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Amendment 3 (A3) to EN 81-1 and EN 81-2

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1 Amendment 3 (A3) to EN 81-1 and EN 81-2
Ian Jones Istanbul – 2011

2 Originally Planned for two separate amendments :
Amendment 3 (A3) Plan Originally Planned for two separate amendments : prA3 – Items to meet the needs of the 3rd Amendment to the machinery directive. prA4 – Improvements in the state of the art.

3 Problem Encountered Amendment 3 (A3) Plan
prA3 originally to be published, then start work on prA4. This would have brought prA4 into the same time frame as the full revision of EN81-1/2 into EN81-20/50. Due to CEN rules it is not possible to work on an amendment to the standard whilst a revision is undertaken. Therefore prA3 and prA4 were merged, to be issued as a single amendment.

4 Machinery Directive changes
Amendment 3 (A3) Changes Content : Machinery Directive changes Captive fixings for guards removed during regular maintenance not specifically described are added to the assumptions. Lifts with rated speeds of up to 0.15 m/s are removed from the scope. State of the art changes Levelling and re-levelling dimensions at floor levels are added. Control of movement with open doors is elaborated.

5 Amendment 3 (A3) Changes - Assumptions
The introduction and list of assumptions has been amended to include : The fixing system of guards, which have to be removed during maintenance and inspection, remains attached to the guard or to the equipment, when the guard is removed.

6 Amendment 3 (A3) Changes - Scope
The scope has been amended to exclude the following : – Lifts with rated speed ≤ 0.15 m/s Therefore any lifting equipment designed to travel at speeds less than 0.15 m/s is now excluded and classed as a machine, not a lift.

7 Amendment 3 (A3) Changes - Definitions
Stopping accuracy vertical distance between car sill and landing sill at the moment when a car is stopped by the control system at its destination floor and the doors reach their fully open position Levelling accuracy vertical distance between car sill and landing sill during loading or unloading of the car Unintended car movement a non-commanded movement of the car with doors open within the door zone away from the landing, excluding movements resulting from loading/unloading operation

8 Amendment 3 (A3) Changes – Stopping and levelling
Normal stopping of the car at landings and levelling accuracy : The stopping accuracy of the car shall be ± 10 mm; A levelling accuracy of ± 20 mm shall be maintained. If, during e.g. loading and unloading phases, the value of 20 mm is exceeded, it shall be corrected.

9 Amendment 3 (A3) Changes – Uncontrolled Movement
UCM Protection Lifts shall be provided with a means to stop unintended car movement away from the landing with the landing door not in the locked position and, the car door not in the closed position, Excludes failure of the suspension ropes and the traction sheave of the machine or flexible hoses, steel pipes or cylinder of a hydraulic lift.

10 Amendment 3 (A3) Changes – Uncontrolled Movement
The stopping element of the means shall act: on the car, or on the counterweight, or on the rope system (suspension or compensating), or on the traction sheave (e.g. on the sheave directly or on the same shaft in the immediate vicinity of the sheave). on the hydraulic system (including the motor/pump in up direction)

11 Amendment 3 (A3) Changes – Uncontrolled Movement
The means shall stop the car in a distance: not exceeding 1,20 m from the landing where the unintended car movement has been detected, and the vertical distance between the landing sill and the lowest part of the car apron shall not exceed 200 mm, and the free distance from car sill to landing door lintel, or from landing sill to car door lintel shall not be less than 1,00 m

12 Amendment 3 (A3) Changes – Uncontrolled Movement

13 Amendment 3 (A3) Changes – Uncontrolled Movement
Characteristics: Must operate at all loads between full and empty. Must detect uncontrolled movement away from the floor at the end of the unlocking zone at the latest. Must stop the car with the equivalent deceleration to that of the normal safety gear

14 Amendment 3 (A3) Changes – Uncontrolled Movement

15 Amendment 3 (A3) Changes - Testing
Annex D – Tests and Verifications: The following are added to the list of tests : Stopping of the car at landings and levelling accuracy (both directions and under all load conditions) Unintended car movement protection means (empty car up, loaded car down)

16 Amendment 3 (A3) Publication
New standards are published as ; EN81-1: A3:2009 EN81-2: A3:2009 These documents are a fully consolidated text containing ; EN81 main text published 1998 Corrigendum No.1 published 1999 Amendment A1:2005 Amendment A2:2004 Amendment A3:2009

17 Amendment 3 (A3) Implementation
Approved by National Mirror Committees 88% positive vote against a requirement of 71% Publication by CEN Date of availability (DAV) was 23rd December 2009 This is the date CEN hand the documents to the National Committees for publication Date of Withdrawal (of the conflicting national standards), DOW CEN agreed by resolution to extend the DOW to 18 months after DAV. Therefore the date of withdrawal of the old standard should be June 2011

18 Amendment 3 (A3) Implementation
DOW of 18 months was allow manufactures to develop new products to meet the requirements of the standards. This is of particular importance with regard to stopping / levelling accuracy and protection from uncontrolled movement with open doors. Reference to A3 was published in the EU Official Journal (EUOJ) with the “date of cessation of presumption of conformity of superseded standard” based on DOW. Therefore the present EN81-1 & EN81-2 will remain harmonised and continue to meet the presumption of conformity to the Lifts Directive until June The A3 amendment is seen as improvement to the state of the art. The existing EN81-1 and EN81-2 standards will be formally withdrawn in June 2011.

19 Amendment 3 (A3) Implementation
Due to some problems between the manufactures of the A3 devices and the capacity of the Notified Bodies to approve them, the Commission has agreed to a 6 more months to the date of Cessation of Presumption of Conformity to the existing EN81-1 and EN81-2. This will allow manufacturers to continue to use the existing standards and meet the requirements of the Lifts Directive until January 2012. CEN/TC10 has also published answers to a series of Frequently Asked Questions, issued by CEN/TC10/WG1. These are aimed at helping manufacturers to better understand the requirements for this new technology.

20 Thank you for listening !
Amendment 3 (A3) Thank you for listening !

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