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1 12.01.2012.SV Line d.o.o.1 Pause (S) Continue (N)

2 12.01.2012.SV Line d.o.o.2 -Medical (hospitals, health care centers, laboratories, …) -Pharmacy -Veterinary -Chemical and food industry -Food distribution -Agriculture -Sports facilities -Cosmetics -Commercial activities -And more System for air disinfection with UVC technology Pause (S) Continue (N)

3 12.01.2012.SV Line d.o.o.3 -Disinfects air indoors -High tech UV radiation -Attractive design and working reliability -Remote control and programming -High efficiency of room disinfection -Economical and space saving -Easy to use -Minimal maintenance and service support -Noiseless and environment friendly -No chemicals -Ozone free System for air disinfection with UVC technology Pause (S) Continue (N)

4 12.01.2012.SV Line d.o.o.4 bacteriaprotozoanfungusviruses -Harmful microorganisms (pathogens) cause and transmit diseases. -Presence of microorganisms is increasing with environmental pollution; concentration indoors is 3 to 5 times higher than outdoors -Sterilization refers to complete elimination of microorganisms, while pasteurization reduces number of microorganisms. -Disinfection is a method which we use to destroy microorganism cells. This is achieved by heating, filtration, chemicals and UVC radiation. Pause (S) Continue (N)

5 -Sun is natural source of energy. -Visible light occupies a small band of the electromagnetic spectrum. Human eye can only see wavelengths between 380 and 780 nanometers -Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a part of electromagnetic spectrum that has wavelengths between 100 and 400nm. -UV-C rays with wavelengths of 254 nm have germicidal effect. -UV-C rays are damaging to microorganisms’ DNA, thus preventing their reproduction 12.01.2012.SV Line d.o.o.5 Pause (S) Continue (N)

6 12.01.2012.SV Line d.o.o.6 -The most common artificial sources of UVC radiation are UV lamps with mercury arch -Maximum disinfection reliability and high system efficiency -UVC radiation fully contained inside the unit for maximum safety -Low levels of mercury in lamps -Ozone-free technology Pause (S) Continue (N)

7 12.01.2012.SV Line d.o.o.7 1.Intake grill with G2 filter 2.Fan for air circulation 3.UV lamp 4.Exit grill with G2 or F5 filter 5.Enclosure with wall mounting 6.Remote control CUSTOM OPTIONS: -Installation of On/Off switch -Material: powder coated steel, stainless, or aluminum Pause (S) Continue (N) System for air disinfection with UVC technology

8 12.01.2012.SV Line d.o.o.8 -Air enters through intake grill -First cleaning step with G2 filter -Air is drawn by the axial fan -While passing through the cleaning chamber, air is cleaned by UVC lamp’s germicidal effect -Purified air exits back into the room through G4 filter on exit grill Pause (S) Continue (N) System for air disinfection with UVC technology

9 12.01.2012.SV Line d.o.o.9 1.System installation is performed by qualified service organization 2.Two main criteria for choosing the place of device: - time spent in room and - location of pollution source 3.On general, placing the system closer to the middle of the room yields higher performance 4.For good performance, system should be installed away from obstacles: at least 100cm in horizontal and 30cm in vertical direction 5.The number of required systems in the room is calculated by formula Pause (S) Continue (N) System for air disinfection with UVC technology

10 12.01.2012.SV Line d.o.o.10 1.Turn the main switch to Off position before performing any maintenance 2.Clean outside with soft cloth and mild detergent 3.Filter replacement must be performed by trained personnel 4.Filter is regularly changed after 150 to 200 hours of work (approx. 1 week) 5.Replacement of UV lamp must be performed by qualified and authorized service organization 6.Effective lifetime of UV lamp is approx. 9000 hours of work (1 year at >60% efficiency) Pause (S) Continue (N) System for air disinfection with UVC technology

11 12.01.2012.SV Line d.o.o.11 -dimensions:135x135x1125 mm -weight:5 kg / 7 kg -supply voltage:230V/50Hz -air flow:100 m 3 /h -surface area:~20 m 2 -filters:G2 and F5 -UV lamps:TUV 30W T8 G13 -effective life:9000 h at >60% efficiency -regular maintenance:filter replacement – per usage UV lamp – once per year -remote control range:up to 8 meters -dual regime:continuous and on-timer usage (1 to 9h) -mounting type:wall mounted -material:Stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum -protection level:IP20 Pause (S) Continue (N) System for air disinfection with UVC technology

12 12.01.2012.SV Line d.o.o.12 -Be sure to read the instruction manual before using the device -Safety warning stickers are placed on the device -Installation and replacement of UV lamp should be performed only by qualified service personnel -1 year warranty on the unit and UV lamp Pause (S) Continue (N) System for air disinfection with UVC technology

13 12.01.2012.SV Line d.o.o.13 Our goal is to provide system for air purification designed for health protection purposes. Summary: During daily work, employees in health care facilities are exposed to biological agents, which can be harmful to their health. Our product – germicidal lamp – has photochemical effect on microorganisms, destroys cell nucleus, and prevents further reproduction of their cells, thereby eliminating their presence. All of the above are advantages of using our product for air disinfection with closed type of UV lamp. In health care, usage of our product is a preventive measure that eliminates or reduces the risk of disease from exposure to biological hazards in the workplace. We will be happy to provide additional information, advise you, or recommend the optimum combination for your needs. Say GOODBYE to viruses and bacteria! Pause (S) Continue (N)

14 12.01.2012. SV Line d.o.o. 14

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