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Decisions of the Parties Related to Essential Use Nominations (EUNs) Ozone Secretariat 6 July 2008 Bangkok.

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1 Decisions of the Parties Related to Essential Use Nominations (EUNs) Ozone Secretariat 6 July 2008 Bangkok

2 HISTORY Introduction of EU provision – Copenhagen Adjustments and Amendment (1992, MOP4) 1 st decision - IV/25: criteria and process 1 st nominations – submitted at least 2yrs in advance of phase-out, 1 Jan 1996 1 st exemptions – decision in 1994 for 1996/7 – Uses MDIs, space, L&A, fire fighting – Amounts 14,281T in 1996 (13,900T) ~700T (422T+286T EUN) for 2009 (560T) ~310T (130T+182T EUN) for 2010 (180T) Blue – MDI portions

3 DECISIONS Essential use criteria and process – IV/25; V/18; VI/9; VII/28; VII/34; VIII/9; X/6 Essential use exemptions – V/14; VI/8; VI/9; VII/28; VIII/9; IX/18;X/6; XI/14; XII/9; XIII/8; XIV/4; XV/4 – XVI/12; XVII/5; XVIII/7; XIX/13 (criteria) – XVIII/8; XIX/14 (Russia aerospace) MDIs – VI/9; VIII/10,11,12; IX/19; IX/20; XII/2; XIII/9,10; XIV/5; XV/5; XVII/14; XVIII/16 Laboratory and Analytical uses – VI/9; Annex II MOP6 Rep; VII/11; VIII/9; IX/17; X/19; XI/15; XV/8; XVI/16; XVII/10; XIX/18

4 Essential Use Process Parties submit nominations for exemption the following year (multi-year OK) - 31 Jan {VII/9(8)} EU Handbook of TEAP/MTOC guides the EUN preparation {V/18(5); VIII/10(11); XII/2(10); XV/5(9); XVI/12(2)} TEAP review and recommendations – Progress Report - May {IV/25(3)(4); VII/34(5); VIII/9(8)} Consideration by OEWG – July Decisions for exemptions MOP – Nov/Dec Parties submit accounting framework report - 31 Jan (next year) {VIII/9(9)} Emergency use exemption upto 20T {VIII/9(10)}

5 Essential Use Process Some important details Nominating Parties are to collate individual requests of companies {VII/28(2)} Exemptions are approved as total CFCs, flexibility allowed between CFCs {X/6(5)} Transfer of essential use authorization between Parties allowable {IX/20} and between MDI companies also allowable {XII/2(8)} Essentiality of each use is annually reviewed by TEAP {IV/25(5)}

6 Essential Use Criteria It is necessary for the health, safety or is critical for society {IV/25(1a i)} There are no available technically and economically feasible alternatives {IV/25(1a ii)} All economically feasible steps have been taken to minimize use & emissions {IV/25(2b i)} The substances are not available in sufficient quantity and quality from stocks {IV/25(1b ii)} Any EU production should be additional to basic domestic needs for A5 {IV/25(1c)} Use and emissions must be minimized {VI/9(4)}

7 Further Criteria – MDI related Any CFC-MDI product approved after 31 Dec 2000 in non-A5 NOT essential unless criteria in IV/25(1a) are met {XII/2(2), (1)} No CFC to be authorized after MOP17 (2005) if non-A5 has no action plan for CFC-MDIs (salbu.) phaseout before 25OEWG {XV/5(4)} Action plan {XV/5(5)} : – Dates for ceasing CFCs for salbutamol-MDIs – Specific measures and actions for phase out – Measures to ensure CFC-MDIs supply to A5 where appr

8 Further Criteria – MDI related Parties (non-A5) to request companies requesting EU to demonstrate: – they are making effort on R&D of alternatives {VIII/10(1), XVIII/7(3), XIX/13(3)} – they are taking steps to assist the company’s MDI manufacturing facilities in A5/CEITs in upgrading and capital equipment {VIII/10(10)} Parties (non-A5) when preparing EUNs, to consider stocks with the objective of maintaining no more than 1 yr’s supply {XVI/12(3), XVII(2), XVIII/7(2), XIX/13(2)}

9 MDIs-related requests for EUNs Nomination is to be accompanied by info on active ingredients, intended market and CFC amount for each use {XV/5(2)} Party may submit in its nomination data aggregated by region and product group for CFC-MDIs intended for sale in A5 when more specific data are unavailable {XVI/12(2)}

10 MDI Decisions - other key aspects Concern for ‘smooth’ transition to non-CFC MDIs to ensure protection of public health and safety {VIII/10,11,12} – Actions by non-A5 to promote industry’s participation – Measures to facilitate transition – Info gathering on transition for non-A5s

11 MDI Decisions – other key aspects Requirement for non-A5 Parties with EUN to prepare national transition strategies for MDIs by 31 Jan 1999 latest {IX/19(5)} A5 Parties encouraged to prepare national transition strategies {XII/12(6)} and ExCom requested to consider paying for this {XII/12(7)} Annual reporting on the progress with implementation of the strategies {XII/12(5c)(6c)}

12 MDI Decisions – other key aspects Request to ExCom to: prepare guidelines for presentation of MDI projects in A5 Parties {XIII/9} consider urgently the funding of projects for A5, MDI manufacturing Parties to facilitate their transition to non-CFC MDIs {XVIII/16(1)} Review its decision 17/7 on cut-off date for MDI conversion projects consistent with pace of tech advances {XVIII/16(2)} Consider including thematic regional workshops under UNEP’s agenda {XVIII/16(6)}

13 MDI Decisions – other key aspects Request to non-A5 to provide info/data for a global database on MDIs, both CFC and non-CFC, produced/exported/ imported, by active ingredient, brand/manufacturer, source/destination {XIV/4(1)} (39 Parties (22 A5) submitted data) submit dates by which EUNs are to cease for MDIs where active ingredient is not solely salbutamol and where exported to non-A5 Parties {XV/5(6)} Submit export manufacturing transition plan if manufacturing CFC MDIs for export where active ingredient is >10T {XVIII/16(7), (8), (9)}

14 MDI Decisions – other key aspects Request to ImpCom to consider how to address potential non-compliance of A5s from high CFC in MDI sector {XVIII/16(3)} & give special consideration {XVIII/16(4)} Request to TEAP to: – Review and report on possible campaign production (non-A5) by April 1997 {VIII/9(7) i.e. 1996} – Assess and report on possible campaign production for A5 & non-A5 Parties by MOP19 {XVIII/16(12)}

15 EU – Successful Process Well organized Ensured smooth transition Handbook THE END Thank you for your attention.

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