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The NTU Acceler8 Employability Award

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1 The NTU Acceler8 Employability Award
Academic Year Quick Overview

2 CONTENT What is the Acceler8 Award & the benefits?
Structure of the Award The Award timeline The Application Process Support on the Award Employer & Students Views

It's a structured employability skills award which runs from October 2014 to April 2015 and is designed to: Formally recognise experience & achievements gained outside of your studies Certificate and invited to Awards ceremony on completion Develop key skills employers want Access to a range of core and skills activities and workshops delivered by professionals within NTU and employers Build your employability profile Completion of an e-Employability Development Profile which provides a record and evidence of students’ transferable skills and development on the award and an exit panel interview to articulate skills and experience gained

NTU Acceler8 Employability Award Structure CORE 1. Acceler8 Induction ‘Getting Started’ 2. Career Management (Online) 3. Professionalising Your Profile – on paper, online & in person (Attendance required at two 2hr workshops) Level 1 EXPERIENCE 4. Required to gain minimum of 50 hours experience paid/unpaid outside of studies Acceler8 Experience List Level 2 SKILLS 5. Elective Skills Development Sessions (Attendance required at four 2hr workshops selected from range of sessions e.g. leadership, networking, team working, psychometric tests, IT, assertiveness, oral communication etc) REFLECTION & PRACTICE 6. Complete e-Employability Development Profile 7. Submit updated CV for interview 8. Exit Panel Interview Acceler8 Award (Recommend 1st years complete Level 1 in 1st year and Level 2 in 2nd year

5 Elective Skill Development Sessions
(Currently X17 different skills session offered – students select x4 sessions Each session is a maximum of 2 hours in duration) Assertiveness Assessment Centres Effective Team working Employer Graduate Expectations Entrepreneurship Exploring Career Pathways in Animal Science Internationalising your Profile IT Skills – Microsoft Excel IT Skills – Word 2010 longer Documents Leadership Networking Numeracy Oral Communication Psychometric Tests (x3 tests) Numerical & Verbal OPQ Personality Test Self-Awareness Time Management Writing for Business

6 Your e-Employability Development Profile
Accessed via FutureHub once accepted onto the Award Your Experience Log your experience hours and reflections Core Book and access sessions and activities Skills Development Book sessions and add reflections of what you gained from these sessions Your Personal Profile Highlight your key strengths and skills and brand Evidencing Your Employability Skills Provide examples of skills from experience for interview and competency based questions Your CV Upload your CV for interview Your Personal Action Plan Create your plan, set goals, next steps Exit Panel Interview Book your interview

7 Acceler8 Award Timeline 2014/15
Route for 2nd, final year and Postgrad students * October November December January February March April Experience (minimum 50 hours) Induction session Core Career Management (online module) Elective Skills Development sessions Exit Panel Interview Core sessions (attend 2 sessions) Submit CV e-Employability Development Profile (online on FutureHub) Acceler8 Award Ceremony

8 Acceler8 Award Timeline 2014/15 Year 1 Year 2
Recommended route for 1st year students * Year 1 Year 2 Experience (minimum 50 hours) Induction session Core Career Management (online module) Elective Skills Development sessions Exit Panel Interview Core sessions (attend 2 sessions) Submit CV e-Employability Development Profile (online on FutureHub) Award * Elements of the Acceler8 Award can be completed over 2 academic years – Level 1 in 1st year and Level 2 in 2nd Year

9 The Application Process
Complete Application Form via Acceler8 website How to Apply - Acceler8 Award Deadline for receiving applications – end of Friday 17th October 2014 Decisions ed to students 21st-22nd October 2014 Induction starts across x3 campuses Wed 29th – 31st October 2014

10 Acceler8 Employability Award – Employer views
 “I can see that the Acceler8 programme has great value. It provides the participants with structured and quantifiable evidence to develop their skills to make individuals more employable. I was extremely impressed with all the students I met on Acceler8 programme. The process allowed some student s to come out of their shell and others to hone their skills. Babcock Dyncorp, (May 2014) ‘I have been particularly impressed with the focus on transferrable skills and the confidence that the Acceler8 has given the participating students.’ Society of Biology & Cerebrus Associates (May 2014) ‘The ability to differentiate yourself from the next person is essential in a competitive job market and the Acceler8 programme provides the platform for people to do that.’ TDX Group (May 2014)

11 Acceler8 Employability Award – Student views
‘It’s well worth it. The exit panel interview will show you just how much you’ve come, learned as well as prepare you for the real world. Take advantage of the opportunity as it’s something that once you leave university, you might not get the same support.’ Year 2 Acceler8 Student, BSc (Hons) Psychology (May 2014) ‘DO IT! Well worth it. Employers absolutely love it. I have had a series of interviews for placements recently and every interviewer was really intrigued by the award and as its independent from university they see that you are trying to benefit yourself in different ways. It makes your CV different from all the rest on their desk.’ Acceler8 Completer May 2013 ‘Be organised with your time and it is a good way to improve your skills and encourages you to complete work experience. Something to show for your hard work.’ Year 2 Acceler8 Student, BA (Hons) Economics (May 2014

12 ‘Get Experience’ Roadshow! What will you choose..?
The NTU Employability Team brings you the…. ‘Get Experience’ Roadshow! Find out about loads of opportunities to enhance your CV! Talk to… The HIVE ENACTUS Volunteering Employability Mentoring Institute of Directors (IoD) Student Ambassadors Students in Classrooms Acceler8 Award Plus many more! Brack - Bramley TG7 7th Oct 3pm-5pm City - Newton Level 0 8th Oct, 12pm-3pm Clifton - Employability Centre 9th Oct, 12pm-3pm What will you choose..?

13 ACCELER8 SUPPORT Acceler8 Learning Room on NOW – Award information, resources, news & events etc FutureHub – booking of sessions, exit panel interviews & completion of e-Employability Development Profile Acceler8 Student Champions – provide peer to peer advice and support. Discussion area on NOW for questions Drop in query sessions Career Consultants in each Academic School Employability Team – Drop in Service at each Campus address for queries:

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