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From 8Gb FC HBAs to CNAs: Understanding Oracle Networking Products Powered by QLogic.

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1 From 8Gb FC HBAs to CNAs: Understanding Oracle Networking Products Powered by QLogic

2 High Level Overview Who is QLogic Oracle Networking Powered by QLogic Oracle 8 Gb FC PCIe HBA Oracle 10 GbE FCoE PCIe CNA Why Oracle-branded QLogic Technology Recap

3 About QLogic Corporation 3

4 4

5 QLogic: Company Demographics 1,200+ employees worldwide Continued growth in FY13 Growing global presence Development centers in U.S. and India Manufacturing (CM) in China and Malaysia Fulfillment centers in U.S., Asia, and Europe

6 Oracle-Branded Qlogic Offerings Oracle 8 Gb FC PCIe HBA Oracle Dual 8 Gb FC GbE ExpressModule HBA Oracle 10 GbE FCoE PCIe CNA Oracle 10 GbE FCoE ExpressModule CNA

7 Why Oracle Networking Powered by QLogic 7

8 Hardware and Software: Engineered to Win Together FC HBAsCNAs Engineered Systems – SPARC Supercluster, x86, SPARC M-Series Compute, Storage, Software QLogic FC Core Switches QLogic FC Stackable Switches QLogic Embedded HBA Technology in ZFS & Axiom

9 9 QLogic – Foundational to the Oracle Stack Hardware Apps Foundational support Middleware Database SolarisXXXX(‘12)X Oracle LinuxXXXXX Solaris ContainersXXXX Oracle VMXXXX x86 RackXXXXXX SPARC RackXXXXX x86 BladeXXXXXX SPARC Blade XXXXX DiskXXXXX TapeXXXXX Software Operating Systems Virtual Machines Servers Storage 8Gb FC HBA PCIe Std & EM 10 GbE FCoE CNA PCIe Std & EM 10 GbE FCoE CNA PCIe Std & EM Oracle Linux Driver FC & NIC Oracle Linux Driver FC & NIC Oracle Solaris Driver FC & NIC Oracle Solaris Driver FC & NIC T10-PI SANSurfer Software Software Oracle Stack

10 SPARC T3 Series M3000 M4000 M5000 M8000 M9000 T5440 T5240 T5120 SPARC T4 Series Full Testing and Integration with SPARC Enterprise, Blade, and x86 Servers Rack-Mount Servers and Open Storage Blade Clusters (x86/SPARC)

11 Adapter of Choice for Oracle Customers In the past year alone, Oracle has shipped 72,861 Oracle- branded QLogic adapters Selected by top Fortune 500 customers

12 Why QLogic: The Ultimate in Performance Leader in real-world performance for Oracle database Benchmark running on Oracle Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)* *Running on Microsoft® Windows® 2003 Enterprise Edition with Service Pack 2. The tool used for predicting the performance of the Oracle database under-load was Orion from Oracle Across all three workloads (OLTP, Web and OLAP), QLogic’s performance averaged 98 percent better than the competition Ensures reduced response time of mission critical applications and backup time-windows

13 Full Hardware Offload = Improved System Performance The lowest CPU utilization in the industry Requires an average of 9% CPU utilization Competitors Choke CPU utilization up to 90% Improves server performance by freeing up the server CPU to other tasks 13 More bandwidth for multiple VMs and apps all on a single server

14 FC Adapter of Choice for Oracle Database For Optimized Database Solutions tested configurations, the Oracle 8Gb FC adapters powered by QLogic were the adapter of choice for Oracle Database BOMs Optimized Solutions for Database BOM Processors Warranty Servers Storage

15 Market-leading performance to meet the demands of all virtualized applications High Performance VMflex supports multiple virtual connections sharing the same physical port Flexible and Adaptable Fully supported and tested with Oracle VM 3.0 for ease of installation and turn-key deployment Assured Integration Improve consolidation and efficiency to reduce cost and overall IT resources Lower TCO, IT Footprint Optimized for Oracle VM 3.0

16 The Ultimate in Business Resiliency QLogic’s Overlapping Protection Domains (OPDs) Provides overlapping parity and cyclic redundancy checking F RAME B UFFER FC I NTERFACE M ODULE H OST B US I NTERFACE M ODULE FC CRC PCI Parity / ECC Byte Parity FC CRC Byte Parity PCI Parity / ECC OPD PCI Bus Fibre Channel CRC = Cyclic Redundancy Check ECC = Error Correction Code Data moving from FC to Host Bus Data moving from Host Bus to FC

17 Why Oracle Networking Powered by QLogic: FCoE Converged Network Adapters 17

18 FCoE CNAs Customer Advantages 18 02/10/10 Data center simplification = Reduced TCO Decreases the quantity of adapters, edge switches, and cabling Lowers power, cooling, and management costs. Preservation of familiar data and storage networking concepts eliminates future training costs 60% Reduction in Networking Infrastructure Lower OpEx with up to 40% with a reduction in power consumption due to consolidation

19 The Proof is Clear With convergence, cabling is cut in half and cabling management is simplified resulting in overall reduced OPEX! Traditional NetworkConverged Network Ethernet Switch FC Switch FCoE Switches

20 The Proof is Clear 20 TCO Results Over Four Year Time Period In just four years, a converged network can save up to 33% in costs (over $3 million)

21 21 Consolidating the Traditional Data Center Data Network NICs 1Gb/10GbE LAN IP/Ethernet Converged Switches FC Storage FCoE Storage iSCSI NAS 16 Gb FC iSCSI Storage NAS Storage 10GbE FCoE 10GbE iSCSI 10GbE NAS 10GbE iSCSI 10GbE Fabric Lossless Ethernet CNAs FCoE iSCSI 16Gb FC Storage Network

22 Recap: Engineered to Win Together Oracle HW, SW, and networking powered by QLogic provide a seamless high performance solution to your customers. Best-in-class: QLogic has the largest Storage Networking I/O install base = reliability and turn-key deployment Integral to the Oracle Stack: HBA technology embedded in Oracle storage hardware and fully tested across Oracle servers and apps Pioneered Oracle Solaris FC I/O technology: Ensures solutions deliver a stable, reliable and highly available solution We are here to help! or email

23 Thank you! 23

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