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Enzymes DEMO.

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2 Enzymes DEMO

3 Metabolism Reactions in your body
Body would burn up to get the amount of energy needed ( for molecules to collide with enough energy for reaction to occur)

4 What are Enzymes? Protein catalyst Act on substrates (reactants)
End in ASE Ex. Lactase digest lactose HOW?

5 Lower “Activation Energy”

6 Enzymes Without Enzyme With Enzyme Free Energy
Progress of the reaction Reactants Products Free energy of activation

7 Enzyme Substrate Complex

8 Enzyme Substrate Complex

9 Enzymes are Specific! Active Site Induced Fit

10 Enzymes can be REUSED Product is release

11 A product can be used as a substrate for another enzyme
E1 E2 E3 E4 E5 E6 A  B  C  D  E  F  G NOT ON TEST!

12 Factors Effecting Enzymatic Speed
Temperature pH Substrate concentration Enzyme Concentration WILL DISCUSS these 2 WHEN WE GET BACK (IN OUR LAB)

13 Temperature Enzymes are PROTEIN Heat too high they can denature

14 pH Enzymes work best at an ‘optimal’ pH Proteins can denature

15 Substrate Concentration
The more substrate the more reaction Once all of the enzymes are being used the reaction cannot increase Lab when we get back – skip

16 Enzyme Concentration Control by phosphorylation
Activate Add Phosphate (energy from ATP) Lab when we get back- skip

17 Enzyme Inhibition Competitive Noncompetitive SKIP
EI- Substrate can’t get to active site Comepitive- inhibitor binds to active site Noncompetitive-inhibitor binds to ALLOSTERIC SITE

18 Feedback Inhibition Activity of enzyme can be regulated by its end product SKIP!!!

19 Enzyme Cofactors Help enzymes function Inorganic Organic- Coenzymes
Copper, Zinc, Iron Organic- Coenzymes Vitamins

20 Pellagra Lack vitamin B3 pyrrolase

21 Scurvy Enzymes that impairs wound healing
Lack vitamin C- ships- throw over board- pick them up

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