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PGT Geography Kendriya Vidyalaya, Army Area Dhrangadhra, Gujarat – 363310 Mobile: 8866250349, Website:

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1 PGT Geography Kendriya Vidyalaya, Army Area Dhrangadhra, Gujarat – 363310 Mobile: 8866250349, Email:,, Website:,

2 CBSE CCE Software 6-8 can be downloaded from the following websites: You will get this software in the form of zipped file or rar file. Unzip it and copy the folder to your suitable place, e.g. desktop or in any drive. You can see following files and folders. First of all you please go through Read Me.Doc for necessary guidance. To run the software double click CBSE CCE Software.exe file. Default Password: Administrator: admin User: user

3 CBSE CCE software 6-8 has been made on Visual Basic 6 platform. It uses Microsoft Access database. While developing the software few.dll,.ocx files were used which many be present in your system. In this case, CBSE CCE Software 6-8 will not run properly. To solve this problem you have to install and register dll and ocx files by the following method. Double click “Setup – Edutech Support.exe to run the setup and follow the screen instruction. While setup if you get any error message Then please click on ignore. Now you can use CBSE CCE Software 6-8.Exe

4 CBSE CCE software 6-8 needs to be validated with a Product Key. Demo Version has certain restriction. To make it full version, go to “Help > Product Key”. Click on “Get Name” and then on “Print Form”. A MS-Word file will be created. Enter your name and other details in the table and save it. Mail that word file as “attachment” to the email ID shown in the form. You will receive an unique Product Key for your computer. Copy and paste the key in the Product Key textbox and click on “Validate”. Now you can see Status as “Full Version” with green background.

5 Click on “Login > Administrator” Enter default administrative password: admin It will now enable all the menu. It will give full access to all features of the software. For users, password is: user Password for administrator and user can be changed by the Administrator at any time.

6 CBSE CCE Software 6-8 has facility to customize many things. Go to the “Setting” menu and enter basic details of your school, name and number of subjects, class teacher, maximum marks, minimum marks, class, session etc. Now your software is ready to access details of students.

7 In the beginning of the academic session, you have to enter the details of students of your class. For this go to “Entry > Student Profile”. Here you can enter or select with mouse the details of students. Click on “Save” after every entry. When all entry are made click on “Update All”.

8 To move from one record to another follow this method. In every window you can see following tool “Find Student”. Enter roll no. and click on “Find” to go to a particular record or use Navigator.

9 Marks for all tests and assessment can be entered under “Entry” menu. To enter marks for Formative Assessment 1, open the window by clicking “Entry > Scholastic – Term 1 > FA-1 All Subjects”. See image below.

10 Following window will appear with name of subjects and students. You can enter marks for FA-1, It will not allow to enter marks more than Max. Marks. If you want to take print out of the marks click on “Print Table” button. It will open a MS-Word file with containing school details and marks. Same methods can be followed for marks entry for other assessments.

11 Marks for FA-2 and FA-4 depends on many assignment or projects. Therefore, separate module are there for each subject. Here you can see 6 columns. You have to enter marks only in first 5 columns, i.e from Assignment 1 to 5. Total will updated automatically. It will also not allow to enter marks more than the maximum marks. You can change max. marks for each assignment as per your requirement.

12 As per CBSE CCE Guidelines, you have to enter marks out of 5 for various components of co-scholastic areas, such as Life Skill, Work Education, Visual and Performing Arts etc. For example: How to enter marks for Life Skills. Open the window by this method shown below.

13 You can see following window with few text boxes with heading 1, 2, 3 up to 10. when you click in any box you can see that sub-title and descriptive indicators are changing. For example, column 1 is for “Self Awareness”, 2 for “Problem Solving”. Enter marks out of 5 and click on “Save” button after every record. It will calculate the Average Point as well as Grade.

14 Writing descripitve indicators is a difficult task for teachers. Here it is very easy. To go to “Entry > Select Descriptive Indicators for Report Card”. It will provide you facility to select DI for each components of co-scholastic areas. These selected DIs will be printed on the Report Card.

15 This window will show you original marks secured by the students. Here you will get an option to convert original marks into 100, and then to converting into grades. For this click on “Convert Marks and Grade” button. To take print out of current student shown in the form click on “Print Current”, for all, click on “Print All”. Similarly converted marks and grade can also be view and printed by this software.

16 It is very simple to use. Once all marks have been entered properly for a particular assessment, result analysis can be done. For this go to “View-Print > Result Analysis”. Following window will be opened. Now simply click on the desired button. Subject Score You can see one extra column “Subject Score”. It multiply A1 grade with 10, A2 with 9 and so on. Then sum of all points are divided by number of grades. It gives a value between 0-10 which shows the performance of a particular subject.

17 This is a special feature of this software. Class teacher can print Teachers’ Record which is similar to Report Card but with two extra components i.e. Original Marks and Converted Marks. Class Teachers can take a print out and make a register for future use. This can be submitted to Examination Department in the form of soft copy [MS-Word File] as well as hard copy. Every school must retain original marks of the students as they may be required at later stage. Print Blank Mark Slip It will print a table with roll no., student name and few blank column. This can be given to subject teachers by the class teachers to get marks from them.

18 Front Side Back Side School Logo Student Photo

19 Get your school logo and make a copy with the name “School Logo.Jpg”. Please type the name exactly. The image should be of JPG file with 100 X 125 pixel [Width: 1 Inch, Height: 1.25 Inch] size. Now copy and paste the “School Logo.Jpg” file to Image folder of software folder. You can use Microsoft Office Picture Manager or MSPAINT to resize the school logo file.

20 You can use scanned passport size photo of students or photograph taken from web camera / digital camera. You can use only JPG image files. Put all the files into Image folder. You have to name the file very carefully. Name of photograph of student having Roll No. 1 will be “1.JPG”, for Roll No. 2, it will be “2.JPG” and so on. The photo should be of JPG file with 100 X 125 pixel [Width: 1 Inch, Height: 1.25 Inch] size. You can use Microsoft Office Picture Manager or MSPAINT to resize the school logo file.

21 If you find any difficulty you can call or write to me. Mobile: 8866250349 Email:, Online Live Support & Help You must have internet facility to get online support and help. Download “TeamViewer6” software my website given on the first slide. The same can be downloaded by using Run TeamViewer6, [don’t install, simply run the software], give “Your ID” and “Password” to me. I can operate your computer remotely to solve the problem. Please call me in the evening after 8:00 pm. Mobile: 8866250349, Email:,, Website:, Mobile: 8866250349, Email:,, Website:,


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