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SEN Learning Programmes Project

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1 SEN Learning Programmes Project
Sharon Cassidy Ardnashee School & College

2 Newly amalgamated special school in Derry/Londonderry:
Belmont House (MLD) Foyleview (SLD)

3 Vision: Children and young people with special educational needs can and do achieve given the opportunity to do so.

4 One pupil achieved a Grade ‘A’ in GCSE Art whilst attending Belmont House through partner school in Foyle Learning Community 2 CCEA Entry Level Qualifications: English (2), Maths (3) 1 WJEC Independent Living Entry Level Qualification (2) Hospitality & Catering Occupational Studies Level 1 Motor Vehicle Occupational Studies Level 2 Employability Skills Level 1 Performance Skills Level 2 Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 School leaver in June 2013 aged 16 Progressed to FE to start Media Studies course in Sep 2013

5 Achievements

6 Course/Qualification
Level Achieved No of Yr 12 pupils Entry Level Mathematics E3 6 E2 E1 3 Entry Level English 4 2 Entry Level Art Entry Level PE 5 1 No of Yr 13 pupils Occ Studies Engineering Single Award Level 2 Level 1 Occ Studies Construction Single Award Occ Studies Design & Creativity Single Award

7 Year 13: 10 pupils with 6 courses on offer Year 12: 18 pupils with 16 courses on offer Year 11: 9 pupils with 11 courses on offer Total number of courses: 33 Curriculum offer is restricted by pupil numbers Abundance of qualifications available for pupils with SEN

8 Opportunities Professional development for teachers
Links with other schools-extend network of contacts Individual Learning programmes for pupils Pupils achieve qualifications suited to their interest and ability levels Pupils extend skills and knowledge Progression routes identified for pupils

9 Challenges Timetables Providing pupil choices-viable class sizes
Transport to other schools Role of examination officer-entries Entitlement Framework Audit

10 Recommendations Staged approach to curriculum development
Monitor, evaluate and review progress of courses and pupil learning Professional development for teachers and time out to attend agreement trials and training Keep pupils and parents fully informed and involved Incentives and resources to support teaching and learning


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