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Signal Transduction of Plant Hormone Ethylene

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1 Signal Transduction of Plant Hormone Ethylene
Dr. Hongwei Guo Peking University June 22, 2006

2 Plant Growth and Development
Highly plastic ----plants cannot run! Perception of environmental signals involves multiple plant hormones environmental signals: light gravity temperature water nutrients touch Pathogens, etc

3 The simplest molecule on the earth that has a biological function
Plant hormones Classical Five: Auxins Gibberellins (GAs) Cytokinins Abscisic acid (ABA) Ethylene C H Ethylene (C2H4) Newly defined: Brassinosteroids Jasmonic acid (JA) Salicylic acid (SA) Nitric oxide (NO) The simplest molecule on the earth that has a biological function


5 Ethylene can do more… senescence abscission pathogen defense
--Germination --Senescence --Abscission --Nodulation --Stress tolerance --Pathogen defense senescence abscission pathogen defense

6 A simple genetic system Arabidopsis seedling
Shortened root and hypocotyl Swollen hypocotyl Exaggerated apical hook …triple response… -C2H4 +C2H4

7 Ethylene Response Mutants
ein wild type ctr 10 ein (ethylene insensitive) 5 ctr (constitutive triple response) + C2H4 - C2H4

8 A genetic model of ethylene signaling pathway
ER EIL1 nucleus cytoplasm

9 A SCF complex degrades EIN3 protein
proteasome SCFEBF1/2 EIN3 ethylene response (degraded) EIN3 Ub EBF1/2 E2 ASK1 Rbx Cullin1 (Guo and Ecker, Cell 2003)

10 A working model on the ethylene signaling pathway in Arabidopsis
Signals and Stress (SCFEBF1/2 E3 ligase) ASK Cul1 Rbx C2H4 Receptors (ETR1/2 ERS1/2 EIN4) CTR1 EIN2 EBF1/2 EIN6? EIN5 EIL1 EIN3 EBF1/2 mRNA Target genes (Guo and Ecker, 2004) EBS

11 ACS JA SCFEBF EIN3/EIL1 Glucose SCFCOI1 EIL2-5? Primary ethylene ERF1
environmental stimuli cytokinin auxin deveopmental signals SAM ACS ACC ACO C2H4 Receptors/ CTR1 (RNAi) EIN5 JA SCFCOI1 EIN2 SCFEBF EIN3/EIL1 EIL2-5? Glucose Primary ethylene response genes others TFs EDFs ERFs ERF1 others Expansins HLS1 Light PRs Other types of ethylene responses Cell growth (elongation/ expansion) Differential growth (hook formation) Defense response

12 Acknowledgments Peking University Fengying An Hongjiang Li Xiaorui Guo
Qiuchen Xing Salk Institute, USA Dr. Joseph Ecker UCLA, USA Dr. Chentao Lin IBMP, France Dr. Pascal Genschik

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