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Jeopardy ABCD E Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Final Jeopardy.

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2 Jeopardy ABCD E Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Final Jeopardy

3 $100 Question from H1 When humans take advantage of Naturally occurring genetic variation to pass On wanted traits to the next generation

4 $100 Answer from H1 Selective Breeding

5 $200 Question from H1 Crossing two individuals that are different To obtain the best of both of their traits

6 $200 Answer from H1 Hybridization

7 $300 Question from H1 The method of breeding most dogs are Breed from, trying to maintain a desirable Trait.

8 $300 Answer from H1 Inbreeding

9 $400 Question from H1 The term for breeders increasing The genetic variation of a population.

10 $400 Answer from H1 Biotechnology

11 $500 Question from H1 Polyploidy creates new types of organisms That are larger and stronger than their diploid Relatives in what organism?

12 $500 Answer from H1 Plants

13 $100 Question from H2 The joining of DNA from one or more Organisms is known as

14 $100 Answer from H2 Recombinant DNA

15 $200 Question from H2 The process scientists use to copy DNA

16 $200 Answer from H2 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

17 $300 Question from H2 What shows DNA polymerase where to Start copying DNA in PCR?

18 $300 Answer from H2 Primers

19 $400 Question from H2 What is the named referred to the overlapping Ends that bind to their complementary parts When DNA is cut?

20 $400 Answer from H2 Sticky Ends

21 $500 Question from H2 What is used to separate the double Stranded DNA in PCR?

22 $500 Answer from H2 Heat

23 $100 Question from H3 Some bacteria and yeast contain small Circular DNA molecules known as

24 $100 Answer from H3 Plasmids

25 $200 Question from H3 This gene makes it possible to distinguish Bacteria that carry the plasmid from those that don’t.

26 $200 Answer from H3 Genetic marker

27 $300 Question from H3 Before recombinant DNA can be combined It first needs to be..

28 $300 Answer from H3 Cut

29 $400 Question from H3 An example of a genetic marker would be..

30 $400 Answer from H3 Antibiotic resistance Fluorescence

31 $500 Question from H3 What is difference between a clone and An organism made from sexual Reproduction?

32 $500 Answer from H3 Clone- produced from a single cell from an Adult. Genetically identical Sexual reproduction- offspring produced by A sperm and egg cell. Mix of genes

33 $100 Question from H4 This is the process of changing a gene to Treat a medical disorder

34 $100 Answer from H4 Gene therapy

35 $200 Question from H4 How many mice do you need to clone Another mouse?

36 $200 Answer from H4 1 to donate egg 1 to donate nucleus 1 to give birth to clone

37 $300 Question from H4 This can be used to study the activity Of genes in cells

38 $300 Answer from H4 DNA microarray

39 $400 Question from H4 How is mitochondrial DNA passed on?

40 $400 Answer from H4 From mother to offspring

41 $500 Question from H4 Why does DNA fingerprinting work To be able to identify one individual from Another?

42 $500 Answer from H4 Each person has sections of DNA that have Little of no function and vary from person To person, except identical twins

43 $100 Question from H5 The study of crime scene evidence

44 $100 Answer from H5 Forensics

45 $200 Question from H5 Why would gene therapy be used?

46 $200 Answer from H5 To cure a genetic disorder.

47 $300 Question from H5 Why is Bt corn special?

48 $300 Answer from H5 Produces toxin that kills insects, and Doesn’t harm humans.

49 $400 Question from H5 Give an example of how GMO are beneficial?

50 $400 Answer from H5 Grow faster Grow bigger More nutritious Use less pesticides

51 $500 Question from H5 Name a reason why people are against GMOs

52 $500 Answer from H5 Resistant pests Kick out small farmers Could cause environmental issues (fish) New allergens

53 Final Jeopardy Suppose a recombinant DNA plasmid containing A gene for resistance to ampicillin was inserted Into a bacteria culture. The bacteria’s restriction Enzymes destroyed this recombinant DNA. The culture was then treated with ampicillin. What will happen to the bacteria?

54 Final Jeopardy Answer Ampicillin gene destroyed, so the Bacteria would be killed by the Antibiotic ampicillin

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