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College, Credential & Career Ready Summer Initiative 2015 Grant Competition Info Session.

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1 College, Credential & Career Ready Summer Initiative 2015 Grant Competition Info Session

2 Welcome! Objectives Attendees will: Understand the goals and program requirements for the C3 Ready Summer Initiative Understand grant application & administration guidelines

3 Overview & Background Middle grades are crucial for success in high school and beyond DC system of high school choice that asks families and students to be early educational consumers DC Career & Technical Education Strategic Plan

4 Grant Initiative Goals Increase the quality and scale of summer programs that provide college & career readiness for middle school students Learn what works to improve student outcomes

5 C3 Ready Summer Goals We are looking to fund programs that help students do the following: – Manage time & stay organized – Set long & short term goals – Understand high school systems – Understand & evaluate high schools and academic programs in Washington, DC – Understand the DC high school application process – Understand how middle and high school connects to college and career pathways

6 Program Requirements Daytime for at least 6 hours and 3+ weeks Spend at least 85% of time on high school, college and career awareness & readiness Interactive & engaging for middle grades youth Create or greatly expand college & career programs Priority points for programs enrolling 70% FARMS, TANF, or SNAP eligible students

7 Eligible Organizations DC public & charter Local Education Agencies Community-based organizations with 501c3 status Accredited not for profit Institutions of Higher Education Must apply in Partnership. Lead Applicant is fiscally responsible party Letter of Partnership & MOU

8 Enrolling Students Two options: open site or site limited to target group of students Programs not at least 80% enrolled two weeks before the starting date must open to other students

9 Grant Awards & Administration Total of $150,000 in local funds available Anticipate $500 per student in OSSE funds Requires documentation of a 1:1 funding match – federal, local, or private funds In-kind funds allowed for up to 50% of the match Applications through Enterprise Grants Management System (EGMS)

10 Example Budget CategoryFunding OSSE Contribution$30,000 Required Match$30,000 In-Kind – up to 50%($15,000) TOTAL$60,000

11 Evaluation Early College & Career Knowledge Survey as pre/post test across all programs Additional evaluation methods encouraged by programs Weekly attendance reports & final report to OSSE

12 Grant Award Timeline DateAction February 23Release of Notice of Funding Availability March 9Release of Request for Applications March 13 & 17Information Sessions March 23Application Opens in EGMS April 9Application Closes at 4PM April 16Grant Award Notification June 2015Programs Begin

13 Funding Timeline TimingPercentage of Funds Available Late June (Pre-Program) 20% Late July (Mid-Program) 30% August (Post-Program) 50% *All funds distributed on a reimbursement basis only


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