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Target Skills Initial Assessment and LLN Skills Profiling Siobhan Hall Learning and Publishing.

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1 Target Skills Initial Assessment and LLN Skills Profiling Siobhan Hall Learning and Publishing

2 Target Skills Initial Assessment  Quick and easy to administer  Minimum number of questions to get a valid profile  Time taken depends on learners ability to concentrate, ICT competence, whether they wish to “double check”  User friendly, portable, cost effective  Appropriate for all ages  Meets LSC requirements  Assesses against all 5 levels of Core curricula  Does not assess Probability, Writing text focus, Speaking skills

3 Target Skills Initial Assessment  Screening and Initial Assessment Tools – best selling resources  Compatible with the official diagnostic assessment and initial assessment  Paper, CD and online options  Goes further than the BSA assessment  Target Skill Initial Assessment is semi adaptive, adapts in response to learner performance  Provides basis to make customised packs of learning or to form the basis for an ILP  Online tracking and management system  Related content and reporting available through the  Target Skills Gold - SfL VLE

4 Target Skills and Employers “First UK Bus is pioneering the implementation of Skills for Life learning for employees. Working with managers and union learning representatives in two of our operating companies, we have piloted Target Skills: Initial Assessment over a four-month research period. The assessment was well received by participants: they found it non-threatening and interesting, and a new buzz has been noticed in the participating companies’ learning centres, reflecting the new Skills for Life activity. We plan to roll out a Skills for Life Strategy that includes a learning programme incorporating a customised version of the fully online Target Skills Gold system throughout the country”. Clare Hannah learning and development director First UK Bus

5 Target Skills Initial Assessment routes

6 Profile – Numeracy skills CASS1

7 Profile – Literacy skills CASS1

8 Job applicant Profile – Cassi Hall


10 Target Skills Initial Assessment - Demo

11 Some associated risks?  The IA is an approximate indicator of level and although some questions are asked at each level, all the skills at that level are not assessed.  The requirements of the whole job will not be included either.  Other ‘soft skills’ that are really important to the job might be overlooked. Willingness to ask questions, to be polite, to work hard etc could be given less emphasis.  Speaking skills are not assessed. If a job’s requirements are for Reading text at L1 someone at L2 Speaking and E3 Reading, may be better in the job than someone at E3 speaking and L1 Reading.  The other thing that is more difficult to measure is why someone has been assessed at a level.

12 Target Skills Gold

13 Target Skills Gold – the features  Screening and assessment  Automatically generated ILP  E-tutoring environment  Target Skills and other free resources mapped to the adult core curricula from Entry Level 1 to Level 2  Practice and National Test preparation  Data export facilities for MIS and funding  Secure and efficient tracking and reporting

14 Ford Motor Company  Delivery of basic skills at Ford Motor Company  We are working with Ford at their Dagenham plant to engage and recruit learners in the workplace to develop their basic skills

15 McDonald’s

16 Contacts Siobhan Hall, Tribal Learning and Publishing 01223 478252

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