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Proprietary and Confidential

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1 Proprietary and Confidential
GestureTek Health™ Proprietary and Confidential

2 Proprietary and Confidential
GestureTek Health™ A Key Business Unit of GestureTek Inc. Brings Gesture-Driven Computer Control to Healthcare Leveraging Collaboration & Research Partnerships with leading universities & multinational technology companies Focused on the Disability, Health & Education Markets Therapeutic Areas of Focus: Neurological Motor Deficits Sensory Stimulation Traumatic Brain Injury Active Education Cognitive and Physical Disabilities Activation for Seniors Physical Rehabilitation Life Skills & Learning - Proprietary and Confidential

3 Proprietary and Confidential
GestureTek Inc. World leader in gesture recognition technology for presentation and entertainment systems GestureTek Inc. incorporated in 1987, parent company for GestureTek Health™ Pioneer, patent holder and world leader in Video Gesture Control Technology (VGC) Over 4,000 installations worldwide Offices in California, Asia and Canada Affiliates in EU, Australia, China and Japan Proprietary and Confidential

4 Proprietary and Confidential
GestureTek Inc. Key U.S. and Worldwide Patent Portfolio Video Based Image Control - An invention that provides a video image based control system that includes a video camera for scanning a field of view. Dual Camera Tracking System - An invention that provides a video image based control system which includes two video cameras for scanning the field of view. Video-Based Image Control System Using Stereo Camera Processing - An invention that provides a video image based control system which includes two video cameras for scanning the field of view. Proprietary and Confidential

5 Proprietary and Confidential
GestureTek Health™ Full Range of Offerings: Rehabilitation Products IREX – Interactive Exercise and Rehabilitation System Immersive Therapy Cart Multi-Sensory Products Interactive Sensory Systems for Snozellen and Sensory Rooms Activation and Recreation Products Activation based applications for fitness, socialization and activation Music Therapy Products Virtual Music for children and adults Proprietary and Confidential

6 Rehabilitation Products
Proprietary and Confidential

7 Multi-Sensory Products
Proprietary and Confidential

8 Activation, Recreation and Music Therapy Products
Proprietary and Confidential

9 The Continuum of Care™ Model Immersive Therapy Suite and Cart
Unique Rehabilitative Solutions The Continuum of Care™ The Continuum of Care™ Model Acute Care Rehabilitation Transition Home IREX Green Screen Immersion Immersive Therapy Suite and Cart Ground FX Multi Sensory Corner Future Products (1) Future Products (2) Proprietary and Confidential

10 Motion Activated Products and Snoezelen
Application for all users of Snoezelen rooms including children with special needs, autism, post traumatic stress disorder, pain management, traumatic brain injury and stroke Proprietary and Confidential

11 Proprietary and Confidential
Sensory GroundFX Proprietary and Confidential

12 Proprietary and Confidential
Sensory GroundFX Projection of sensational visual effects and dynamic images in various sizes, shapes and brightness levels, with or without a mat Caged or hidden ceiling-mounted systems cannot be jarred and are almost maintenance-free Includes motion-activated sensory effects, activation games, and customizable applications via sdk (eg. For special events, themes etc.). Proprietary and Confidential

13 Proprietary and Confidential
Sensory GroundFX Flexibility of software means customers can deliver a new experience every time a client comes to visit Provides patient with anything from simple cause and effect to intense activation Visual and auditory effects can be relaxing or stimulating and customized to the individual client Can be used as the focal point of a sensory environment, eg. As a pond, campfire, window to space….) Proprietary and Confidential

14 Immersive Therapy Suite
Proprietary and Confidential

15 Immersive Therapy Suite
Over 30 different immersive therapy applications No green screen required Available as a completely mobile solution on a rechargeable medical cart All software navigation is gesture controlled Patient cross contamination is virtually eliminated (Cart image) Proprietary and Confidential

16 Immersive Therapy Suite
Used in procedure recovery rooms, patient rooms, therapy rooms and common areas Patient can be standing, in a wheel chair or in a bed Setup consists of simply pointing the integrated display and camera system at the patient Many applications are the same as those provided with the IREX system and supported by the latest research on immersive therapy Proprietary and Confidential

17 Immersive Therapy Suite – Primary Applications
Playmersion – Gesture-controlled immersive play. Nine different engaging activation games with a range of challenges. Sensory World – Sensory Relaxation and Stimulation. Ten sensory effects with visual and audio responses. My Music Composer – Music Instruction and Therapy Program. Four different scales, 15 sample songs including sheet music. Proprietary and Confidential

18 Immersive Therapy Suite - Patient Benefits
Physical upper body, lower body, and full body exercise Reaching, balance, postural control and fine motor movement Cognitive Achievement/mastery Perceptual motor skills Sensory motor skills Selection/recognition Cause and effect Proprietary and Confidential

19 Immersive Therapy Suite - Patient Benefits
Applications have been proven to provide an important role in distraction, motivation, engagement and pain diversion Advanced motion sensing provides cause/effect for patients with limited mobility and range of motion Mobile system can be used anywhere in a care facility The no touch system ensures unencumbered operation Patient operation promotes independence Proprietary and Confidential

20 Proprietary and Confidential
Multi-Sensory Corner Proprietary and Confidential

21 Proprietary and Confidential
Multi-Sensory Corner Large 37” interactive panel Durable, rugged enclosure Remote PC operation with panel providing direct access to hardware if required Available on castors for mobile operation Designed to fit with standard sensory room floor mats Sensitive to gross motor movements as well as minimal (eye blink) movements Camera positioned to capture movement at varying distances 30 sensory effects can be shown individually or in automatic succession Proprietary and Confidential

22 Proprietary and Confidential
Multi-Sensory Corner Provides patient focused simple cause and effect Visual and auditory effects can be relaxing or stimulating and customized to the individual client Can be installed in a wall mounted configuration with PC available for other applications Promotes non-directive recreation and independence Proprietary and Confidential

23 GestureTek Health™ IREX®
Proprietary and Confidential

24 Proprietary and Confidential
What is IREX? IREX uses immersive video technology to place patients into virtual sport or game environments where they are guided through clinician prescribed therapeutic exercise programs A video camera is used to capture as well as track the patient’s movements IREX does not require patients to use HMD’s, or other peripheral devices that are attached to a computer Auditory and visual feedback is in real time Proprietary and Confidential

25 Proprietary and Confidential
Features of IREX Sessions can be programmed for left, right, upper, lower and full body exercises The therapist can specify and measure range of motion, the frequency of successful exercises and number of repetitions completed. Proprietary and Confidential

26 Proprietary and Confidential
Features of IREX The IREX solution includes detailed patient set-up capabilities All therapy sessions are tracked using the Session Management Tool Sophisticated camera tracking technology enables session reporting that can be used to track and compare patient progress Proprietary and Confidential

27 Proprietary and Confidential
Features of IREX IREX includes over 30 different immersive games which can be easily configured to an exercise protocol Games are fun and engaging, and provide patient data to the therapist Proprietary and Confidential

28 IREX Designed to Benefit the Patient
IREX Technology Patient Benefit No-touch, no remote device Unencumbered operation Immersive graphical experience Deep sense of presence Practice games are enjoyable Adherence Scalable, multi-level exercises Sense of achievement Gesture control deepens Promotes executive reasoning experience Intuitive design Easy to learn and use Realism Engaging, distracting Real time feedback, no image lag Challenging, precise Flat panel image (no HUD) No negative side effects reported Therapist can modify the support Promotes independence they provide during session Proprietary and Confidential

29 IREX Designed to Benefit the Clinician
Scaleable to patient limitations; specific treatment needs Adaptable with other adjuncts (weights, resistance) One or more participants at a time can be visible or hidden Complete session reporting and management tool provides objective measurements Experiential and active learning with baseline and specific, objective monitoring Concealed patient assistance to support independence, motivation and encouragement Virtual environments = capacity to gradually increase complexity of task while decreasing therapist support Proprietary and Confidential

30 Proprietary and Confidential
Functional Uses IREX can be adapted to any age group: Pediatric Teen Adult Senior IREX has been used as a therapeutic intervention in: Hospitals and rehabilitation centers Seniors homes Chronic care facilities Out-patient clinics Group homes for the developmentally delayed and post traumatic brain injury residents Major research centers and universities Proprietary and Confidential

31 Proprietary and Confidential
Evolution of IREX IREX evolved through thousands of hours of testing at numerous facilities including: University of Ottawa School of Rehabilitation Palo Alto Research Systems Virtual Rehab Works University of Toronto School of Rehabilitation Enhancements continue through collaboration on an exclusive basis with many other highly respected universities and researchers around the globe Proprietary and Confidential

32 Proprietary and Confidential
Key Research Findings Improved Executive Functioning Improved Cortical Reorganization Improved Balance and Trunk Control Improved Mobility Increased Sense of Control, Achievement and Independence Improved Socialization Increased Compliance/ Adherence Increased Enjoyment and Desire to Engage Pain Diversion Proprietary and Confidential

33 Proprietary and Confidential
Outcomes Physical Improvement Balance Reach Trunk control Coordination Strength Endurance Motor function Cortical reorganization Psychological Benefit Executive Functioning Achievement Pain Distraction Motivation Socialization Self Esteem Self Empowerment Self Control Proprietary and Confidential

34 Major IREX Hospital Installations
Spaulding Hospital Duke Medical Center Hospital for Sick Children Atlantic Health Organization Winston Salem University Hospital Sister Kinney St. Charles Hospital Children’s Care Center St. Mary’s Medical Center Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center Providence Rehabilitation Hospital Glen Rose Rehabilitation Hospital New Brunswick Rehabilitation Hospital Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital Pusan Children’s Hospital Bridge Point Health and Rehabilitation Hospital Sunny Hill Health and Rehabilitation Center Proprietary and Confidential

35 Proprietary and Confidential
Contact Information CONTACT INFORMATION Ron Kelusky: Scott Robinson: Proprietary and Confidential

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