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The iPad Teaching Tool or Trendy Toy? Robert W. Smith American Band College July 3, 2011.

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1 The iPad Teaching Tool or Trendy Toy? Robert W. Smith American Band College July 3, 2011

2 iPad Sales History Apple began taking pre-orders for the iPad from U.S. customers on March 12, 2010 –Around 300,000 iPads being sold on their first day of availability. By May 3, 2010, Apple had sold a million iPads – this was in half the time it took Apple to sell the same number of original iPhones By May 31, 2010, Apple had sold two million iPads

3 iPad Sales History By June 22, 2010, they had sold 3 million. Between July 1 and September 30, 2010, Apple sold a further 4.2 million iPads. During the October 18, 2010, Financial Conference Call, Steve Jobs announced that Apple had sold more iPads than Macs for the Fiscal Quarter

4 iPad Sales History iPad sales statistics have exceeded projections and are increasing at a startling rate: April 5, 2010 300,000 April 8, 2010 450,000 May 3, 2010 1 million May 31, 2010 2 million July 21, 2010 3.27 million Sept. 2010 7.5 million Jan. 18, 2011 14.8 million March 2011 19 million

5 Revised iPad Sales Forecast 2011 sales forecasts have been increased from 36 million to over 43 million 2012 will see an increase of approximately 50% over 2011 sales

6 iPad “Givens” The iPad and related tablet technologies are hear to stay –“The Train Has Left The Station!” The laptop is in its final stage of viability Media is now redefined, repackaged and reproduced As a “disruptive innovation”, tablet computers will drastically change education over the next 5 years

7 iPad in the Band Room iPad usage in the band room –Teaching Presentation technologies Student “consumption” device –News –Media Student creative tool facilitating/reinforcing concepts, knowledge and skills

8 iPad in the Band Room iPad usage in the band room –Administrative Tool –Conductor’s Assistant iPad/Apple TV vs. SmartBoard –Consider LCD TVs with Apple TV interface Multiple TVs allow students to share their creative work from their iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch through AirPlay –Also have a wired HDMI cable to “mirror” your screen for the classroom

9 Recommended Apps and Educational Activities

10 Harmonizer FREE Explore Pitch & Basic Harmony Pitch Trainer The Harmonizer was designed to make it easy to give young children exposure to pitch identities The colors serve to identify pitches before the acquisition of language. The touch interface is large enough that it can be controlled by children with rudimentary motor skills. Chord Relationship Tutor Due to the orthogonal arrangement of pitches on the Harmonizer, chord progressions all have the same "shape" regardless of transposition.

11 GarageBand $4.99 - Creative Environment for Music –Touch Instruments –Smart Instruments Piano (scales/modes) Drums (create your own loops) Guitar (harmonic exploration using Guitar Hero chops!) –Recording Studio Touch & Smart Instruments Live Electronic Instruments (Guitar/Bass/Keys) Microphone (Voice & Live Instruments) Loops Sampler

12 iPad Media Projects Creative Educational Projects –Transcribe/Learn Classic Guitar SolosTranscribe/Learn Classic Guitar Solos –Film/Produce an Elementary School MusicalFilm/Produce an Elementary School Musical –GarageBand Mix Project Songwriting Project

13 Pianist Pro $4.99 Piano App –MIDI Recorder –External MIDI Controller –Sound Module Virtuoso - Free Piano App –Duet Feature!

14 AC-7 $7.99 iPad-Based Control Surface Remote control for iPad/iPhone/iPod –Pro Tools –Logic –GarageBand –Cubase –Final Cut Pro –Others

15 Symphony Pro $14.99 Notation App –Editing –Playback –Viewing in editing and playing mode –Import/Export as MIDI & MusicXML –Export print/audio as PDF, AAC, mp3 Notation is still not viable at a professional level on the iPad

16 A.P.S. MusicMaster Pro $14.99 Suite of Apps for Conductors/Teachers/Musicians –Tuner (with Pitch Pipe) –Metronome –Stopwatch –Score PDF (with Annotation) –Glossaries –Recorder –Internet Browser –Calendar (integrated)

17 Guitar Toolkit $9.99 Guitar Suite of Apps –Tuner –Chord Book –Voicing Reference Tool –All Fretted Strings

18 Score Viewing Options Black on White –Normal view option White on Black –for low-light performance environments –Access through Settings on the iPad –Under the Accessibility menu –Turn “white on black” on

19 Classical Guitar Guitar App –Realistic strumming action –Chord sets –Left hand capable –Three playing modes –Capo –FREE!

20 Songwriter Pad $5.99 Lyric writing resource –Rhyming Dictionary –Thesaurus –Audio Recorder

21 Recommended Tools iStroboSoft - $19.99iStroboSoft Bias iProRecorder - $2.99Bias iProRecorder –Fast Forward/Rewind –Markers –Etc. Audio Tools - $1.99Audio Tools –SPL/Decibel Meter –Tone Generator Bento –Gradebook –Inventory –Library Records –Etc.

22 Must-Have Apps! GoodReader Pages Numbers Keynote DropBox Penultimate Skype

23 Most Popular Apps Music Education Productivity Visual Media

24 iPad Recommended Accessories Case –OtterBox highly recommended for band director class usage HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for use in outdoor environments including marching band –ZaggMate (includes keyboard) –Portfolio (personal use) Stylus –Acase –Kensington (with ball point pen)

25 iPad Recommended Accessories Bluetooth Keyboard –Rubber flexible keyboard by Brookstone My “on the plane” keyboard My “spur of the moment” keyboard –Apple Bluetooth Keyboard –ZaggMate Comes with the case Highly recommended! Bluetooth Speaker –Foxl v2 by SoundMatters Apple TV with LCD TV

26 Recommended Links APS Development LLC –Developer of Apps for Music Educators including APS MusicMaster ProAPS MusicMaster Pro Music Education Professional Learning Network –Mission Statement - “to generate better, more accessible, information about music, education, and technology as well as encourage dialogs from Music Educators through freely-accessible social media outlets.” –Music Tech for Educators

27 iPad A Viable New Tool for Enhanced Productivity in the Band Room and Beyond Robert W. Smith @rwsmithcomposer Contact me for more information including Teacher In-Service Training Presentations Follow Me

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