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Sustainable Design within BSF: A Case Study of the City of Leicester College Liam Murray (Hulley & Kirkwood)

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1 Sustainable Design within BSF: A Case Study of the City of Leicester College Liam Murray (Hulley & Kirkwood)

2 City of Leicester College – Leicester BSF The current scheme comprises of a complete new build of a predominantly two storey school. The school is to accommodate 1500 pupils and is a business specialist college. Has received carbon 60 funding of £50/m2 to achieve a carbon reduction of 60% over 2002 levels

3 Design Philosophy

4 Education Engaged in workshops with students and staff Engaged in workshops with De Montfort University Visual displays of energy consumption Use the energy data for teaching resource

5 Building Fabric Massively Improved Fabric: Glazing U-value improvement 2.2 to 1.5 W/m2 Wall U-value improvement 0.35 to 0.15 W/m2 Roof U-value improvement 0.25 to 0.1 W/m2 Floor U-value improvement 0.25 to 0.1 W/m2 Air permeability of 3 m3/hr/m2 @ 50Pa

6 Building Fabric Impact Building built to Part L 2006 & 2010 minimum standards peak boiler requirement 1450kW City of Leicester with improved fabric peak boiler requirement 680kW 53% reduction in boiler size!!!

7 Solar control Dynamic thermal simulation to optimise solar control and building form Glazing g-values of 0.36 in area’s of high solar gain Internal blinds fitted Strategic placement of brise-soliel and roof over hangs

8 Energy Reduction Good daylighting Lighting controls – Daylight linking and PIR’s Low watt computers – 80w each (50% less than an average PC) Low flush WCs Mixed Mode - Natural ventilation with boost ventilation during peak summer and peak winter Variable speed pumping with remote differential pressure monitoring to reduce pump duty by up to 51%.

9 Good lighting design impact Better working environment for students Reduction in FM call outs Added security 63% reduction in annual lighting energy

10 Heat recovery & Efficient space conditioning All AHU’s to incorporate high efficiency heat recovery some units achieving +70% Evaporative cooling within large AHU’s to allow lost cost cooling to air systems Future heat input of renewable technologies ASHP, GSHP, Solar thermal catered for within AHU

11 LZCT Feasibility Study WIND + FITS Benifits - Site Suitability GSHP + Heating & Cooling - High capital cost BIOMASS + High carbon savings - Negative payback SOLAR PV + FITS Benefits - High £/CO2 install CHP (BIO-CHP) + Produce Heat & Elec - Maintenance required SOLAR THERMAL + High CSR - Peak’s in summer

12 Selected LZCT – PPO-CHP Pure Plant Oil CHP powered by locally sourced fuel Sized to meet the base domestic hot water load High efficiency back-up gas fired boilers Carbon 60 funding Double Renewable obligation certificates - ROC’s Excellent £/CO2 (£800 per tonnes) Short Payback (6-8 years) Energy on demand

13 LZCT future expansion Allow for future developments in the renewable market now Up rated roof structure to take PV Additional coils in DHW cylinders Spare tails on LTHW headers AHU which allow LZCT inputs May be feasible in a few days/month/years

14 Packaged M&E Plant Allows quick installation which when timetabled can dramatically reduce project impact on students education Reduces noise during installation Allows most efficient design without restraints of building form and structure More cost effective way of providing m² for plant space Allow quick and low impact servicing/ replacement of plant

15 Design estimates 51% reduction in CO2 emission’s over 2006 standards (Stage C energy model) 76% reduction in CO2 emission’s over 2002 standards (carbon calculator)

16 Liam Murray (Hulley & Kirkwood) “The sustainable discussion” Any Questions

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