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Agenda Product Overview Hardware Interfaces Software Features

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1 Motorola RFS4000 : Integrated Services Controller Smart Networking for the SMART Branch

2 Agenda Product Overview Hardware Interfaces Software Features
Wireless Switch Product Family Overview Competitive Overview Availability Information

3 Challenges for a Distributed Organization
Remote Facility Access anywhere HQ-grade Always-on Simple Corporate IT Making it work Service levels Moves, adds, changes Costs Technology evolution Workload 5 day workweek How do we remove the hassle to quickly deploy, manage and maintain fast, secure, reliable and agile wireless networks?

4 Secure Networking and Services
RFS4000: Wireless Switch Wireless Services SMART RF Wireless Firewall Wireless IDS/IPS Mesh Secure Networking and Services Onboard DHCP Server Onboard AAA Server Site-to-Site & Remote VPN Gateway Secure Guest Access Locationing VoWLAN Video Services Wired Services Integrated PoE + Switching Wired Firewall Wired Rogue Detection 802.1q VLAN Trunking WAN Connectivity RFS4000 Dual Band Dual Radio n Access Point Concurrent access/mesh in 2.4 and 5GHz Concurrent Access and 24*7 IPS sensor Q2 2010

5 RFS4000 – Next Generation 802.11n Wireless Switch
Enterprise n “Branch-in-a-Box” Networking Services, L2-7 Stateful Firewall, AAA, DHCP and 24*7 Security and 3G WAN Backhaul - integrated solution for SMB and Enterprise Branch edge gateway applications. RFS WR Multi - Mode Operation: Integrated Services Controller Integrated Wired/Wireless: Switch with 5 GigE PoE+ ports Services: Built-in IDS/IPS, 3G backhaul Access: Adopts AP300s, Adaptive AP-5131/ AP-7131 Application Gateway for the SMB Security Services Device Management Secure Guest Access Device File Storage System - /Voice Mail Storage On the roadmap: VoWLAN Services: FMC Gateway, IP PBX Video Services: Conferencing, Surveillance; Hotspot billing Ease-of Installation and Use Wi-NG OS: Intuitive User Interface for configuration management and network set up Phenomenal TCO Lowest Capex and Opex for a n offering in the SME/SMB market space

6 RFS4000: Hardware Feature 5 X PoE+ GigE LAN Ports with 90W power budget; Can power up 5 dual radio AP-7131 or 3 tri-radios AP-7131 1 X GiG E WAN port – Cu-Fiber Link Aggregation Enabled – Any LAN port can be used as redundant WAN 1 X RJ 45 Console Access 1 X USB port 1 X Express card slot ( 34mm) RFS4000 Rack-mount kit

7 RFS4000: Feature & Service Consolidation
Reduces Hardware & Maintenance Costs Centralized Management & Security Monitoring, Remote Troubleshooting Enterprise Network Headquarters/ NOC Internet WLAN controller SMART RF DSL/T1 AAA Server FW VPN concentrator IP PBX Router IDS Ethernet Switch Management Station IP phones Management Station App Server

8 Motorola Wireless Switches
Common Software “Wi-NG” RFS7000 Large Enterprises / Campus / NOC 8,000 – 96,000 Users 1,024 x AAPs / Switch 12,288 x AAPs / Cluster RFS6000 Mid / Large Enterprises Expansion slots for 3G/4G Wireless Backhaul & Voice 2,000 – 20,000 Users 256 x AAPs / Switch 3,072 x AAPs / Cluster New RFS4000 Performance WS2000 SME / SMB – a/b/g 200 Users 6 x APs / Switch SME / SMB – a/b/g/n 6 x APs / Switch 72 X APs/ Cluster 500-5,000 Users Scalability

9 Wireless Switch Family
Feature WS2000 RFS4000 RFS6000 RFS7000 Hardware Interfaces GiGE ports 6 10/100 ports 5X Gig E LAN ports 1 X Gig E WAN Port 8 X Gig E LAN ports 1X Gig E WAN Uplink 4 X Gig E CF cards USB PoE/PoE+ 4 X PoE ports 5 X PoE+ ports 8 X PoE+ ports Software Features AP 300 adoption Adaptive AP adoption 6 No Adaptive AP 48 256 1024 802.11n Support a/b/g only PPPoE; Wired IPS Q2 2010 Networking : DHCP, AAA, IPSEC VPN, NAT Mesh/Wireless Bridging Clustering Active: Standby Wired/Wireless Firewall L3 Stateful Firewall only

10 Motorola RFS4000 – Best-in-class SME/SMB solution
Feature/Functionality Mot. RFS4000 Series Aruba Cisco 891 Series Cisco 2800 Security: IDS/IPS, Wired/Wireless Firewall, Security with AD sensors Ethernet Switching: 5 PoE+ ports Layer2/Layer 3 Networking Services Integrated Dual Radio Band Unlocked Access Point: 2.4 and 5 GHz Multi-cell deployment & user capacity Services: Locationing, RFID, Secure Guest Access, Mesh High Availability: Clustering, 3G Backhaul Flexibility of Deployment Unified Wired/Wireless Management TCO: Wireless Switch, Ethernet Switch AP, Mesh, Security, Troubleshooting, DHCP, AAA, 3G– All in one! $ $$$ $$ $$$$ Excellent Good Average Poor Non Existent

11 Available for bookings Now!!
Ordering Information SKU Description Pricing RFS WR RFS4000 with Wi-NG 4.1 Power Supply Included $ RFS-4010-MTKT1U-WR 1 RU Rack Mounting Kit $65.00 Available for bookings Now!!

12 RFS4000 empowering the SMART Branch
Its like having an IT expert in every branch* Deployments are fast & simple Expert support is immediate & effective Users are always-on & secure *Reduces TCO (up-to 3X)

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