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NATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency

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1 NATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency
Strategic Vision Einar Thorsen, CTO/CIS US – NATO Information Sharing (UNIS) Technical Exchange Meeting (TEM) McLean, VA, USA, 1-3 December 2009 NATO UNCLASSIFIED NATO UNCLASSIFIED

2 through the unbiased provision
NC3A Mission Enable NATO’s success through the unbiased provision of comprehensive C4ISR capabilities C4ISR = Command & Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance NATO UNCLASSIFIED NATO UNCLASSIFIED

3 C3 Capability Life Cycle
C3 Planning Policy Approval & Authorization NATO HQ Requirement Operational Guidance Coord. Usage Defense Requirements Review Development of Capability Package (CP) Capability Package Funding Contract Award IOC / FOC Disposal Concept Feasibility Analysis Architecture & Technical Design TBCE IFB Imple- mentation Support In service support Support Support Concept Phase Definition Phase Acquisition Phase Usage Phase NATO UNCLASSIFIED

4 Long Term Capability Requirements
Viable NATO Forces Interagency Multinational Delivery Agent Coherence Agent Architecture Interoperability National Agencies & Industry Commonly Funded C4ISR Nationally Funded C4ISR Capability Packages Force Proposals Transformation Agent Long Term Capability Requirements NATO UNCLASSIFIED

5 NATO Capabilities Database
NCD Solutions (DOTMLPFI) or support for them SHORT Current Ops (UOR) Lessons Learned Capability Packages NATO (High-Level Guidance) Force Proposals NATO Committees NCD National Agendas MEDIUM DRR (Bi-SC Min Mil Req) Prioritisation Requirements from All Sources BPL (Bi-SC) PLoCS POW definition HQ C3Staff JWC / JFTC (Lessons Learned) A single, consolidated list of capability requirements & shortfalls + A Prioritised List of Capability Shortfalls (PLoCS) Training LONG SCPI Others JEEA (Concepts & Exp) / RTO Long Term Capability Requirements (Bi-SC) NATO UNCLASSIFIED NATO UNCLASSIFIED 5

6 Development Strategy: Coherent Architecture Development
Future situation Evolutionary Parallel approach Modular products Coordinated development Long-term Vision Mid-term Plans Near-term Initatives Do Things Better! Do Better Things! Current situation Operational Requirements Levels of Ambition Technology Developments Overarching Architecture: Services Framework Reference Architectures: Solution Patterns Target Architectures: Implementation NATO UNCLASSIFIED Architecture Repository NATO UNCLASSIFIED 6

7 The Strategic Pillars of NATO’s Solution Development Processes (NNEC)
An Overarching Standardised Architectural Framework A Services Framework with agreed standard semantics and ontology A fundamental Acquisition Reform A federated networked validation and verification environment

8 Agency Staff: 719 (including 48 Military)
The Hague Brussels Field Offices Norfolk, USA 7 Mons, BEL 5 Stavanger, NOR 2 Kabul, AFG 2 Kandahar, AFG 1 Total 17 356 Scientist / Technicians 28 21 Engineers 105 5 Contracting 32 93 Other 62 475 Agency staff (sub-total) 227 135 Contractors / Consultants 16 8 Voluntary National Contributions 3 National Experts / Support 27 618 Total 273 UNCLASSIFIED Data as of 01 September 2009 NATO UNCLASSIFIED

9 NC3A Organisational Diagram
Sponsor Account Segment Core Segment Production Segment (DOP) ACT Account CAT1 - Capability Planning and Architectures CAT2 - Interoperability Capability Services ACO Account CAT3 - Exercises and Training CAT4 – Operations Planning & Execution(J3/J5) NNEC Implementation Programmes Account Programmatic Coherence (COO) Content Coherence (CTO) Acquisition Coherence (DACQ) CAT5 – Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance.(J2/J3) Community of Interest Systems CAT6 – Integration, Support & Value Added Services (Other Js) NATO & National Organisations Account CAT7 - Core Enterprise Services CAT8 – Information Assurance and Service Control Common Systems ALTBMD Account CAT9 – NII Communications Infrastructure Services Active Layered Theatre Ballistic Missile Defence Peer Competence Networks Shared Resources Segment (FC/DRES) Human Resources General Services Financial Management Battle Laboratories NATO UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED NATO UNCLASSIFIED

10 NC3A in the Capability Development Cycle
1) Unique Expertise, Capabilities, Competencies and Facilities 2) Multinational and Unbiased 3) Strategic Partner with SC’s / NATO 4) Extensive partnering and staff exchanges with Nations NATO UNCLASSIFIED NATO UNCLASSIFIED

11 CONTACTING NC3A Brussels Visiting
Bâtiment Z Avenue du Bourget 140 B-1110 Brussels Telephone +32 (0) Fax +32 (0) Postal NATO C3 Agency Boulevard Leopold III B-1110 Brussels - Belgium The Hague Visiting Oude Waalsdorperweg AK The Hague Telephone +31 (0) Fax +31 (0) Postal NATO C3 Agency P.O. Box CD The Hague The Netherlands web: web: NATO UNCLASSIFIED NATO UNCLASSIFIED

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