HCS.

After you submit the new hire documents to Human Capital Services, they will be placed in a holding queue in ImageNow workflow for HCS staff to review. Documents are placed in queues based on the order they are received, so the final approval may come several days after you have submitted the transaction – depending on the number of documents ahead of yours. The overall process will be greatly improved if everyone is using Template Based Hire!

17 Some final notes… Currently, template based hiring is only available for hourly and graduate student hires. Stay tuned! We anticipate more to come. TBH is currently only for new hires. You do not have to have an imaging system to use TBH. The TBH process works for everyone! Be careful about the approval button and make certain you submit the documents to HCS for approval. HCS must review and approve the transaction in HRIS before it is final. If you hit the “Save and Submit” button instead, you jeopardize the hiring process in HRIS. Employees and department HR liaisons will receive a welcome once HCS has made the final approval. Please be aware - entering the employee via template does not mean the student is hired in HRIS immediately. TBH has been implemented to expedite the process! By allowing departments to enter and print the information, it reduces the amount of time it currently takes for HCS staff to re-key information from the forms.

18 Thank you for viewing our presentation!
Thank you for viewing our presentation today! We hope you found it helpful and that the template based hiring process is very user friendly. As always, if you encounter problems during the process, feel free to contact your Human Capital Services Resource Center and Operations staff to assist you.


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