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MODIS The MODerate-resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS ) Kirsten de Beurs.

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1 MODIS The MODerate-resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS ) Kirsten de Beurs

2 Lab 1: Introduction to MODIS + MODIS lab exercise Kirsten M. de Beurs, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Geography Center for Environmental and Applied Remote Sensing (CEARS) Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Madison LSP Workshop: 08 APR 2008

3 Terra Launch: Dec. 18, 1999 First Image: Feb. 24, 2000 Aqua Launch: May 04, 2002 First Image: June 24, 2002 Terra Launch on December 18,1999 Aqua Launch on May 4, 2002

4 Land Algorithm Dependency Previous Period’s BRDF/Albedo Land Surface Temp./Emissivity Land Cover L2/L2G Products Snow/Sea-Ice Cover Surface Reflectance Fire Land Surface Temp./Emissivity Grid Pointer Data Grid Angular Data L3/L4 Products Snow/Sea-ice Cover Surface Reflectance Land Surface Temp./Emissivity Fire and Burned Areas Vegetation Indexes BRDF/Albedo LAI/FPAR GPP/NPP Land Cover and Vegetation Dynamics Vegetation Cover Change and Continuous Fields Evaporation Previous L3/L4 Products Input Data Calibrated Radiance Geolocation Fields Cloud Mask Aerosol Precipitable Water DAO Data

5 Level 2G, 3 and 4 Products Level 2G/3: earth- gridded geophysical parameters Level 4: earth-gridded model outputs Daily, 8-day, 16-day, 32-day, monthly and yearly products 10º x 10º Tiles ( ) Sinusoidal (equatorial); 7.5, 15 and 30 arcsec. resolution (roughly 250m, 500m and 1 km) LAEA (sea-ice products, polar projection) Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area (LAEA) Sinusoidal

6 MODIS Land Product Overview (1/3) Radiation Budget Variables –Surface Reflectance –Surface Temperature and Emissivity –Snow and Ice Cover –BRDF and Albedo

7 MODIS Land Product Overview (2/3) Ecosystem Variables –Vegetation Indices –Leaf Area Index (LAI) and Fractional Photosynthetically Active Radiation (FPAR) –Vegetation Production –Net Primary Productivity (NPP)

8 MODIS Land Product Overview (3/3) Land Cover Characteristic –Fire and Thermal Anomalies –Land Cover –Vegetation Cover Conversion

9 CURRENT MODIS PRODUCTS MOD01Level-1A Radiance Counts MOD02Level-1B Calibrated Relocated Radiances MOD03Relocation Data Set MOD04Aerosol Product MOD05Total Precipitable Water MOD06Cloud Product MOD07Atmospheric profiles MOD08Gridded Atmospheric Product (Level-3) MOD09Atmospherically-corrected Surface Reflectance MOD10 Snow Cover MOD11Land Surface Temperature & Emissivity MOD12Land Cover/Land Cover Change MOD13Vegetation Indices MOD14Thermal Anomalies, Fires & Biomass Burning MOD15Leaf Area Index & FPAR MOD16Surface Resistance & Evapotranspiration MOD17Vegetation Production, Net Primary Productivity MOD18Normalized Water-leaving Radiance MOD19Pigment Concentration MOD20Chlorophyll Fluorescence MOD21Chlorophyll_a Pigment Concentration MOD22Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) MOD23Suspended-Solids Conc, Ocean Water MOD24Organic Matter Concentration MOD25Coccolith Concentration MOD26Ocean Water Attenuation Coefficient MOD27Ocean Primary Productivity MOD28Sea Surface Temperature MOD29Sea Ice Cover MOD31Phycoerythrin Concentration MOD32Processing Framework & Match-up Database MOD35Cloud Mask MOD36Total Absorption Coefficient MOD37Ocean Aerosol Properties MOD39Clear Water Epsilon MOD43Albedo 16-day L3 MOD44Vegetation Cover Conversion MODISALB Snow and Sea Ice Albedo

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