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Christ Church School Admissions Information Evening Welcome.

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1 Christ Church School Admissions Information Evening Welcome

2 Agenda Liz Ferrie (Barnet Admissions Team) - the admissions process Janet McIntyre (Christ Church) - how Christ Church selects its pupils - how to apply - what are the chances of getting a place

3 A church school seeking to serve its community Historically Established in 1845 to educate ‘the children of the parish’ Most people in the parish would have attended the local church Present Day Many attend other churches Not all churches have their own schools Some families of other faiths would prefer a faith school A lot of families no longer attend church

4 What is our community? Families who live near the church Families who go to Christ Church Families who go to other churches which don’t have their own schools The Priority Area: where this is the nearest Church of England school

5 Priority Area

6 2 strands Foundation – 21 places  For children with a parent who goes to church  Regularly (at least twice a month, and for at least the last year)  Trinitarian Church Community – 9 places  For everyone  All faiths & none  No priority given to anyone on the basis of their faith  Limited priority for our Nursery

7 Priorities Foundation F1 – children in care F2 – siblings F3 – Christ Church F4 – Priority Area, if own church doesn’t have a school F5 – within 1.3 miles Community C1 – children in care C2 – siblings C3 – Priority Area C4 – others In C3 & C4, children who attend our nursery get priority

8 How do I apply? The CAF form Online or by post Christ Church must be one of your choices Return it to your local authority We don’t know where you put us on your list – we will treat you in exactly the same way whether you put us first or last. School SIF Not always needed Must be completed if you want to try for a Foundation place Get your minister to complete their bit Return to the school

9 Supplementary Information Form PART 1 Name of Prospective Pupil Date of Birth Home Address Home telephone number Parent/Guardian mobile number For the last year, have either or both of the child’s parents/guardians been regularly attending a (Trinitarian) Christian Church? If so, and you wish to apply for a Foundation place, please name the church here, and pass part 2 of this form to your minister for completion. Name of church: ______________________________________________ Other information relevant to your application (this should already be known to the school, or on the CAF form, but you may repeat it here, if you wish): This child has priority as a Child in the Care of a Local Authority: YES/NO This child is currently attending the school Nursery class: YES/NO This child has a sibling already attending the school: YES/NO Name of sibling(s): _______________________________________________________ PART 2 Name of Prospective Pupil Name(s) of Priest or Minister or both Church Wardens Telephone number for contact Name and Address of church I/We confirm that one or both of the parents or legal guardians of the above named prospective pupil has or have been continuously and regularly involved in the religious life and worship of the above-named church, by attendance at services at least twice a month for at least 1 year prior to the date of signing. I/We further confirm that the above-named church is a member of the Evangelical Alliance or of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches or is affiliated to Churches Together in Britain & Ireland by its membership of Does the above-named church have its own primary school? YES/NO Signature(s) of Priest or Minister Date

10 How do we respond? We look at all the CAF entries, and the SIFs We check what we can – siblings, for instance, and whether the churches have their own schools, and are Trinitarian We decide if they are in or out of Priority Area We rank everyone under Community We rank everyone we can under Foundation We send the lists to Barnet

11 What happens next? Barnet offers up to 21 Foundation places Children who have been successful at a higher-ranked school won’t be offered Christ Church If there are fewer than 21 foundation applicants, the rest of the Foundation places become Community places Barnet offers at least 9 Community places Everyone else is asked if they want to stay on the waiting list

12 And then what? If you get your 1 st choice Accept it! Buy the uniform Look forward to September If you don’t like your offer Accept it anyway Make sure you stay on waiting lists Look at schools which aren’t full If you think a mistake has been made, you can appeal – contact the school office

13 What are my chances? Last year we had over 100 applications We offered to everyone in F1, F2, F3 & F4 but no-one in F5 We offered places to everyone in C1 & C2 but only the first three in C3, and no-one in C4 However It was a big year for siblings (16) We have never had so many in Foundation – the year before we only had 16, and several from C4 got places

14 Good Luck Any questions?

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