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SUCCESS BY YOUR STANDARDS ® Administering Idaho’s English Language Assessment (Condensed Training Version) Spring 2015.

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1 SUCCESS BY YOUR STANDARDS ® Administering Idaho’s English Language Assessment (Condensed Training Version) Spring 2015

2 I.Overview: What, Why, When, and Who II.Important IELA Information & Key Dates III.Structure and Format of the Assessment IV.Test Administration Procedures V.Scoring Procedures VI.Roles and Responsibilities: District Test Coordinator, School Test Coordinator and Examiner SUCCESS BY YOUR STANDARDS ® Table of Contents

3 Statewide test of all identified LEP students Mandated by the No Child Left Behind Act Testing window: February 18 – March 31, 2015 SUCCESS BY YOUR STANDARDS ® I. IELA: What, Why & When

4 “an English Language Learner specifically identified for a language development program for whom LEP funding was received” not all English Language Learners are “LEP students” LEPX students within 2-yr monitoring period may also be tested, however it is not required for exited LEP students Eligible students who have had LEP services waived (ELL-W) by parents, still must be tested yearly on the IELA until they score proficient (Office of Civil Rights). SUCCESS BY YOUR STANDARDS ® Who is an “LEP student”?

5 Update District Test Coordinator/LEP Director contact information in ServicePoint Student demographic updates must be made in SIS Student demographic data for reporting will come from March ISEE pull – March 27 th Additional materials orders are submitted directly through ServicePoint SUCCESS BY YOUR STANDARDS ® II. Important IELA Information

6 SUCCESS BY YOUR STANDARDS ® IELA 2015 Calendar February 2, 2015Assessment materials shipped to districts February 18 – March 31, 2015Assessment window February 9 – March 19, 2015Window for ordering additional materials April 3, 2015Deadline for districts to ship materials to Questar April 10, 2015All materials due at Questar May 11-15, 2015Preliminary Rosters posted for review June 1, 2015Results posted online

7 SUCCESS BY YOUR STANDARDS ® III. Structure and Format of the Assessment Grade- Spans Test Forms Color- Coded KAPink 1-2B1, B2Blue 3-5C1, C2Green 6-8D1, D2Orange 9-12E1, E2Purple Grades 1-12: Each grade- span has one Beginner Level Form and one Intermediate/Advanced Level Form. Students taking different forms (e.g., E1 and E2) must be tested in separate groups.

8 SUCCESS BY YOUR STANDARDS ® Subtests Grade K: All subtests are individually administered. Grades 1-12: Reading, Writing, and Listening are group administered. Speaking and Oral Reading are individually administered. Subtests Listening Speaking Reading Writing

9 SUCCESS BY YOUR STANDARDS ® IV. General Instructions for Test Administration Individual Testing Quiet one-to-one environment Seating Group Testing Quiet room Do Not Disturb sign on door Desks must be cleared

10 SUCCESS BY YOUR STANDARDS ® Test Security Test Security is the responsibility of both the Test Coordinator and Examiner. All test materials must be accounted for. Each barcode will be scanned upon return. No pages may be duplicated (except Checklists & Test Security Agreement). Sign Test Security Agreement

11 SUCCESS BY YOUR STANDARDS ® Special Accommodations Any student who is given accommodations must have an ELP or IEP on file. The YES bubble in the Accommodated Test box (box 13) on the answer document must be marked.

12 SUCCESS BY YOUR STANDARDS ® Pre-ID Barcode Labels Affix label to student answer document at time of testing. Barcode label can be used if demographic information is incorrect. Update Student Information System. You can use barcode label if student changed schools. If student is no longer at district, affix label to 2015 IELA Form for Non-Tested Students. If a student has no barcode label, the student demographic info must be bubbled.

13 SUCCESS BY YOUR STANDARDS ® V. Scoring Procedures Following procedures assures consistent, valid, and objective scoring. Oral responses are scored by Examiners at the time of testing. Rubrics are designed to ensure that scorers follow a single standard and that scores are assigned consistently and fairly. Read through all item rubrics prior to administering the test.

14 SUCCESS BY YOUR STANDARDS ® Scoring of Speaking Items Items are scored by the Examiner at the time of testing by using the rubrics included in the Examiner Manual. Each Speaking item has its own rubric (which varies from 1 to 4 points). Rubrics give guidelines on how to score a response. In order for a Speaking response to be scored as correct, it must be verbal and in English. Examiner should score the student responses by recording them on the student answer document.

15 SUCCESS BY YOUR STANDARDS ® Scoring of Speaking Items EXAMPLE Examiner Points to the picture and says: Look at the picture. This is something that you can bake, decorate and eat. What is it? Scoring Guide:

16 SUCCESS BY YOUR STANDARDS ® Scoring of Oral Reading Oral Reading included in Forms B2, C1, C2, D1, D2, E1, E2. Oral Reading should be individually administered. Examiner copy in answer document; student copy in test booklet. Student reads for 1 minute. EXAMPLE

17 SUCCESS BY YOUR STANDARDS ® Scoring of Oral Reading The number or errors and the number of total words attempted is determined and documented by the Examiner at the time of testing. Examiner circles errors (misread words or skipped words). Examiner marks a diagonal slash after the last word spoken when time is up. Examiner determines the number of the last word spoken and fill in Words box. Examiner counts the total errors up to the last word attempted and fill in Errors box.

18 SUCCESS BY YOUR STANDARDS ® Scoring of Oral Reading Common Mistakes to avoid: Do not count word reversals as errors (cow brown instead of brown cow). If a student has read the entire passage in less than 60 seconds, do not have them start to read it again. When determining the last word spoken, DO NOT subtract the errors. The number of words you record in the Words box should be the total words attempted. In addition, do not add “one” if the student has completed the entire passage. If entire line is skipped, count each word as an error.

19 SUCCESS BY YOUR STANDARDS ® VI. Roles and Responsibilities District Test Coordinator: Receive and distribute assessment materials. Inventory and maintain district overage. Order additional materials. Communicate importance of test security. Inform School Coordinators about testing window and deadlines. Be available to answer Examiner or School Test Coordinator questions. Read the IELA 2015 Test Coordinator’s Guide, then use it as a reference tool when needed.

20 SUCCESS BY YOUR STANDARDS ® School Test Coordinator: Receive assessment materials. Check quantities. Distribute materials to Examiners. Implement procedures to maintain test security. Plan training for Examiners. Schedule testing sessions. Use the School Test Coordinator’s Checklist found in the IELA 2015 Test Coordinator’s Guide. School Test Coordinator

21 SUCCESS BY YOUR STANDARDS ® Examiner: Prepare. Check materials. Affix the student barcode labels. Follow the script in the Examiner Manual. Monitor students. Use the Examiner's Checklist. Sign the Test Security Agreement. Examiner

22 SUCCESS BY YOUR STANDARDS ® Resources IELA Customer Service Department 888-854-9596 Nichole Hall, Idaho English Language Assessment Coordinator 208-332-6933 Idaho State Department of Education LEP Website Service Point


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