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is a mobile protective steel barrier in a modular design.

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2 is a mobile protective steel barrier in a modular design.

3 was developed to meet all requirements for both the protection of construction sites on roads and as a permanent road safety system for highway medians.

4 The construction

5 Construction Level K


7 Construction Level KB with additional load The construction


9 Construction Level KAB with top section and additional load


11 Construction Level KAAB with 2 top sections and additional load The construction


13 Overview The construction

14 End section: Basic element The construction

15 End section: Basic element plus top section The construction

16 End section of box beam The construction

17 Loading quantities

18 56 basic elements per trailer  328 m


20 35 basic elements plus 35 top sec- tions per trailer  205 m 28 basic elements with additional weight plus 28 top sections  164 m


22 Installation

23 Installation of basic elements

24 Installation of basic elements with top sections Step 1

25 Installation of basic elements with ONE top section Step 2

26 Installation of basic elements with TWO top sections Step 3

27 Tested according to EN 1317-2


29 Approved safety T1

30 Approved safety T2

31 Approved safety T3

32 Approved safety H1

33 Approved safety H1

34 Approved safety H2

35 Result Containment levels T1, T2, T3, H1 and H2 according to EN 1317-2 fulfilled

36 Product features

37 Design we approached mobile steel barrier with closed surface and accessible base modular design special design allows for unrestricted drainage flow optimized overall width considering all security-relevant aspects in two-way traffic situations

38 Performance we reached meets the requirements for temporary as well as permanent road safety systems little to no damages, even if impacted by heavy vehicles no anchorage of start/end terminals that could affect the system‘s performance

39 Advantages you get ideal for temporary and permanent applications modular design replaces a variety of costly systems highest flexibility in terms of construction site management

40 MORE advantages you get quick assembling performance due to innovative quick connector mechanism high transport capacity due to optimized loading quantities improved warehouse logistics due to modular design low maintenance due to sustainable system structure

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