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Voluntary Action Scotland Self Directed Support What does it mean The Theory and the Practice.

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1 Voluntary Action Scotland Self Directed Support What does it mean The Theory and the Practice

2 Scottish Government view of Self-directed Support The support individuals and families have after making an informed choice on how their individual budget is used to meet the outcomes they have agreed. Scottish Government preferred term Focus of their new bill and strategy

3 Self Directed Support Bill Sets general principles for carrying out Self Directed Support of – Involvement – Informed Choice – Collaboration Sets out 4 options for the provision of support which the council has a duty to offer – Use of a direct payment – Directing the council to provide support of their own choosing – The council should selects appropriate support to meet needs – A combination of the above

4 Support Introduces a statutory power to provide unpaid carers with support if this will help them maintain their caring role. A carer’s assessment will have to be carried out first The council must take reasonable steps to involve “family and friends” in helping a supported person – To make a choice over their options for support – in making decisions about the assessment of need.

5 Further guidance to follow – Use of direct payments for people in residential care – Specifying categories of people ineligible for Direct Payments – Employment of close relatives – Ability to receive a Direct Payment Gross or Net of local authority charges.

6 My money- finding out how much So it looks like I can get £25,000

7 Glasgow Assessment Points

8 Glasgow SEQ – Meeting Personal Needs AnswerOutcome Your viewAssessors ViewPoints A. I am able to meet my personal needs and do not require any support in this area Outcome met 0 B. I am able to meet my personal care needs with occasional (not every day) physical, gestural or verbal support To maintain independence but ensure essential care needs are met 2 C. I need significant (every day) physical/ gestural/ verbal support from another to meet my personal care needs To have essential personal care needs met 4 D. I need frequent (several times per day) intimate personal care needs support to meet my met To have essential personal care needs met 10 E. I need constant intimate support to meet my personal care needs To have essential personal care needs met 22 A. I need two people to meet my intimate personal care needs To have essential personal care needs met 4 B. I need frequent intimate support overnight To have essential personal care needs met 4

9 North Lanarkshire RAS

10 Multipliers, Adders And Reducers Family care Existing support networks Institutionalisation and limited community experience Different councils do it different ways – North Lanarkshire multiplies – Dumfries and Galloway adds – Glasgow reduces

11 Making my plan – Looking at outcomes and person centred planning Who else do you want to do and who can we get to help us do meet them?

12 Outcomes New form of plans Input = money/time Output = staff hours delivered, having a hot meal Outcomes = having made new friends, being healthier

13 User Outcomes Quality of Life Process Change Feeling safe Having things to do Seeing people Staying as well as you can Living where you want/ as you want Listened to Having a say Treated with respect Responded to Reliability Improved confidence/morale Improved skills Improved mobility Reduced symptoms

14 Getting My Plan agreed

15 Financial Negotiation RAS is only an indicator of budget. Altered by risk Altered by duty of care Altered by failure to meet agreed outcomes Will be an internal process for negotiation of budgets where outcomes and plans can not be delivered within indicative budget.

16 Getting the money organised

17 Managing the Budget Direct Payments – Keep Accounts and records – Hire Personal Assistants or support provider – Support organisations for payroll, accounts and other employer issues. Individual Service Fund – Managed by Voluntary Sector or Council – Notional Budget with agreed services – Only records are of support received Council Arranged – Council will arrange services to value of budget – Range of services chosen by council as most appropriate – No records to keep

18 Organising Support

19 Support Personal assistants – Open employment – Family Voluntary Organisation Private Sector Direct Council Technology – Alarm call systems – Dial a meal – Internet shopping Unpaid Family Neighbours

20 Living Life

21 Creative solutions Group purchases Specialist leisure activities Specially commissioned services All this is poorly developed locally and interfaces can play a role in developing this. – Glasgow Social Care Providers to Social Care Ideas Factory

22 Seeing how it worked Its gone well. Let’s talk about what’s next

23 Final 3 stages Putting Plan into action Review of plan within 12 months Should be based on outcomes Adjustment to support and budgets

24 Third Sector Infrastructure Develop locally in different ways Support the use of natural support Enhanced opportunities for local organisations Provision of information to the third sector Highlighting cross sector issues Representing the voluntary sector in local developments.

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