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Web Server Implementation On DE2 Final Presentation

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1 Web Server Implementation On DE2 Final Presentation
Performed by: Ariel Morali Nadav Malki Supervised by: Ina Rivkin

2 Project Goals Assemble a SOPC system, using Nios II processor and an Ethernet Peripheral on Altera’s DE2 board. Implement Micrium’s µC OS-II. Implement Nichestack TCP/IP Stack. Build a webserver and a website that demonstrates the system’s abilities.

3 Project Scheme Ethernet Cable Nichestack

4 The SOPC The SOPC includes: Nios II Processor Ethernet Controller
External SDRAM Memory UART PLL PIOs (Seven-Segments & LEDs)

5 Micrium’s µC OS-II Mainly for embedded systems Main features:
Scalable (5-24KB) Real time Pre-emptive multitasking Priority based Limited (but big enough) number of tasks Supply OS services: Semaphores and mutexes Message mailboxes and queues Timer and memory management

6 Nichestack TCP/IP stack
NicheStack is an Embedded TCP/IP protocol stack. NicheStack IPv4 combines small size, extreme portability and high performance. NicheStack uses the µC OS Multiprogramming feature. The DE2 board has a Davicom DM9000A Ethernet controller, that is not supported by the Nichestack.

7 The Software The software includes:
Micrium’s µC OS-II System Libraries Nichestack TCP/IP Stack Read Only zip File-System Webserver implementation HTML website The website demonstrates the system capabilities: Remote controlling the DE2 board Monitoring the board’s status Running several processes in parallel Remote Using the SOPC processor to perform simple computations

8 System Overview

9 Block Diagram The following diagram describes the System:

10 Quartos Screen Shot

11 SOPC Builder Screen Shot

12 Ethernet Controller & Nichestack
The DE2 board has a Davicom DM9000A Ethernet controller. In order to use the TCP/IP protocol we planed to use the Nichestack TCP/IP stack. DM9000A is not supported by the Nichestack. A group from Columbia University modified the original DM9000A Driver to work with the Nichestack. We successfully managed to take the driver and use it in our project.

13 Website & Server

14 Webserver Main Processes
Webserver main task – Manage the TCP/IP and HTTP protocols. Nichestack tasks. Two board Control tasks – Handling the data from the web site. Board status task – Monitors the Board status and creates an appropriate html page. Two “sweep leds” tasks.

15 Site Main Screen Two Board Control Tasks Running in parallel

16 Site Board Over-View Screen
Switches Status Seven Segment Status

17 What Happens When you press the Button
The Browser ends the form to the webserver. Wireshark screenshot: The webserver detects a POST request. The POST request is being sent when a client needs to send data to the server (according to the HTTP protocol). Computer IP HTTP PORT DE2 IP Form Data

18 What Happens When you press the Button Continue…
The webserver process wakes up one of the board control processes, by sending it a message. The message contains information about the operation needed to be performed. The board control process handles the message and performs the requested operation. Then the board control process waits for new message.

19 Skills Acquired Multiprogramming with µC OS-II
creating and maintaining several processes Synchronization - sending messages And more… Nichestack on DE2 implemantation. TCP/IP socket programming with Nichestack. open, close, listen, connect, send, … HTTP Protocol WireShark Helped a lot. Read Only ZIP File System (stores our html pages). Html programming And more…………

20 Thank You

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