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SAP Jam Kickoff Meeting (your name here) April 11, 2013 © Copyright 2013. All rights reserved.

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1 SAP Jam Kickoff Meeting (your name here) April 11, 2013 © Copyright 2013. All rights reserved.

2 Agenda What is SAP Jam? Your Collaboration Business Drivers Roles and Responsibilities Organization Overview Discussion of Champion Groups SAP Jam Deployment and Adoption Overview Launch Timeline Next Steps 2

3 What is SAP Jam? A social collaboration tool for your organization only. It’s private, not public, unless you determine to allow external groups or people to enter by inviting them into a specific “group” (more later). What has it been used for? Most organizations information is scattered among many places. Email, company website, Sharepoint, Google docs, file cabinets, etc. SAP Jam allows users to not only store information, but allows collaboration between groups of people to get to information quickly. Document housing, discussions, video-taping, PPP, idea sharing, polls, assigning tasks, notification to large group of people, all from one place. 3

4 SAP Jam’s Intended Result To drive higher engagement by employees, customers, vendors. One stop shop. Company allows an avenue to social networking without the possibility of confidential information getting onto public social spaces like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Texting. Bridge generational gaps. Reinforce company culture. 4

5 Most Common and Interesting Use Cases Employee Onboarding Project tracking and SF implementation Sales Collaboration Informal Learning Ask the Experts Groups for Organizations/Departments Office-specific Information SAP Jam + LMS Recruiting Peer to Peer Support “Quality of life” groups Blogs from the CEO, Execs 5

6 Collaboration Business Drivers Describe what your drivers may be for using SAP Jam What tools are in place today? What’s working today? What’s not? Do you have resources (staff) who can take the time to implement and drive the tool? What is your definition of a successful rollout? 6

7 Roles and Responsibilities 7 Sponsor Project Manager Coordinate Meetings Track Issues and Rollout Readiness Champions Types of Champions Key Contributors, Thought Leaders Content Generators Social Networking Enthusiasts Bridges – long tenured individuals, who have worked in different places in the company Cross-functional, spanning your target organization Include members of IT, HR and Management to ensure buy-in Communication and Training Plan Owners Administrators

8 Organization Overview 8 Discussion of SAP Jam main Administrator Discussion of SAP Jam Communication Plan Owner Discussion of Champions (see definition on next slide)

9 Champion Definition What is a SAP Jam Champion A SAP Jam Champion is a person who has been chosen to lead a SAP Jam group. Champions may be selected because they have deep expertise in an area of the company (such as a product expert or a process expert), or because they provide a large amount of content that is used by others, such as a Marketing or HR person. They may be technology enthusiasts who are eager to use their social networking skills in a business environment. Or, they may be people who would be interested in creating a blog to share their thoughts and expertise with the rest of the organization. All of these types of Champions add value to the SAP Jam environment.

10 SAP Jam Deployment Overview 10 PrepareRealizeVerifyLaunch

11 SAP Jam Prepare Overview 1.Review Business Drivers for Collaboration 2.Provide information on how the product works 3.Define Project Roles and Responsibilities 4.Discuss Champions Workshop Groupings 5.Discuss Desired Launch Date 11 Prepare RealizeVerifyLaunch

12 SAP Jam Realize Overview 12 Prepare Realize Verify Launch 1.Create Communication Plan 2.Recruit Champions Finalize Champion Groups Initial Communication to Management 3.Schedule Champions Collaboration Workshop 4.Hold Collaboration Workshops SAP Jam Overview Best Practices Sample Use Cases 5.Champions Create Initial Groups and Content 6.Adoption Metric Discussion 7.Finalize Launch Plan

13 SAP Jam Verify Overview 13 PrepareRealize Verify Launch 1. System Testing and People Readiness 2 Champions Continue to add Content 3.Adoption Metric Discussion 4.Customer is continuing to develop their training and execution plan

14 SAP Jam Launch Overview 14 Prepare Realize Verify Launch 1.End User Training Plan 2.Administration Training is confirmed 3.Introduction to Customer Success Team 4.Roll Out Checklist Review 5.Champions invite users into SAP Jam 6.Monitor Adoption Review adoption metrics Qualitative feedback from champions Strategies for addressing areas with low adoption

15 Launch Timeline 15 StepsTimeline Kickoff Meeting with Key Players Recruit Champions Collaboration Workshop Best Practices Examples Product Overview Brainstorming on Collaboration Use Cases Define Success Metrics Champions create initial groups and content Collaboration Workshop Follow-up Train Administrators Go-Live Checklist Meeting Monitor Adoption

16 Overview of Major Meetings Kickoff meeting (formal with all team members, including HR, IT, member of executive team) Communication meeting (SF provides templates to communicate to organization) Champions workshop (2 hour) Administrator training (30 min & a video to self-review) Train the trainer session (train future trainers – extensive slide deck) Adoption and reporting meeting Handover to Customer Success meeting 16

17 Next Steps 1.Identify when SAP Jam launch is desired 2.Coordinate the creation of the SAP Jam instance (PS responsibility) 3.Identify main SAP Jam Administrator 4.Identify Communication Plan Owner Schedule Meeting on Communication Plan 5.Recruit Champions Finalize Champions Groups (A Lead Champion and helpers) Schedule Champions Workshop 6.Finalize Launch Plan 17

18 Q&A’s 18

19 Thank You! 19

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