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Build Your Own Webpage Code Academy.

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1 Build Your Own Webpage Code Academy

2 Every House Needs a Frame
An HTML page is sort of like a house: it needs a certain number of essential structures in order to work. Just like a house, an HTML page needs a frame. In this case, your frame is made of <!DOCTYPE> <html> <head> & <body> tags. Add <!DOCTYPE> tag Add <html> tags Add <head> tags Add <title> tags with “This is my title!” in between the two tags Add <body> tags

3 It’s Better With a Header
Your webpage could use an <h1> header between the body tags to let everyone know that the page is about you. Create an <h1>  tag inside your body tags. Between your opening <h1> and closing </h1>tags, type your name for all to see!

4 Tell us About Yourself Your page is coming along, but it's not telling us much yet. You could use a paragraph or two telling your readers what your interests are, what you do for a living, how much you love learning HTML, and so on. Insert 3 <p> tags after your </h1> tag (but before your closing </body> tag!) Write a little bit about yourself in each of the three paragraphs. You can say whatever you want! It's your webpage. ***Each paragraph needs to be 3 sentences!

5 A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Insert an <img> tag between your <body> tags. Feel free to put it anywhere! (We think it'd look best after your <h1> tag, , but before your <p> tags.

6 Link Me! Great! There's only one problem: your webpage is like a house with no doors. There's no way to get in or out! We'll fix that by adding a couple of links. Add at least two links to your webpage. You can turn an image or a bit of text into a link; you can even turn part of the text inside your <p> tags into a link! Check out the Hint if you've forgotten how the <a> tag works.

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