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Economics and Social Benefits Eric Dodd HICEC Manager.

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1 Economics and Social Benefits Eric Dodd HICEC Manager

2 Our Aim Our aim is for all communities across the Highlands and Islands to be able to generate and use renewable energy for their long term and collective benefit

3 Energy Prices Electricity; Day 9.74p/kwh Night 5.42p/kWh Oil 31p/litre 2.62p/kWh Mains Gas 2.52p/kWh LPG Bulk storage 32.5p/litre 2.75p/kWh Coal £9.30 per cwt bag 1.24p/kWh Wood £45/tonne log 1.6p/kWh Pellets £160/tonne 5.75p kWh Wood chip £40/tonne - £90/tonne 1.43p/KWh - 3.23p/kWh ( depends on size and moisture content)

4 Boiler Prices House Electric Storage heaters; £334 for 2.2kW Electric Water Boiler £800 Oil boiler £1070 Gas Boiler £600 LPG Boiler£600 Coal boiler £2300 Heat Pump £9000 Wind2Heat £30000 Wood Log back boiler £1000 Pellet Boiler £3500 Wood chip Boiler 100KW £50k 500kW £118k (doesnot include fuel storage infrastructure)

5 Interesting Market figures UK consumption of Primary Fuels –2871 TWh, 2871,000,0000,000kWh Coal and gas consumption –1511 TWh, 1511,000,000,000kWh 35% of energy is lost in the process of conversion

6 District Heating Aviemore District Heating Scheme –133 new and existing homes –Total costs excluding internals £900k –Cost per house £6767 excluding internals –Without grant funding the capital cost would be 4p/KWh Cost to tenant £600 per annum 3.84p/KWh System saves 700tonnes of CO2, Cost per tonne of CO2 £53/tonne over life time

7 Boiler for Building Lochaber College –Total project cost £150k –110kW boiler £50k –Auxiliaries, boiler house, professional fees, fuel storage £100k –1.43p/kWh capital cost –Simple bay back 16years –CO2 savings 80 tonnes per year

8 Social Benefits Better quality sustainable heating. Equality of Costs. Better homes better health. Use of local resources. Reduced CO2 emissions. Contributing to local jobs

9 Economic Benefits Saving Fossil Fuels Generating energy locally, 35% of energy is lost in conversion Climate Change economic benefits Local fuel local benefits. Local jobs Help sustaining a forestry Industry

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