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SPARK Health Club Management Software Version 2.2.12 Demostration WARNING: SPARK is a registered trademark and is protected by copyright laws and international.

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1 SPARK Health Club Management Software Version 2.2.12 Demostration WARNING: SPARK is a registered trademark and is protected by copyright laws and international treaties.

2 1………Login ScreenLogin Screen 2……… Main ScreenMain Screen 3……… File MenuFile Menu 4……… License info.License info. 5……… FO Info.FO Info. 6………Setup MenuSetup Menu 7……….Program CategoriesProgram Categories 8……….ProductsProducts 9……....ProgramsPrograms 10……..Item SetupItem Setup 11……..ClassesClasses 12……..TrainersTrainers 13……..System UsersSystem Users 14……..Room DefinitionsRoom Definitions 15……..VIP Code & VAT CodesVIP Code & VAT Codes 16……..Salutations & Country CodesSalutations & Country Codes Index 17……… Market SegmentsMarket Segments 18……… Payment MethodsPayment Methods 19……..ReservationsReservations 20……… Members MenuMembers Menu 21……… ProfilesProfiles 22………Memberships FormMemberships Form 23………Installments FormInstallments Form 24………Non MembersNon Members 25………Billing MenuBilling Menu 26………PaymentsPayments 27………InvoicesInvoices 28………Cancel InvoiceCancel Invoice 29………Split RevenueSplit Revenue 30………Reports MenuReports Menu

3 -This is a Multi-User Login Screen Index

4 MainScreen This is the main screen, which consists of the main menu and the tool bar which includes some utilities and important forms such as the Calculator, Note Pad, Mail Addresses…..etc. The last Button indicates the activation of the interface to the Hotel Front Office system. Index

5 File: License info.: System Setup and License information Interface info.: Front Office Interface parameters Logout: to logout and change the login user name exit: exit from the system Index

6 This Form contains the License information in addition to other setup parameters such as the logo, Health Club address information, cancellation fees parameters, receipt parameters, VAT parameters and health club rooms/space reservations parameters. Allow Use of card numbers in member profile screen as an auto serial number Index

7 This is the interface screen for setup the interface to the front office system * Use Fo Interface Used to turn the FO interface on or off * Post all transaction Used to post all-financial transactions to the FO System or to post only Guest in house invoices (All Transactions means interfacing all invoices to the Front Office system regardless of the invoice closing method) * FO Type Used to select which FO system is used. The list includes interfaces to Fidelio and Horizon FO systems. *FO Cashier This number will be used to transfer transactions To FO system using this cashier number. *FO Path To define the directory path of the FO system Note: SPARK System can transfer up to 5 types of revenue accounts (departments to the Front Office system). Those are Installments Revenues Treatments Revenues Items Revenues Rental Revenues Nonmember Visits Revenues Index

8 The Correct Front Office Path should be entered here Index

9 Setup Menu Setup: Program Categories Program Products Programs Setup Items Setup Class Category Classes Setup Trainers Users Rooms VIP Codes VAT Codes Salutations Country Code Market Segments Payment Method *The above menu will be discussed next pages Index

10 Program Categories is the upper level for the health club program/membership revenues grouping Note: The above category codes are used in the health club revenue summary reports Index

11 Products is the second level for the health club program/membership revenues grouping and/or classification Note: Offered Health Club Programs or Memberships are defined by Products and the system will provide summary revenue reports by products

12 This is the main program/membership setup form Index

13 Joining And Program Fees There are two type of Start and Expiry date in the system: check on Fixed Period and select start date from valid period and expiry from valid until. OR Enter the period and the start date will be entered when creating the Membership. Link with Category Link with Product Time Validation Determine this program for male,female or both Program/ Membership validity Period # Times of entry For the current program Index

14 This Form is used to define the various sales items in health club. Index

15 Used To Define Sport Class Categories Used to define the offered sport classes including class location, Trainer name and link with Class Category Index

16 Press Time Table to select class time Index

17 This screen to fill all the information about trainers or therapists Index


19 For Multi-User Access/Security Details Next Used to define all system users and user security access Index


21 T reatment/Sport Rooms: Used to setup the sport/treatment rooms, room description, room status Note: Those rooms will be reserved in the reservation screen. Index

22 This Form is used to define VIP status of the members Note: SARK can define up to 3 simultaneous VAT codes Index

23 This form is used to define the country codes This screen is used to define Salutations codes used later in membership mailing Index

24 Used to define the Market Segment Codes used in the system. Those codes will be later used to produce Market Segment Revenue statistical reports Index

25 In this form one can define all available payment methods within the Health Club System. If the Front Office interface is ON then all payment methods must have FO account/department and PM Room. One of the payment methods will be the Direct Room Post. Index

26 View reservation history Double click to add new reservation There are two ways to make a reservations:  Reservation by Hours : More information about selected reservation just click on the reservation and See the information ”Res ID, guest name, room, time” Index

27 This number is Creating automatically Payment Button to produce invoice Index

28  Reservation by 15 minuets: Don’t select reservation by Hours from license info on setup menus. Every 15 min Index

29 Reservation Details: Select Profile ID and press add buttons to add reservation then enter trainer name and program. Press new to make another reservation for the same guest “multi reservations screen”. Index

30 In case this is a new guest, the user must open new profile, else select the profile from profile button. Index

31 The user can access all Member Information from the members menu: Profile Memberships Installments Non member Member Swipe Trainer Swipe We can also use the short keys F 5, F 6 from the keyboard to swipe members or trainer cards. Index

32 The user can view the member’s profile of a certain member, view the member history and edit the profile, add new or delete profiles. This is the member access card number used to register member entry Member Picture Space Index

33 When you press the Profile ID buttons or but the curser and press F3 this search window will be shown, we can select the profile we want to modify. This message to be sure your data be saved correctly Index

34 To Active the member With selection this option, you can view window with the following option Display all active Memberships. Index

35 This Number of the Member Profile To Modify the membership form,Extend,expiry,attend, installment….etc Amount Discount Percentage Discount Index

36 start date in case of periodic program. Generated automatically and track number of membership for each profile Installment: Define Membership Installments. Extend: To extend the membership Attend: Member attendance records (coming automatically from member card swiping upon entry) Expiry: To expiry the membership and move it to membership history. Index

37 Installment Buttons: System can accept one payment for Memberships or more than one installment. Those installment amount and dates are defined here Payment button: To produce an invoice for this installment and to accept the payment against the installment. Print: For invoice print out on that installment. 12 Index

38 Attend Buttons: This Form will show the member attendance records as registered via the member Swiping Card. Index

39 Member Swiping Card: To save the member visit and confirm it. Index

40 Member information: Press yes to confirm the visit or no to check the you can confirm it from confirm button on member profile. Index

41 Login Trainer Log out Trainer To tracing therapy Visit. Trainer Attendance: Index

42 Member Notes Member Medical Information Index

43 Member Other information Member Other Address Index

44 This Window to view all information about guests of a member Index



47 This Form is used to enter non member guests (Walk IN) profile To Add Visit Index If the walk in guest is coming with a member profile then the below form is used to attach the member profile

48 Billing (invoice) Menu: in this menu you can select many Option like Payments Invoice History Cancel Invoice Split revenue Index

49 Payment: Invoicing and Payments are accessed in more than one place within the system. This depends on whether it is a membership/installment invoice or a walk in non- member visit invoice or an invoice against a treatment or sport space rental or finally an invoice against a sold item. How to pay direct from payment screen:  Select Guest Type, In case it is a “Member”, the user should select the member profile and memberships ID on payment window. The system will then search for whether there is any installments for current member. The system will reject The payment in case no open installment exists. Index

50  In case of the guest type is “In- House”, the user should select non member profile and Room number in case the Payment Method is Room Post  In case of guest type is “Walk-In”, a non member profile should be selected. VATs: If there were VATs on this payment system automatically will select enable VATs but user can remove this VATs by removing the selection from VATs box. Index

51 Multi Payments Window: From this Payment screen, the user can invoice and pay more than one installment at the same time/invoice. Index

52 Items Button to enter Items sold from Items Table Double Click to include the installment To Activate the VATs Item Information Payment Information Index

53 Press to see the receipt page Multi Invoice: Index

54 Receipt:

55 This Form is used to view all historical invoices by date and print copy of the invoice Invoices Date More Log Invoice information about invoice creation and modify user and dates Index

56 Cancel Invoice: User can cancel TODAY Invoice ONLY In case of interface with front office, the system will automatically send cancel payment information for current invoice to the Front Office system. Limit date to “System Date” only Cancel Button Index

57 This option is needed for accounting purposes. The result of running this procedure is a report showing all health club membership revenues distributed over the duration selected. Split Revenue: Index

58 Reports: The reports menu gives the following options.  Reports Configurations: user can print all setup data for the system. Program Categories Program Products Program Setup Class Category Classes Setup Classes Times Index


60  Members: Profiles Members Membership History Member Attendance User can print all member information next pages. Index

61 Here you can print the profiles information: you can filter by last name Alpha Range. Also using profile ID number range And/Or using Gender And/Or Birth Date Ex, all Birth Days for next week And/Or From age to age Ex, all profiles between 20-30 or less than 18 Here you can choose report Sort Order Index

62 You can print Memberships Report For All membership for current profile All memberships within selected period Expiry Membership Ex, Which memberships will expire next week. All Memberships for this last name For certain Membership And/Or not transferred to history. Active membership. Select also Active memberships in this period Index

63 Print Membership History Report In selected period Print Attendance Today for selected profile ID, membership ID, Gender Class Id ……etc. -See the reports next Page. Index


65 Reservations Reports Included: By Room By Trainer Chart  Chart By Room  Chart By Trainer Index

66 Reservation By Room Number Index

67 Reservations By Room Reports: Index

68 Reservation by Room Chart Reservation by Trainer Chart Index

69 Attendance Reports: Trainer Attendance Weekly Attendance Monthly Attendance Nonmembers Attendance Index


71 View the Rush Hours and Average for attendance in selected period. Index

72 Select the Month for the Report Index

73 This window to view all nonmember visits. The report can be limited for a certain period and for certain Guest type {Walk in, Guest, In House} and Guest Last Name. Index

74 Revenues Reports: Membership Revenue Split Revenues Index

75 Membership Revenue Report for selected period Index

76 After split the revenue from Billing menu you can view the result from this report, you can limit the report for one product, category month and year Index

77 Financial Reports: Select the report period then select the report type from the menu: Revenue: all revenue for selected period. Payment: from Invoices information. Member Status: Financial Member status from Installments. Shift Report: Payments Closing Day. Product revenue- summary report: Invoice by Products, Invoice by Programs, Invoice by Invoice number. Product revenue by amount- Chart: Graph product report. Markets revenues: for summary, details, amount and chart. Market revenue by # guests- chart. Index

78 Example Revenues Report: Index

79 Example for shift report Index

80 Payments Report: Index

81 Financial report for member status. You can select the report for one profile ID. Index

82 Product revenue-summary report: Invoice by product. You can select the product name. Index

83 Product revenue- Detail report: reports by Program. Index

84 Market segment reports: Index

85 Installments Due in selected period. Index

86 Discounts Reports: Index


88 Receipt Report: Index


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