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POC Security System High security system combining PIN-on-Card, information security, physical access, control and alarm – all in one system.

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1 POC Security System High security system combining PIN-on-Card, information security, physical access, control and alarm – all in one system

2 Balancing securtiy, cost and convenience
Security Advanced encryption Copying PIN eaves- dropping Convenience Easy to use Contact-less Mobility X X = target position Cost Card Reader System integration

3 Securing the PIN A typical PC is not secure
PIN/Passwords entered from the computer's keyboard are easily intercepted by Trojans Information stored as files on a computer’s hard disc is easily copied by Trojans Keys must be stored outside the computer PINs must be entered on a device outside the computer Cryptographic operations must be performed outside the computer

4 Today - security, cost or convenience
Smart Cards Security: Need advanced external keypad reader to secure PIN over the Internet Cost: Expensive keypad readers Convenience: Sensitive, not for outdoor use RFID / Proximity cards Security: Information can be read out remotely and needs advanced external keypad reader to secure PIN over the Internet. Cost: Expensive readers Convenience: Robust, contact-less and convenient

5 Combining security, cost and convenience
+ Smart Card Intelligent and high security, can not be read out remotely Large data storage + RFID Card Contact-less + Keypad reader Prevents PIN interception PIN-on-Card

6 Introducing the PIN-on-Card (POC)
Highest level of security Security resides on the card, not reader or system 128-bit AES ( RSA, 3DES ) PIN never leaves the card Secure data storage (32 kBytes) Low cost Robust cards and readers, no slot, no moving parts Low cost for readers High convenience One card - multiple systems/functionality Contact-less High level of automation

7 POC Security System - for interoperability
PIN-on-Card (POC) POC Wall reader POC Desktop reader Physical I/O Ethernet TCP/IP LonWorks FTT-10 GSM/SMS/GPRS X10 RS POC Controller Client PC COM/ActiveX TCP/IP POC Server software SNMP COM/ActiveX SQL ODBC POC Management software COM/ActiveX XML

8 Core features of POC Security System
“Virtual” Access Control The POC is used to login to programs and services “Physical” Access Control The POC is used to open doors, control alarms etc. Alarms Integration of burglar, fire and duress alarms Control and system interoperability Control and integration to third-party systems Programmable Logic Control (PLC) Very flexible configuration options Remote system administration The system can be securely managed and monitored remotely Off line operation Full security even when not connected to a PC

9 Typical system setup WorkstationPOC reader LAN TCP/IP Network
Server application and Database LonWorks Network LonMark Nodes POC Controller 2 POC readers POC Controller POC reader WorkstationPOC reader GSM GSM LonWorks Network POC Cont. POC Cont. X 10 Powerline comm. POC Cont. POC reader X 10 node X 10 node

10 POC Controller unit features
Highly integrated, multi-functional control unit Functional logic fully programmable 6 Alarm monitoring inputs with fault detection for standard alarm sensors 5 Control outputs for lock strikes, indicators etc. Connects to 2 wall mounted POC readers Integrated Abloy 8164 NetLock interface Integrated Ethernet interface Integrated FT/10 LonWorks® field bus Integrated X10 interface Integrated GSM/GPRS module for SMS messaging and host communication Integrated backup power - up to 60 hours

11 POC Security System Management Software
Fully programmable in a Programmable Logic Control (PLC) like manner, gives a very high degree of flexibility System- and card management is also secured with a PIN-on-Card Full system security and integrity, even when operated over the Internet COM Component based, enables third-party extensions SNMP extension agent allows system monitoring within existing network management tools

12 Remote system administration
System administration rights are verified with a PIN-on-Card Strong authentication allows secure system administration, even over the Internet. Events and alarms can be received as SMS Events can be monitored with SNMP without affecting system security

13 Programmable Logic Control (PLC)
The POC Controller can be viewed as a large switch matrix Complex functions and dependencies are fully programmable and can be finely tuned Inputs and access control status together with tools as logic expressions, timers and flip-flops can control the full behavior of the system SMS, LonWorks® SNVTs and X10 can also used as control terms

14 System Interoperability
POC Security System seamlessly integrates with LonWorks® installations through Standard Network Variable Types (SNVTs) Direct interfacing between POC Security System and components from 100+ third-party vendors The integrity of the security system is maintained Information about access control and alarm status can affect the rules for the Building Automation (BA) system Information in the BA system can affect the rules for the access control and alarm system

15 Conclusion Strong identity and audit trail throughout the system
One system/control unit for overall security needs One system/control unit provides cost effective infrastructure and administration One card for all needs Combining high security, low cost and high convenience Security Conven- ience X Cost X = POC Security System

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