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El pretérito e imperfecto

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1 El pretérito e imperfecto

2 EL PRETERITO “El pretérito” is one of the past tenses in Spanish.
It is often expressed by the “-ed” form in English but not always. “El pretérito” is an action that has a clear beginning and end to it. It is often a one time action.

3 Ejemplos I talked to my mom yesterday. Hablé con mi madre ayer.
I ate my food. Comí mi comida. Profe taught us the lesson. Profe nos enseñó la lección.

4 EL IMPERFECTO “El imperfecto” is another past tense in Spanish.
It is expressed in many ways. - was/were + -ing - “Would” - “Used to” And sometimes the “-ed” form.

5 EL IMPERFECTO The beginning and end of an imperfect action is unclear. It is imperfect. An imperfect action is - a habitual action. - an action that was repeated more than once. - an action that was in process. - an ongoing action.

6 EJEMPLOS I used to talk to my granny a lot.
Yo hablaba con mi abuela mucho. (repeated action) I was (in the process of) eating, when… Yo comía, cuando…

7 EJEMPLOS While you were (in the process of) reading,…
Mientras tú leías,… I would go to the park a lot when I was a kid. (habitual action) Siempre iba yo al parque cuando era niño.

8 I went to the movies a lot. (And I still do)
How you can use the “pretérito o imperfecto” to convey different meanings. I went to the movies a lot. (And I still do) Muchas veces yo iba al cine. I went to the movies a lot. (And I don’t anymore) Muchas veces yo fui al cine.

9 Can you have the “pretérito e imperfecto” in the same sentence?
I was (in the process of) sleeping when you called. Yo dormía cuando llamaste.

10 Vamos a practicar I did my homework last night.
I always did my homework on the computer. You were studying when dad came home. I walked a lot when I lived in Lake Zurich I woke up, showered, and ate breakfast.

11 Más I used to throw up on roller coasters.
They would always eat at Friday’s. While he was laughing, milk shot out of his nose. IRON ROSE rocked the PAC!! I saw a good movie last week. When we arrived it was 7pm.

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