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Rick DeMarco District Anti-Bullying Coordinator September 28 th, 2011.

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2 Rick DeMarco District Anti-Bullying Coordinator September 28 th, 2011

3  Intended to strengthen standards for preventing, reporting, investigating, and responding to incidents of bullying to reduce suicide risk among students.  Effective September 1, 2011  Affects students, teachers, administrators, Superintendent, staff, parents, contracted service personnel, Board of Education, and the community as a whole.

4  Definition of HIB  District Staff Functions  Changes to Policy and Procedures  Training Requirements  Reporting Requirements

5  Harassment, intimidation, or bullying (HIB) means any gesture, any written, verbal or physical act, or any electronic communication, whether it be a single incident or a series of incidents, that is reasonably perceived as being motivated either by any actual or perceived characteristic, such as race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, or a mental, physical or sensory disability, or by any other distinguishing characteristic, that takes place on school property, at any school-sponsored function, on a school bus, or off school grounds, that substantially disrupts or interferes with the orderly operation of the school or the rights of other students and that:

6  a) reasonable person should know, under the circumstances, will have the effect of physically or emotionally harming a student or damaging the student’s property, or placing a student in reasonable fear of physical or emotional harm to his person or damage to his property;

7  b) has the effect of insulting or demeaning any student or group of students; or  c) creates a hostile educational environment at school for the student by interfering with a student’s education or by severely or pervasively causing physical or emotional harm to the student.

8  New law stresses the need for schools to address out-of-school conduct that can constitute HIB  Districts must include provisions for responses to HIB when school employees are made aware of the incident.

9  All acts of HIB must be reported verbally to the principal on the same day the school employee or contracted service provider witnessed or received reliable information regarding the incident.  Principal calls parents/guardians of students involved in incident and initiates investigation.  All acts of HIB must be submitted in writing to the principal within two school days of the incident.  District Form  Prevent HIB based on the ‘protected categories’  Teacher professional development

10  Conducted by SABS  Documented and in writing, includes: ◦ Victim, accused, and witness statements ◦ Fact finding ◦ Support for alleged victim ◦ Conclusion  Completed within 10 days of written report  Results of all investigations sent to the superintendent.

11  Complete training program on HIB.  Reporting of potential instances of HIB (Witness or reliable information).  Hears reports of HIB cases from Superintendent.  Hear appeals after appealed investigations.  Annual policy review, reassessment, and re- evaluation.

12  Appoints the District Anti-Bullying Coordinator  Receives reports of all HIB investigations within 2 school days after completion.  Reports the results of all investigations to Board of Education no later than the date of the next BOE meeting.  Following receipt of investigations, may initiate intervention services, establish training to reduce HIB, enhance school climate, impose discipline, order counseling, or recommend other appropriate action.  Report to the Board of Education two times per year regarding HIB investigations ◦ Then report to the Department of Education  Annual data submission utilizing the EVVRS system  Publicize and distribute HIB policy

13  Communicate with school staff concerns regarding HIB  Monitor online activity.  Read through HIB policy (District website and pamphlet)  Online Resources ◦ ◦ ◦

14  New Egypt High School: Ms. Jacqui Duca  New Egypt Middle School: Mrs. Natalie Belfiore/Ms. Kristen Corsale  Dr. Gerald H. Woehr Elementary School: Ms. Alyse Reed  New Egypt Primary School: Mrs. Heather Collins

15  Duties: ◦ Chairs School Safety Team ◦ Leads HIB investigations ◦ Acts as the primary school official responsible for preventing, identifying, and addressing HIB ◦ Works with Anti-Bullying Coordinator and School Safety Team to make certain “Week of Respect” is observed. ◦ Works to provide age-appropriate instruction focusing preventing HIB

16  Consists of: ◦ Principal or designee (who shall be a senior administrator in the school) ◦ A teacher in the school ◦ A parent of a student in the school ◦ Other members determined by principal ◦ The SABS (Chairperson of the team)

17  Receives copies of HIB complaints from principal (not parent representative)  Receives copies of any report prepared after a HIB investigation (not parent representative)  Uses reports to identify patterns of HIB in schools  Review and strengthen school climate and policies to prevent and address HIB  Educate the community, including students, teachers, staff, and parents to prevent and address HIB.  Collaborate with District Coordinator in collection of data and development of HIB policies.

18  Parent members: ◦ Shall not participate in any activities of the team which may compromise the confidentiality of a student. ◦ Parent member focus is on community education and creating a more positive school climate.

19  Week of October 3 rd in all schools  Provides age appropriate education focused on character education, tolerance, and HIB prevention.  School Safety Teams and SABS spearheaded the planning  Assemblies with Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office

20  District Anti-Bullying Coordinator: ◦ Rick DeMarco  New Egypt Middle School-Ext. 2100  School Anti-Bullying Specialists: ◦ New Egypt High School  Jacqui Duca-Ext. 1400 ◦ New Egypt Middle School  Natalie Belfiore/Kristen Corsale-Ext. 2100 ◦ Dr. Gerald H. Woehr Elementary School  Alyse Reed-Ext. 3000 ◦ New Egypt Primary School  Heather Collins-Ext. 5000

21 1. True or False? School employees shall report all possible HIB events to the principal verbally on the same day that they witness or receive reliable information AND in writing within two school days of the event. 2. True or False? Staff members shall report HIB that occurs both in school and off school grounds. 3. True or False? School staff members, Board of Education members, administrators, and contracted service providers all have increased reporting and training obligations following the revised HIB legislation. 4. True or False? School Safety Teams have the responsibility of trying to identify patterns and trends of HIB in schools in order to reduce instances of HIB. 5. True or False? School Anti-Bullying Specialists (SABS) are the lead investigators of HIB cases. 6. True or False? Schools ARE NOT obligated to observe a Week of Respect in an attempt to reduce HIB.

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