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Basketball Court – Indoor / Outdoor

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1 Basketball Court – Indoor / Outdoor
Basketball Court – Indoor / Outdoor. There is no need to paint or put extra tapes on the court. If you like, Chalk or Temporary /removable color tapes may be used for lines .

2 Place Stumps (3 sticks and base) – From the cricket set Provided by USYCA. About Yard behind that straight line on both end. Both stumps need to be in the middle and in straight line to each other.

3 Brown area becomes Batsman’s home and also allows to use straight line as front / popping crease, Straight Line is very important for Bowling, Batting and scoring runs while they run.

4 Green area will becomes temporary Cricket Pitch on the court.

5 B2 B1 WK BW One batsman at each end (B1 and B2), Wicket keeper (WK) is behind the stumps & Batsman (B1). Bowler (BW) starts game from the other end. Second batsman (B2) takes spot on the other end with out interfering Bowler’s Bowling area. (B2 need to be other side of the stumps when one side is used by Bowler) If bowler switch the side to Bowl – B2 has to switch – B2 and BW can not be on same side of the stumps)

6 B2 B1 WK BW Bowler (BW) starts the Bowling to Batsman (B1 – On strike) while the other Batsman (B2 – Non Striker) will be at the other end. While Wicket Keeper (Teammate of Bowler) is behind the stumps – all remaining players of Fielding side may be placed any where on the field. Bowler, Wicket Keeper & Fielders are from one team (also called defending side or team)

7 B2 B1 WK BW Know the Ground limits and playing area. Line behind the Wicket Keeper & Batsman B1 (Striker) is Back fence. Where as the line behind the Bowler and Batsman B2(Non Striker) is Far end – Long Fence (It’s on opposite side and at longest distance for Striking batsman. Two side lines (Longer lines on Court) – in front of Batsman’s face is Off side and behind Batsman B1 (Striker) is On side or leg Side. (Opposite if Batsman is left hander)

8 B2 B1 WK BW All the defending side players (Bowler’s / wicket keeper’s teammates) need to be in the playing area (Inside the out side line.) Fielders have to stop the ball or catch the ball inside the lines . Catch does not count if fielder catch the ball while his any part of body touches out side line or crosses the line even after catching. Also fielder must stop the ball before it touches fence or any part of this body while ball is in contact.

9 Roles of Umpire is explained in Game rules & Manual
B2 B1 WK BW Two umpires (Referees) needed for the game. Umpire behind the back of batsman known as Leg Umpire. Main Umpire stands just behind the stumps at the Bowler end. Roles of Umpire is explained in Game rules & Manual

10 Back & two sides Fence crossing – 2 on the ground, 4 in the Air.
SCORING WK BW Back & two sides Fence crossing – 2 on the ground, 4 in the Air. Far /Long End Fence crossing – 4 on the ground , 6 in the Air One or more Runs any where else in playing area (inside the Fences), while the ball is live in Play or when it’s Over Thrown (steal) or when wicket keeper do not collect ball.

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