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HARNESSING CREATIVITY FOR REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT Creative Sligo – A Case Study from Ireland Zlin Czech Republic 11 th December, 2013 by Mary McAuliffe, Programme.

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1 HARNESSING CREATIVITY FOR REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT Creative Sligo – A Case Study from Ireland Zlin Czech Republic 11 th December, 2013 by Mary McAuliffe, Programme Director Creative Sligo Initiative

2 Thinking Creatively About People and Place Contents: 1. Creative Sligo Initiative – Sligo County Development Board 2009 2. Creative Sligo Strategy & Action Plan 2010-2012 3. EC Bid 4CNW Business Innovation Support Programme

3 SCDB – Economic Social & Cultural Development Plan 2009-2012 The Creative Sligo Strategy and 4CNW have their origins in SCDB Economic, Social and Cultural Development Plan 2009-2012. SCDB adopted creativity as a common growth driver for Economic, Social and Cultural Development 2009-2012. SCDB adopted Creative Sligo brand and initiative as one of its overarching priorities.

4 Creative Sligo Initiative Creative Sligo Strategy & Action Plan 2010-12 The Strategy provided a flexible framework for the Creative Sligo Initiative and integrated action across three themes: Strategic Themes: – Promoting culture and creativity as an expression of contemporary Sligo and raising visibility of creative activities nationally and internationally. – Co-ordinating opportunities for cross-sectoral collaboration between creative, private and public sectors focused on CI’s and cultural tourism – Supporting the translation of ideas into new products and services though investment in experimentation i.e. provide access to financial supports, and tailored programmes to meet the needs of CCI’s

5 Creative Sligo Initiative – 3 Integrated Themes

6 Key Goals of Creative Sligo Strategy Deliver 10 Demonstration Projects by 2012 which built on existing creative and cultural activity e.g. programmes, events and festivals. Explore potential for Bid Submission to European Commission Unlocking the Potential of Cultural and Creative Industries Establish a Public Private Partnership to oversee the implementation of the Strategy.

7 Potential for Bid to European Union Creative Sligo Initiative demonstrated the potential to address issues that fitted with EC Policy;  Evidence of creative sector issues/needs and how these linked with regional/national strategies and initiatives.  Showed added value through shared services and pooling of resources.  Fitted with EC policy of spillover effects of CCI’s through cross cutting themes and integrated approach to projects to support a smart green creative local economy.

8 EC BID 4CNW Business Innovation Support Programme Cross Sector Collaboration - Regional Vision - Concrete Action


10 Concrete action I Public-private partnerships on vouchers for innovation support Concrete action II Public-private partnership on access to finance Expert Forum on Innovative Creative Industries Concrete action III Public-private partnership on cluster excellence & cooperation Awareness raising Policy Learning Platform Information service and guidance

11 4CNW Business Support Programme Commenced in January 2012 and finishing in December 2013. €243,000 funded by EC – DG Enterprise and Industry. €85,000 matching funds from Lead Partner Transnational Programme – North West of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Lead Partner – Sligo County Council Pilot programme with over arching aim of demonstrating how public authorities can stimulate business innovation take-up and increase enterprise competitiveness and growth through the use of creative services in business. Innovation /Talent Voucher Programme: Geared towards businesses operating in the areas of tourism, agrifood, life sciences and technology who are sponsored via innovation/talent vouchers to collaborate with creative suppliers who have the appropriate skills to solve their business challenge by creative means.

12 4CNW Objectives 1.Increase knowledge transfer by testing the ability for 20-40 creatives to successfully solve innovative or creative challenges for 20-40 businesses by August 2013. 2.Engage 300 creatives through events; enlist 150 to transnational Creative Directory, resulting in their ability to collaborate more effectively into the future and through this mapping increase their access to the European marketplace. 3.Test high level brokered matchmaking service to encourage better practice in demand-led innovation. 4.To demonstrate the skill of local authorities in the development of a more innovative and creative Europe. 5.Create a “test-bed” in transnational services innovation in the North West periphery of Europe as a practical demonstration model to inform national and EU policy

13 4CNW: Strands of Activity 6 Strands of Activity

14 Two Solutions Tested 4CNW Fund €100,000 Talent Voucher: 4CNW provided a talent voucher to the value of €1,000 to €5,000 as 50% funding towards the cost of the project delivery by the creative professional. Brokered Matchmaking Service Businesses helped to find the most appropriate creative professional 4CNW Creative Directory

15 4CNW Talent Voucher Beneficiaries Description Target Achieved Attract challenge submissions via Open Calls 40146 Award vouchers Round 157 Award vouchers Round 22031 Creative Challenges Completed20 A reserve list of 6 was created for round 2 Selection & Assessment: Regional Panels/ Expert Panel Of the €100,000 voucher fund awarded €61,498 was drawn down

16 4CNW Creative Directory/ Suppliers DescriptionTargetAchieved Attract applicants via Open Calls 200336 Approved Applicants150190 Creative Micro Businesses who partnered on a 4CNW Talent Voucher Collaboration 2031 Selection & Assessment: Creative Assessment Peer Review Panel

17 4 CNW Delivery Challenges Engaging with the Business and Creative Sector across a large geographical region. Testing and Implementing a new approach within traditional structures. Engaging expertise and developing project standards.

18 Independent Evaluation First Western appointed July 2013

19 Conclusions Pilot has shown the merits of what creative input can give to business in terms of value, changed thinking, opening mind-sets towards implementing new approaches to problems and thereby enhancing capacity, competitiveness and innovation in industry. There is a real need for a quality capacity building and awareness programme to: – inform and educate the business sector of the impacts, benefits of creative input and how to procure it – inform and educate the creative sector in ways to expand their market reach and position their products and services to potential clients – inform and educate intermediary agencies of the impacts, benefits of creative input and how to procure it The evaluation has shown that there is a large latent demand in the market for creative input to businesses and a huge untapped potential within the creative industry in the project regions to expand and grow their businesses. The project has in effect highlighted these market failure issues and demonstrated successful methods to address them via its programme actions.

20 Where to Next for 4CNW Level 1 Creative Input Basic organisational, and operational improvements Websites Corporate Videos Branding Design Packaging Advertising Level 2 Creative Input Introduction of new ideas and processes New ideas Experimentatio n of new processes Indepth customer insights Human behaviour Communication s Level 3 Creative Input Radical new departures from norm Inventions Intellectual property Adoption of new ideas nad processes from elsewhere

21 Sustaining 4CNW 2013+ The Irish Minister for Small Business, John Perry TD has convened a Creative Transfer Strategy Group hosted by his Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation to devise a framework to take the project forward to the next phase. This group is led by members of the 4CNW Expert, Creative and Regional Panels working with relevant national agencies and personnel from key Government Departments. A Creative Champion is working with the group as to ensure continuity with the knowledge base developed during the pilot phase. Enterprise Ireland through its Centre of Excellence and Coordination Unit for Local Enterprise Office’s (LEOs) has committed to mainstream the voucher programme through the new LEO network, subject additional funding being secured. The 4CNW final report will be published in March 2014. Actions & Progress

22 4CNW Sustainability The Next Programme Key Focus Jobs No duplication of existing programmes Show additionality and added value Securing funding that is additional Delivery Integrate with mainstream delivery mechanisms Opportunity with new LEO structure Allow flexibility and fluidity in delivery Key Actions Building capacity and awareness of creative value Support higher level creative application and input Experimental aspects Build entrepreneurial capacity and skills

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