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A Soulwinning Mathematician

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1 1789-1857 A Soulwinning Mathematician
Augustin Louis Cauchy A Soulwinning Mathematician

2 Wrote 789 Mathematical papers
Helped progress the study on partial differential equations Helped progress the study of polygons In 1811 he proved that the angles of a convex polyhedron are determined by its faces

3 He discovered new methods of integration and lectured on them.
He was the first to make a rigorous definition of the conditions for the convergence of infinite series. In 1829 he defined for the first time a complex function with a complex variable

4 Cauchy would often visit sick friends and led them to faith in Christ.
Yet he did not always have good relations with all scientists because of his Catholic views. His Catholicism associated him with the Jesuits who quarreled with the Académie des Sciences. Devout Christian

5 Devout Christian Although he was a Catholic, many of his views on Christianity parallel those of the Puritans and Protestants. For instance he thought that it was necessary to bring religion into his work and his workplace. He also believed that exploration and scientific progress would benefit mankind and bring glory to God. He gave a report on the theory of light and attacked an author that said that Newton had not believed that people had souls. This was said about him by a French journalist, “…It is a curious thing to see an academician who seemed to fulfill the respectable functions of a missionary preaching to heathens.”

6 Life During the French Revolution
During the Second French Revolution Cauchy was exiled from France. Before the civil war he had taken an oath to Charles X. Because he was an honest man he would not break that oath to take another. He continued his work in Italy for a while and learned to speak their language well. Then he moved to Prague with Charles where he taught the prince and was given the title of Baron by the king.

7 Cauchy is considered one a France’s finest mathematicians.
He furthered the mathematics in nearly every field, especially calculus .

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