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1 Where Greeting Cards Have Evolved! CORPORATE

2 Why MungoGram? Experience tells us that we are more likely to look / listen to promotional material if it’s interesting. The important thing is we are less likely to throw it in the bin and therefore it will stick around for a while exposing us longer it’s message. We find that Humour is the common language. Light humour ensures that the promotional message is passed around from person to person and is therefore more likely to be remembered and transferred into orders. Humour is not the answer to all, we understand that and we are able to work with our client to try to give out that much needed lasting sales message. Be different ….. Be remembered…..Send a MungoGram!

3 Introduction MungoGram is an innovative greeting card company. We are principally, currently an online retailer of Greeting cards within the UK. Because of our set up we are highly flexible which means that we can respond quickly to clients developing their ideas on a larger front. Here we will exhibit a little of what we can do.

4 Products These can be divided in to two main categories: A) cards that contain sound, that are actuated when the card is opened by the recipient. B) cards that are in the conventional format.

5 Cards with Sound A sound module can be inserted when the greeting card is constructed. The module is activated by the tongue actuator which is connected across the hinge line. The module contains 15 seconds worth of record time.

6 Cards with Sound- 2 The client may choose to send us a sound file. The sound file must be no longer than 15 seconds long and be recorded in Mp3 format, our technical department can send full recording specs. on request. Alternatively we can record a message for you using one of our voice talents. We have a wide talent base but we do require some notice to develop your specific requirement. Or why not simply use one of our pre-recorded samples. We can, if required, script greeting card voiced captions.

7 Conventional Cards All cards, as standard, whether sound or in conventional format are constructed from 300gsm card, the finish is white with a slight silk sheen. Size: 210mm x 145mm Cards are printed onto 3 x panels with the third panel folded in and stuck, resulting in a better balanced card.

8 Art / Design Options As a client you may choose from the following options: -Choose from our existing catalogue of artwork that we have available, which we can then use for your print run. -Supply us with artwork, again our technical department can advise you on the acceptable format that we use. Generally Scanned images, photos or artwork of a good quality can be used. -Text can be added and in any font. -A proofing service is offered as standard.

9 Packaging and Extra Services We can either supply cards in flat format for the customer to assemble on site, the customer may prefer this if storage is an issue, or we can construct the cards at no extra cost. This would of the card plus an envelope blanc. We can arrange to have envelopes custom printed as an additional service.

10 Examples / Art

11 Examples Art & Messages For further artworks as well as messages that we have available please visit our website, there you will see a range of some of our most popular examples. Our site is being constantly updated we new ranges.

12 Further Information If you would like to take an idea or order forward we would invite you to contact us We have a creative drive and some fantastic people working for us. If you have a variation on anything that we have covered here in this slide show by all means talk to us, the chances are we can make it happen for you.

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