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Sales Guide for DES-3810 Series Aug 2011 D-Link HQ.

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1 Sales Guide for DES-3810 Series Aug 2011 D-Link HQ

2 D-Link Confidential Agenda Product Introduction Positioning Overview Product Overview Target Market Competitive Comparison & Analysis Positioning Highlight Key Comparison Art of the War Technology Briefing

3 D-Link Confidential Campus / Enterprise Telecom / Metro DES-3028/52 Series L3 L2 DES-3528/52 Series DES-3200 Series DES-3800 Series DES-3810 Series Positioning Overview D-Link Fast Ethernet Managed Switch Product Portfolio Next Generation Next Generation

4 D-Link Confidential Product Overview Position Highlights L3 Fast Ethernet enterprise/metro solution More powerful metro features than existing DES-3800 series Ideal for entry level enterprise, midmarket, branch office and metro access Deliver high availability, security and reliability Advanced QoS, multicast and L2 VPN features guarantee the performance for triple play service and ISP Service Level Agreement (SLA) Rich AAA, access control features help administrators well-manage the visitors of the networks Powerful L3 routing protocols and L2 VPN functions make it suitable for the business gateway / ISP access Fully IPv6 support, future proven Switch Resource Management (SRM) function helps users optimize the system resource for different environment Various attack prevention features and redundancy protocols Power saving features save your money, save the earth.

5 D-Link Confidential Product Models Software Images Product Overview Model Overview 24 port 10/100Base-TX + 4 Combo 1000Base-T/ 100/1000SFP DES-3810-28 48 port 10/100Base-TX + 2 Combo 1000Base-T/ 100/1000SFP + 2 1000SFP DES-3810-52 For Enterprise, Campus, Hospital L2/L3 features, Routing, Multicasting, Security, QoS, AAA, OAM Standard Image (SI) For Telecom, IPv6 networks All SI features, VPWS, BGPv4, IPv6 routing, SRM Enhanced Image (EI) Q4’11

6 D-Link Confidential Product Overview High Flexibility Uplink ports DES-3810-28 supports 4 combo GE/SFP ports; DES-3810-52 supports 2 SFP + 2 combo GE/SFP ports 4 SFP ports provides the ability of 2G aggregation ring or dual ring topology GE copper ports provide cost-effective cat.5 uplinks to core switches Aggregation Ring Remote District Rack / Wiring Closet 1G Fiber 1G Copper

7 D-Link Confidential Product Overview Port Comparison CompetitorPort CountRemark D-Link DES-3810-2824 FE + 4 Combo GE/SFP HP E3500-2420 FE + 4 Combo GE/SFPLess supported client ports HP E5500-2424 FE + 4 SFP Requires expensive fiber & transceivers for uplink in the cabinet HP A3600-24 SI/EI HP A3600-24TP SI HP A3610-24 HP A3610-24-TP 24 FE + 4 SFP 24 FE + 2 GE + 2 SFP 24 FE + 4 SFP 24 FE + 2 GE + 2 SFP Huawei S3328TP-SI/EI24 FE + 2 SFP + 2 Combo GE/SFP Cisco 3750-24TS Cisco 3750-Metro 24 FE + 2 SFP 24 FE + 2 SFP + 2ES Requires expensive fiber transceivers for uplink in the cabinet D-Link DES-3810-5248 FE + 2 SFP + 2 Combo GE/SFP HP E3500-4844 FE + 4 Combo GE/SFPLess supported client ports HP E5500-4848 FE + 4 SFP Requires expensive fiber transceivers for uplinks in the cabinet HP A3600-48 SI/EI HP AS3610-48 48 FE + 4 SFP Requires expensive fiber transceivers for uplinks in the cabinet Huawei S3352P-SI/EI48 FE + 4 SFP Requires expensive fiber transceivers for uplinks in the cabinet Cisco 3750-48TS48 FE + 4 SFP Requires expensive fiber transceivers for uplinks in the cabinet

8 D-Link Confidential Target Applications Enterprise Access/Aggregation DES-3810 Stack DES-3810 ECMP & PBR provides redundant/load sharing capability of uplink. IMPB, ARP Spoofing Prevention, DHCP Server Screening, BPDU Attack Protection, and L3 Control Packet Filtering expel threats out of core networks. MAC, WAC, and Compound authentication provide clientless/easy-to-deploy mechanisms to authenticate users and devices. Embedded DHCP server, auto-configuration, and trap/e-mail alerts make the network management much easier. Data Center

9 D-Link Confidential Target Applications Telecom Access of Enterprises VPWS Tunnel Tunnel VPWS ISP MPLS Core DES-3810 HQ Branch GVRP STP VLAN QinQ & L2PT GVRP STP VLAN GVRP STP VLAN ETTB CPE for business subscribers Up to 4 GE FTTB interfaces providing higher bandwidth to customers and fault tolerance capability Provides L2 transparency to customers through the ISP network Y.1731, 802.1ag/3ah Ethernet OAM improves the efficiency of ISP network management

10 D-Link Confidential Target Applications Enterprise Routers for Remote Sites Internet DES-3810 HQ Branch RIP OSPF Larger routing table provides the capability for a large-scale enterprise Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) allows central routing management of all remote sites regardless of physical connections CPE RIP OSPF BGP RIP OSPF BGP VPN

11 D-Link Confidential Agenda Product Introduction Positioning Overview Product Overview Target Market Competitive Comparison & Analysis Positioning Highlight Key Comparison Art of the War Technology Briefing

12 D-Link Confidential STPRSTPERPS Topology TypeAny Topology Ring / Multiple Ring Convergence Time30-50 seconds1 second50-200 ms! Technology Briefing Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS) First industry standard (ITU-T G.8032) on Ethernet ring protection switching Support interconnected ring or multiple rings application Best case: 50ms recovery time for 16-node ring with <1,200 Km circumference Aggregation Ring Access Ring Master Link Down! Disable Blocking

13 D-Link Confidential Single user/service per port, with bandwidth limit (Port Bandwidth Control) Multiple users/services per port, with bandwidth limit (Flow-based Bandwidth Control) Multiple users/services per port, with bandwidth limit and guaranteed bandwidth (Three Color Marker & Policing) Two Rate Three Color Market & Policing Committed Information Rate (CIR): Guarantees the bandwidth of each service by limiting the bandwidth of each other. Peak Information Rate (PIR): Allows services to take the unused bandwidth for better bandwidth usage. Traffic Policing: Drops or remarks the packet priority tag for traffic exceeding CIR. Doing best-effort forwarding when peak of each service are conflicted. Total UNI (User Network Interface) Bandwidth CIR PIR CIR PIR VoIP IPTV Data Technology Briefing Bandwidth Control & Three Color Marker

14 D-Link Confidential To lower the packet lose rate, almost all switch controllers have built-in expensive buffer memory to prevent the data re-transmission. Switch stores the traffic in buffer memory and delays the transmission until the egress bandwidth is available. However, the best-effort traffic shaping is no longer enough for the QoS requirement nowadays. Store to buffer Time Data Max. Switching Capacity bps Buffer Memory Time Data bps Delay Forwarding Technology Briefing Traffic Shaping Delay Forwarding

15 D-Link Confidential To well manage the buffer resource, DES-3810 supports some advanced features: Reserve buffer memory for important services Configurable buffer size for each important service - Excess Burst Size (EBS) - Peak Burst Size (PBS) - Committed Burst Size (CBS) Store to PBS/EBS Store to CBS PIR/EIR CIR Guaranteed Forwarding PIR/EIR CIR Buffer Memory IPTV Data Time bps EBS for IPTV CBS for IPTV CBS for Data Guaranteed Forwarding Store to CBS Store to PBS/EBS Delay Forwarding Max. Switching Capacity Overall Output Technology Briefing Traffic Shaping (Continue) No reservation for Data exceeding PIR Delay Forwarding Drop

16 D-Link Confidential Technology Briefing Smoothed Deficit Weighted Round Robin (SDWRR) Accurate and fair scheduling is required to make the egress bandwidth usage more proper nowadays Fair Queue (FQ), WFQ, Deficit Round Robin (DRR), WDRR: Forward/scheduling decision made by byte count and utilization of queues, the true weight of each queue. Smoothed round-robin mechanism makes rapid passes for each queue and use more turns for high queues instead of waiting all packets transmitted in high queues. WRR DRR/ WFQ WRR Smoothed Round-robin First Round Second Round

17 D-Link Confidential Compatible with existing MPLS network, using LDP for label switching Transparency of subscriber’s L3 routing protocol in ISP network, reduces the effort of ISP and also provides better extensibility in subscriber networks Co-works with QinQ and L2PT to provide L2 transparency to customers Technology Briefing Virtual Private Wire Service (VPWS)

18 D-Link Confidential Switch Resource Management templates allow user optimizing the switch databases for different application. Routing Mode: For applications requires larger routing tables such as company gateway VPWS Mode: For applications requires lots of L2 VPN tunnels such as ISP access switch Technology Briefing Switch Resource Management (SRM) Application Mode Routing ModeVPWS Mode IPv4 Unicast Route72863190 IPv4 Host Entry35751728 IPv6 Unicast Routes1821797 Dynamic NDP1821797 IPv6 Static Routes128 IPv4 Multicast Routes1024 IPv6 Multicast Routes256 IPv4 Interface256 (Guarantee) IPv6 Interface32 (Guarantee) Q in Q10241024 (Guarantee) VPWS tunnel for PW3232 (Guarantee) PW Pseudo Wires496496 (Guarantee) IPv6 Tunnel128

19 D-Link Confidential Link OAM Check the link status hop-by-hop IEEE802.3ah Live & death check Failure indication (Power, link, critical events) Discovery Technology Briefing OAM ISP Cloud Local ISP Cloud VPN Service Link OAM … Service OAM for customer level Service OAM for ISP level Service OAM for local ISP Service OAM Check the channel status of different service levels IEEE802.1ag, ITU-T Y.1731 Live & death check Performance Monitoring Management Operation Test Operation

20 D-Link Confidential Y.1731 is a super set of IEEE 802.1ag, providing better OAM control for customers Both Y.1731 and 802.1ag support: Continuity Check Message (CCM): Loss of connectivity defect detection Loopback Message (LBM): Defect localization Link Trace Message (LTM): Verification of network configuration Y.1731 also support: Note Alarm Indication Signal (AIS): Alarm suppression of server (customer) layer Locked (LCK): Indication of service unavailability due to maintenance activities Test: Throughput, frame loss and bit error measurement Loss measurement (LM): Frame loss measurement Delay measurement (DM): Frame delay measurement Maintenance Communication Channel (MCC) Experimental OAM (EXP) Vendor Specific OAM (VSP) Technology Briefing ITU-T Y.1731 Note: DES-3810 supports AIS, LCK only

21 D-Link Confidential IGMP / PIM IGMP Snooping Legacy Device Host-based IGMP Snooping Access Layer Aggregation Layer IP STB Technology Briefing Host-based IGMP Snooping Bandwidth of Ethernet allows multiple IPTV channels in the same time Host-based IGMP Snooping is future proofing for IPTV service: Multiple IPTV under a single port. Channel surfing of one IPTV does not effect others Support fast leave for quick channel switch

22 D-Link Confidential IP STB 1 Internet IPTV Partner 1 IPTV Partner 2 IP STB 2 ISP DHCP Server 1 ISP DHCP Server 2 IP STB 1 IP STB 2 IP STB 1 IP STB 2 Insert customized string Option 82 Option 60 Option 61 Technology Briefing DHCP Relay Option 60/61 The DHCP options provide accurate IP manageability for network administrators DHCP option 82: Assign IP based on circuit ID (client VLAN, port, or switch's MAC address) DHCP option 60: Assign IP based on pre-defined string DHCP option 61: Assign IP based on MAC address or pre-defined string Insert MAC Insert a user- defined string Insert MAC Relay to different DHCP server based on inserted MAC Relay to different DHCP server based on inserted string

23 D-Link Confidential Change pair, no need to change cable Usually multi-pair cables are used for the network construction of cabinets or buildings Detecting various of errors - Lines of specific pair is left open - Two lines of a pair is shorted - Lines of different pair are short - Cable does not exist or quality is too bad Locating the position of cable errors, saving time on cable repair Note Technology Briefing Cable Diagnostics Note: DES-3810 supports distance check on GE port only

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