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English?? Yes!! Alice Borges 5º4 nº1.

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1 English?? Yes!! Alice Borges 5º4 nº1

2 Marta´s Family Tree Caroline Smith Grandmother Edward Smith
Grandfather Rose Smith Aunt Jimmy Smith Uncle Kate Smith Safina Mother John Safina Father Joanne Cousin Charles Cousin Marta Pedro Brother

3 Questions and Answers Full Stop 1- Who is Edward Smith?
R.: He is Marta´s grandfather. 2- Who is Rose Smith? R.: She is Marta´s aunt. 3- Who is Charles? R.: He is Marta´s cousin. Question mark 4- Who is Kate Smith Safina? R.: She is Marta´s mother. 5- Who is Pedro? R.: He is Marta´s brother. Full Stop

4 Female - Feminino Male - Masculino
Grandmother = Avó Mother = Mãe Aunt = Tia Daughter = Filha Cousin = Prima Female - Feminino Male - Masculino Grandfather = Avô Father = Pai Uncle = Tio Son = Filho Cousin = Primo

5 Phone Numbers What´s your phone number? My phone number is 913786543.
And yours? What´s your phone number?

6 Numbers “Teen” “Ty” Thirteen Thirty Fourteen Forty Fifteen Fifty
Sixteen Sixty Seventeen Seventy Eighteen Eighty Nineteen Ninety

7 One Hundred One Thousand

8 Phone Number Family End Female Numbers Male

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