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HR, Staffing and Payroll Solutions Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd. 1 Where problem meets with its Solution.

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1 HR, Staffing and Payroll Solutions Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd. 1 Where problem meets with its Solution

2 Our Mission at Team BVCORP is to provide “BEST SERVICE”  Balanced Advice  Effective Communication  Secrecy  Trust  Satisfaction to Esteemed Clients  Enlightenment  Relationship  Value Based & Value Added Service  Integrity  Commitment  Ethical and Conscientious interaction 2Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

3 payroll is a very demanding and exacting duty that requires time and expertise without any direct return on your investment. Now thousands of business owners are saving time and money, as well as avoiding unnecessary hassle, by outsourcing their payroll to BVCORP 3 Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

4 Based pay compensation Compliance under Statutory laws Complete database of employees at one place and at one tab Reducing the expenditure and frees up the valuable resources Lower the tax bills Data standardization and accuracy across the enterprise Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd.4

5 Complete package for hassle free processing 5Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

6  Payroll Solutions has been developed to provide organizations with a total Payroll Administration Service, allowing them more time to concentrate on more productive matters.  Payroll Solutions provide the reassurance that the payroll will be efficiently administered and regularly updated to account for changes in tax and employee legislation. Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd.6

7  No need to worry about DSS and Inland Revenue inspection visits  Full SSP/SMP entitlement claimed  All new legislation covered  We input from your external documentation  Company sick pay and absence recording  Production and Reconciliation of end of year tax returns  Payslips, management reports  BACS payment Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd.7

8 The Company is established in 2009 and managed by the professionals having expertise in the wide spectrum of areas of Management & Organization. We have a division, which focuses and provides Payroll Solutions with a complete payroll processing system. From the simple to the very complex, we provide you with comprehensive solutions to help manage your business better Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd.8

9  Payroll processing  Reimbursement processing  Query management/Help Desk  Full & Final Settlement Processing  Report generation  Generation of Form 16 every year  Record Retention  Statutory reports generation and filing of necessary statutory returns  Preparation of Salary Journal Voucher report Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd.9

10  Attendance leave management  Investment proof verification  Back up mechanism DR  Transfer funds to banks  Centralized Emails  Query Management System Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd.10

11  Complete control over salary payout salary arrears and increments, reimbursement processing, claims processing, income tax processing, filing of annual and quarterly income tax returns, filing of quarterly e-TDS, attendance and leave management, overtime payment, investment proof verification, investment declaration, SAP and ERP uploads Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd.11

12  Income Tax Withholding Records: Amount and date of each payment for compensation Amount of wages subject to withholding in each payment Amount of withholding tax collected from each payment Market value and date of noncash compensation Withholding exemption certificates Agreements regarding the voluntary withholding of extra cash Dates and payments to employees for non-business services Requests for different computation of withholding taxes Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd.12

13  Flexible and customizable  The flexibility of the application guarantees multiple processes and currencies  Ably and amply supported by latest technology  Technology assets include exclusive Payroll servers, Process servers, Mail servers, Web servers and Back up servers  Compatible with almost all ERPs – SAP, Baan, Oracle and even proprietary Tally  SSAE16 compliant, providing additional comfort on risk, systems and controls to clients and business partner Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd.13

14  Accurate and consistent payroll processing  Flexibility and ease in the delivery and reporting process  Personalized Customer Engagement to handle all queries just-in-time  Data security offered by our in-house data recovery center that provide real time back up of client data  The acumen of our payroll experts who are up-to-date with the latest regulations (such as income tax laws) thus eliminating charges and penalties that arise from inaccurate calculations.  Outsourcing Payroll Processing primarily helps companies file tax returns on time, easing the pressure of work, reducing the load and help them get more efficient with their core business. Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd.14

15 Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd.15

16 At Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd. We look forward To have Constructive and Conducive Interaction & Relationship. 16Buenaventura Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

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