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Welding Details.

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1 Welding Details

2 Welding Process of bonding metal pieces together
Work or metal pieces are melted along a common edge or surface and their molten metal allowed to form a puddle or pool liquid metal The pieces are fused when the puddle solidifies

3 Welding Process Gas welding Electric arc welding
3 major Gas welding Electric arc welding Resistance or spot welding

4 Gas Welding Uses a flame of an extremely high temperature that literally melts the metal Also known as oxyacetylene oxygen acetylene

5 Electric Arc Welding Commonly called Arc Welding
Heat of electric arc used to fuse or cut metal

6 Resistance (Spot) Welding
Metals held tightly together under pressure and subjected to electric current through the point of pressure Electric current causes metals to heat up and fuse together

7 Types of Joints in Welding

8 Commonly Used Types of Welds
fillet plug or slot spot seam groove square V Bevel U J

9 Basic Welding Symbols

10 Welding Symbol Practice
Symbol placement for Fillet Weld

11 Special Welding Symbols
Weld All Around Weld All Around would be used to to secure a pipe column to a plate Field Weld is welding done at the job site Field Weld

12 Welds with Length and Spacing
Size of Weld Spacing Length

13 General Weld Callout

14 Fillet Weld Callout Example
Weld arrow side Actual Weld Drawing Callout Size of Weld--NO larger than the maximum material thickness of the metals being joined

15 Fillet Weld Callout Example
Weld other side Actual Weld Drawing Callout

16 Fillet Weld Callout Example
weld both side Actual Weld Drawing Callout

17 Groove Weld Symbol Callout
Bevel weld 1/4” root opening arrow side V-grooved weld 1/4” root opening 45° groove angle

18 Weld Finishes A welded surface to be finished to a greater degree than just the structural weld a straight line or a convex arc is added to the weld symbol Types of finished surface M - machining C - chipping G - grinding

19 Assignment Review and coordinate the following consultant sheets into the contract documents – they must match the floor plans, sections, and elevations. Sheets P-1, P-2, P-3, M-1, M-2, E-1, E-2, & E-3

20 Welded Detail Drawing Scale: your choice, as large as possible for “A” sheet TS = True size of part 3/8” bevel weld at side joints and 3/8” fillet weld at base plate/side joints of beam brackets Profile sectioned items Cutting Planes are assumed

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